89 Turnpike Commission (Updated August 2016)

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89 Turnpike Commission (Updated August 2016)



Administration Building, Middletown

700 South Eisenhower Boulevard, Middletown 17057

Telephone Exchange 939-9551
Customer Assistance Center 831-7601
Toll Free 1-800-331-3414
E-Z Pass Customer Assistance Center 1-877-736-6727
Over-Dimensional Permits 831-7601
Press Office 831-7540
Roadway & Weather Conditions
Toll Free 1-866-976-8747
State Police or Emergency Road Service
Toll Free 1-800-932-0586 (PA)
E-mail Address ptccustsrv@paturnpike.com



Logan Sean 831-7340

Vice Chair

Lieberman William K 831-7430

Secretary Treasurer

Deon Pasquale T Sr 831-7320


Drew Barry T 831-7291

Secretary of Transportation Member Ex-Officio

Richards Leslie S 787-5574

Executive Offices

Chief Executive Officer

Compton Mark P 831-7370

Chief Operating Officer

Shuey Craig R 831-7388

Director of Operations – East

Brady Robert F 610/313-6200

Director of Fare Collection & Field Operations

Hess Jeffrey L 724/755-5012

Secretary Treasurer’s Office 831-7219

and Public Relations

Director of Public Relations & Marketing

DeFebo Carl E 831-7176

Manager of Marketing & Business Development

Roberts Kelli 831-7093

Manager of Customer Communications

Gray Lorie J 831-7720

Manager of Media & Public Relations

Vacant 831-7507

Public Information Manager – East

Walter Kathleen 610/313-6383

Public Information Manager – West

Colborn Renee Vid 831-7507


Baker Christine 831-7285


Chief Compliance Officer

Morrow Ray 831-7422

Ticket Systems Audit Manager

Rotheram Brian 831-7280

Manager of Audit Programs

Mellinger Randall 831-7273

Advisory Services Project Manager

Rothermel April 831-7950


Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Ojo Myneca 831-7333

EEO/ADA Coordinator

Clemens-Jenkins Catherine 831-7428


Chief Engineer

Heigel Bradley J PE 831-7346

Assistant Chief Engineer – Design

Graham Gary L PE 831-7109

Assistant Chief Engineer – Construction

Shaak Michael D PE 831-7538

FACILITIES and energy management OPERATIONS

Director of Facilities

Christensen Jack 831-7570


Director of ETC Operations

Vacant 831-7259

Manager of ETC Systems Technologies

Shannon Jill 831-7443

Manager of ETC Customer Service Operations

Quick Laura 831-7293

TOLL Collection – FARES

Assistant Director of Toll Collection – Fares

Hess Jeffrey L 831-7595

Senior Toll- Collection Operations Manager

DiPiero Richard S 831-7269

Toll- Collection Operations Manager

Camp Charles A 724/755-5015

Finance and Administration

Chief Financial Officer

Grieshaber Nikolaus H 831-7221

Assistant Chief Financial Officer/Financial Manager

Dreher Richard 831-7309

Manager of Treasury/Operations

Naugle Jeffrey A 831-7384

Accounting & Financial Reporting Manager

Rusenko Theodore A 831-7377

Manager of Insurance and Risk Services

Shawver Susan 831-7614

Assistant Chief Financial Officer/Accounting & Budget

Maun Anthony Q 831-7361

Director of Procurement and Logistics

Klingensmith Donald S 831-7585

Human Resources

Director of Human Resources

Norris Sheri 831- 7492

Manager of Compensation & Benefits

Treaster Judy K 831-7413

Manager of Payroll

Oswald Max 831-7189

Manager of Employment & Staffing

Martin Amy 831-7487

Manager of Labor Relations

Caro Patrick J 831-7160

Manager of Training and Development

Ricks Tony 831-7414

Information Technology

Chief Information Officer

Fairholm Scott D. 831-7910

Director of Technology Infrastructure

Suess Joseph P 831-7186

Director of Enterprise Solution Support Group

Vacant 831-7485

Director of Enterprise Architecture

Snyder Rod 831-7412

Manager of Communication Systems

Geiger Kevin 831-7915

Manager of SAP Business Processes

Franklin Donald C 831-7503

Manager of SAP Business Intelligence & Enterprise Development

Husic Stephen M 831-7545

Manager of SAP System Release

Anderson Tami 831-7491

Manager of End User Support

Hentz Gary 831-7441

Manager of Server and Storage Management

Pinson Ken 831-7541

Information Systems Security Officer

Sarzynski Joseph 831-7324


Chief Counsel

McCall Doreen A 831-7482


Decker Kelly H 831-7472

Dwyer John F 831-7343

Joyce John 831-5025

McGovern Michael J 831-7381

McLaughlin Jeanmarie R 831-7318

Peters Albert C II 831-7315


Director of Legislative Affairs

Duncan Charles Esq .831-7490


Director of Maintenance

Hall Dale 831-7068

Field Operations Manager

DelRicci John J 831-7399

Maintenance Division Resources & Programs Manager

Beal Brenda 831-7394

Manager of Business Planning & Administration

Brumfield Lynn 831-7401


Director of Policy and External Affairs

Ritter Stacia A Esq 831-7053


Director of Traffic Engineering and Operations

Scanlon Timothy M PE 831-7829

Manager of Traffic Engineering

Macchione Thomas R PE 831-7114

Manager of Traffic Operations

Taylor Robert J PE PT OE 831-7548

Manager of Operations Center

Bretzman Daniel E 831-7107

Manager of Emergency Response Program

North Ken 831-7395

Manager of Customer and Employee Safety

Rispoli Joseph L 831-7415

Consulting Engineer

Michael Baker International, Inc.

Associate Vice President, Toll Services

Bankert Larry I PE PTOE 831-7328

Pennsylvania State Police
Troop T

Area II Commander

Gray Maj Maynard 671-7525

Commanding Officer, Troop T

Gustaitis Capt Paul S 831-7454

Anderson Tami TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7491

Baker Christine TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7285

Bankert Larry TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7328

Beal Brenda TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7394

Brady Robert F TPK Eastern Reg Office 610/313-6200

Bretzman Daniel TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7107

Brumfield Lynn TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7401

Camp Charles A TPK Western Reg Office 724/755-5015

Caro Patrick TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7160

Christensen Jack D TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7570

Clements-Jenkins Catherine TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7428

Colborn Renee West Reg Office 831-7507

Compton Mark P TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7370

Decker Kelly H TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7472

DeFebo Carl E TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7176

DelRicci John J TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7399

Deon Pasquale T Sr TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7320

DiPiero Richard S TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7269

Dreher Richard TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7309

Drew Barry T TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7291

Duncan Charles TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7490

Dwyer Jack F TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7343

Fairholm Scott D TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7910

Franklin Donald C TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7503

Geiger Kevin TPK TIP Bldg Mdtn 831-7915

Graham Gary L PE TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7109

Gray Lorie J TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7720

Gray Maj Maynard TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 671-7525

Grieshaber Nikolaus H TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7221

Gustaitis Capt Paul S TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7454

Hall Dale TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7068

Heigel Brad TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7346

Hentz Gary M TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7441

Hess Jeffrey L TPK Western Reg Office 724/755-5012
Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7595

Husic Stephen M TPK TIP Bldg Mdtn 831-7545

Joyce John TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-5025

Klingensmith Donald S TPK Bldg Mdtn 831-7585

Lieberman William K TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7430

Logan Sean TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7340

Macchione Thomas R TPK Bldg Mdtn 831-7114

Martin Amy TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7487

Maun Anthony Q TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7361

McCall Doreen A TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7482

McGovern Michael J TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7381

McLaughlin Jeanmarie R TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7318

Mellinger Randall TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7273

Morrow Ray TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7422

Naugle Jeffrey A TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7384

Norris Sheri TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7492

North Ken TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7395

Ojo Myneca TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7333

Oswald Max TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7189

Peters Albert C II TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7315

Pinson Ken TPK TIP Bldg 831-7541

Quick Laura TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7293

Ricks Tony TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7414

Rispoli Joseph L TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7415

Ritter Stacia A TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7053

Roberts Kelli E TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7093

Rotheram Brian TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7280

Rothermel April TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7950

Roy Charles N TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7349

Rusenko Theodore A TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7377

Sarzynski Joseph TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7324

Scanlon Timothy M PE TPK TIP Bldg Mdtn 831-7829

Shaak Michael D TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7538

Shannon Jill TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7443

Shawver Susan TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7614

Shuey Craig R TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7388

Suess Joseph P TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7186

Taylor Robert J TPK TIP Bldg 831-7548

Treaster Judy K TPK Admin Bldg Mdtn 831-7413

Walter Kathleen TPK ERO 610/313-6383


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