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Camp Director/Co-Director Job Description

Title: Camp Director /Co-Director
Responsible to: Wyoba Board of Directors
Immediate Supervisor: Chairman, Wyoba Board of Directors
Purpose of Position: To plan, schedule, coordinate and implement the specific ABC camp program for the Wyoba Christian Camp located on Casper Mountain, Casper, WY according to that year’s theme and the camp’s overall goals
Principal Responsibilities:


  1. Other duties may be assigned as required


  1. Select volunteer Cabin Leaders and/or Junior Cabin Leaders

    1. In conjunction with Administrator, as needed for recruiting purposes with various colleges

    2. Prior to training date established by Administrator

    3. In conjunction with standards set forth by the Wyoba Board of Directors

  2. Select Camp pastor

    1. Coordinate spiritual aspect of program with Camp Pastor as necessary

  3. Coordinate training for selected staff with Administrator

  4. Select staff as soon as possible prior to training date (April 1 if possible)


  1. Coordinate that year’s program according to the theme for that year with Camp Pastor

    1. Initiate meeting with Camp Pastor well in advance of the camping season for purposes of planning

  2. Select curriculum in conjunction with the Wyoba Board by January 31 of that year or earlier

  3. Coordinate and select artwork and camp t-shirts by the appropriate time.

    1. Provide actual numbers to the printing company early enough so that t-shirts are available at the beginning of that specific week

  4. Develop the specific camp week’s schedule

    1. Provide copy to the Administrator by June 1

  5. Coordinate with Administrator, as necessary prior to camp, to facilitate program

  6. Coordinate and attend training for staff, well in advance of camp, provided by Administrator

Program Implementation:

  1. Be present immediately prior to and during the specific camp.

  2. Implement the specific camp week’s schedule

  3. Assign staff activities and other responsibilities prior to the camper’s arrival

  4. Assign staff and campers to cabins and groups

  5. Coordinate daily activity with Cabin Leaders and/or Junior Cabin Leaders

  6. Coordinate supply purchases, including craft material, with Administrator, whenever possible prior to camp and during camp week

    1. Determine craft and supply needs well in advance of camp to take advantage of pricing throughout the year

    2. Maintain all receipts for reimbursement from ABCRM

    3. Incorporate additional ideas as needed to facilitate crafts, e.g., kits

  7. Develop and implement the week’s schedule

  8. Assign staff activities and other responsibilities

  9. Assign staff and campers to cabins and groups

  10. Handle discipline situations, in conjunction with the Camp Pastor and Cabin Leaders as needed, according to camp policies

  11. Coordinate camp registration and closing with Administrator, as needed

  12. Implement camp policies and procedures, including safety and health procedures

  13. Conduct a survey during that specific week or immediately after in conjunction with the Administrator as necessary to evaluate and recommend changes for the following year’s camps

    1. Provide copy or ensure copy gets to ABCRM


  1. Coordinate, as needed with Administrator, promotion of the specific camp to individuals and entities

  2. Keep Wyoba Chairman, Administrator and ABCRM apprised of information, as needed, regarding the specific camp


  1. Enforce safety regulations and emergency procedures as needed

  2. Observe environmental conditions and change schedules as needed to maximize safety


  • To be a Christian with a desire to serve our Lord in a camping ministry

  • Desire to work with children, youth and/or adults in a camp setting

  • Prior experience and camp participation for the specific camp (minimum 2 seasons) in a leadership role

  • Prior experience in coordinating multiple youth activities

  • Ability to plan, originate, organize and carry out daily and special programs relating to the that specific camp, including utilizing existing themes or deriving new themes as necessary

  • Prior experience in supervising staff and campers

  • Possess good communication skills

  • Ability to see, implement and embrace the vision of the camp

  • Ability to understand necessary rules related to liability and safety of the camp and campers

  • Adherence to the integrity guidelines identified by the Board

  • Background check required every 3 years

  • Valid driver’s license


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