Work, Energy & Power

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AP Physics 1 - Ch 5 Work and Energy

Work, Energy & Power

  • AP Physics 1

There are many different TYPES of Energy.

  • Energy is expressed in JOULES (J)
  • 4.19 J = 1 calorie
  • Energy can be expressed more specifically by using the term WORK(W)
  • Work = The Scalar Dot Product between Force and Displacement. If you apply a force on an object and it covers a displacement IN THE DIRECTION OF THE FORCE you have supplied ENERGY to, or done WORK on, that object.

Scalar Dot Product?

  • A product is obviously a result of multiplying 2 numbers. A scalar is a quantity with NO DIRECTION. So basically Work is found by multiplying the Force times the displacement and result is ENERGY, which has no direction associated with it.
  • A dot product is basically a CONSTRAINT on the formula. In this case it means that F and x MUST be parallel. To ensure that they are parallel we add the cosine on the end.

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