About famous people

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The most famous people in the world
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About famous people

There were hundreds of people throughout the history who are left in the memories of millions of people. They are Albert Einstein, George Washington, Princess Diana, Margaret Thatcher, Mahatma Gandhi and many others. Their impact on the world development cannot be underestimated.

Most people know Albert Einstein from the picture above their blackboard and only remember that he was considered to be a very stupid person. Although in reality he completely changed the way we perceive time and space, gravity and energy.

George Washington is thought to be the Father of American history. For twenty years he was leading the county to greater future. He believed that hard work, public service and worshiping of God is the key to successful life. Due to his outstanding character he became the first President of the country. No other American is honored the way Washington is.

Before becoming the most beloved person in Great Britain, Princess Diana worked as a cook or a nanny in the kindergarten. When she became a part of a royal family she did a lot of charity. People adored her. Although not everything was so good. She was unhappy in her marriage with the Prince. And right before her death she received a divorce. Her story shows that even Prince Charming may be not the right one for you. Diana was killed in a car accident and her death is still a complete mystery.

So, learning such stories helps us realize the value of each moment of history. We can learn and develop on the basis of these people’s stories and that opens great opportunities for everyone.

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