Abbreviation pd: Parkinson’s Disease

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The substantia nigra (SN) is important resource to understand the mechanism of the PD causation

  • The substantia nigra (SN) is important resource to understand the mechanism of the PD causation

  • The needs for the resources to provide information of comprehensive PD-related genes and genetic variations

  • We present a consolidated PD database, called PDbase, to capture wide spectrum of molecular events


  • PDbase

    • A comprehensive PD-related genes and genetic variation database
    • Contains 2,678 genes and 870,468 SNPs from 1) SN ESTs and 2) public disease-related databases
    • Provides biological function of the PD-related genes including alternative splicing events, SNPs located in gene structure, mitochondrial proteins, micro-RNA elements, biological pathways, and PPI networks
  • Related work

  • MDPD (The Mutation Database for Parkinson’s Disease)

    • 202 genes extracted from 576 publications and manually examined by biomedical researchers based on population studies
    • It provides the PD-related genetic variation effects such as risk factor or ethnic group
  • PDGene

    • 40~80 PD genetic association studies
    • PD-related genes and risk factors from association studies

PDbase construction:

  • PDbase construction:

  • SN EST discovery and

  • computational analysis

PDbase system

  • PDbase system

SN EST statistics

    • SN EST statistics
    • Gene information
    • Genetic variation information
    • Gene regulation
    • Gene Ontology (GO)
    • Biological pathways: BioCarta and KEGG
    • Protein-protein interaction network


  • PDbase

    • Provides comprehensive information about Parkinson’s Disease-related genes and genetic variation
    • highlights to contain not only public resources, but also un-reported PD target genes using normal and PD’s SN ESTs
    • Helpful in analysis of complex biological phenomena including human brain diseases because of including several genes, genetic variations, expression, and network
    • available at

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