The picture illustrates how coffee is produced

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The picture illustrates how coffee is produced.

Overall, this is a manmade process. It is also worth mentioning that there are 11 different stages in this linear process, starting with bean collection and finishing with packaging the product.
At the beginning, the coffee beans are picked from coffee trees. These beans are, next, laid across the fields and drought under the heat of the Sun prior to being roasted in special oven and cooled rapidly under cold temperatures. In the following stage, the coffee beans are grinded into small pieces with a help of grinder after which these are mixed, being put into hot water. Having been exerted from water, in the next stages, that mixture is frozen and grinded again. Afterwards, coffee is put into vacuum to be drought again, evaporating its water, and coffee is produced. Finally, the coffee is packed into jars to be used.
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