The Trustee Period of Colonial Georgia People and Events

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The Trustee Period of Colonial Georgia

  • People and Events


  • Evaluate the Trustee Period of Georgia’s colonial history, emphasizing the role of the Salzburgers, Highland Scots, malcontents, and the Spanish threat from Florida.

Essential questions?

  • Other than founder, James Oglethorpe, what other individuals influenced the establishment and development of Georgia’s colonial society?

  • Which cultural groups affected the Georgia colony and what were their contributions?

I. Artisans (craftsmen)

  • Reason—land and new opportunity (few were Debtors)

  • From – England

  • Contributions–

  • **most of first settlers, prepared Savannah by clearing land, cutting down trees, and helping to build permanent homes

  • **started a variety of businesses in colony

Questions from Georgia Stories Video

  • What tasks did the colonist have to do?

  • What attracted individuals to come to Georgia?

  • What hardships did the first colonists have to endure?

II. Highland Scots

  • Purpose– obtain land and opportunities

  • From—Scotland

  • Contributions– founded town of Darien;

  • Fought bravely at Battle of Bloody Marsh;

  • Most were involved with Malcontents (opposed the rule of Trustees)

Questions from Video on Highland Scots

  • Who owned the land that the Scots worked on when they lived in Scotland?

  • How were the Highlander fighters similar to Native American warriors?

  • What were the roles that women played when their husbands left the colony to fight the Spanish?

III. Jews

  • Purpose– religious freedom

  • From– Portugal

  • Contributions– one member, Dr. Sam Nunis, helped heal colonists suffering from malaria; provide more men for depleted militia; oldest congregation in Georgia

Questions from video on the Jewish Congregation

  • What options were given to the Jews in Spain and Portugal?

  • What choices did the Jewish people make?

  • Why did the Jews arrive in Savannah “just in time?”

IV. Africans

  • Purpose—forced, enslaved

  • From– western coast and interior of Africa

  • Contributions– carried African culture to New World; incorporated knowledge into tools, stories, and songs;

Questions on video on Africans?

  • Even though they struggled being slaves, what did Africans pass onto the next generations?

  • What were some of the skills from Africa?

  • What part of Africa were most slaves in Georgia originally from?

  • What did African slaves used in place of drums that were forbidden by their owners?

V. Salzburgers

  • Purpose– Religious freedom

  • From– Austria

  • Contributions– built first settlement outside of Savannah (New Ebenezer)

  • opposed slavery

Questions from video clip on Salzburgers

  • How did the Salzburgers make it from Austria to Georgia?

  • How did they first view Georgia when they first arrived?

  • What opportunities did the Salzburgers realized they had in Georgia and not in their own country?

  • What events ruined the town of New Ebenezer?

V. Moravians

  • Purpose– missionary work, convert Native Americans

  • From– Bohemia (present-day Czech Republic)

  • Contribution– allowed women to be ministers and hold religious offices


  • Blamed economic problems on regulations of Trustees

  • Saw prosperity of South Carolina and wished to have large tracts of land (over 500 acres), rum, and slaves

  • Colonists divided and many left the colony

  • From 1743 to 1752, James Oglethorpe did not return and regulations were repealed

War of Jenkins's Ear

  • Oglethorpe led force of 2,000 settlers and Native Americans into Florida

  • 1740 beaten back at St. Augustine

  • Fort Frederica

  • July 1742 Battle of Bloody Marsh

What were the accomplishments and failures during the Trustees period? ( see page 128)

Review SS8H2

  • Why was Georgia different from other colonies?

  • How did Georgia help the English colonies?

  • Evaluate James Oglethorpe’s leadership

  • What were some of the colonies struggles?

  • Why did the trustees eventually lose their charter?

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