Appeal of marss data Reported by Another District/Charter

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Appeal of MARSS Data Reported by another District/Charter

Following is the procedure for appeals for End-of-Year (EOY) FY 2015 that the Division of School Finance will use to respond to districts and charter schools that request changes be made to another district’s or charter school’s MARSS files after the close of MARSS Web Edit System (WES) appeal file window.


The final file submissions for EOY FY 2015 are due Tuesday, October 20, 2015. The EOY FY 2015 electronic appeal file will open Monday, October 26. 2015, and will be available through noon Thursday, November 19, 2015. Files that cause cross-district errors will not be accepted until the error is corrected.

This procedure described below applies only to cross-district errors identified in an appeal file and MARSS 08 Error Report. Any local error that was added to bypass a cross-district error should be corrected locally by the district before the final deadline. With all local errors corrected, districts/charters should attempt to submit their files one last time. If that file is still rejected due to cross-district errors with another district/charter, the appealing district will have the rejection e-mail as documentation of their final attempt and the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) will have the locally error-free source data available in MARSS WES to evaluate the appeal.

All MARSS files with less than the acceptable threshold percentage of total local errors are loaded to MDE. Districts/charter schools can make any corrections necessary until the appeal window closes. However, during the appeal window, files that cause a statewide cross-district error will not be loaded until the record causing the error is corrected, inactivated by causing it to error locally or removed from the file. (Records with local errors are not edited against other records.) Districts and charter schools must negotiate among themselves to correct these errors. Causing a local error is used only to correct cross-district errors in a dead-lock situation. MDE will not make corrections to data that is not involved in a documented and appealed fatal error.

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