Cheat Sheet Features, pricing, and ordering codes

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Xora is the global leader in GPS enterprise mobile applications for location, time and job tracking for use on mobile devices and in vehicles. 

©2011 Xora, Inc. All rights reserved. email: phone.1.866.MAP.XORA.

*Data plan not included.

**Additional fees from Xora partners.

Cheat Sheet

Features, pricing, and ordering codes



GPS TimeTrack Locator

GPS TimeTrack Standard

GPS TimeTrack Premier

InVehicle HM

Monthly Service Charge

$21.99 $16.99*



Set up fee (per device, order code XTTS)

$25.00 $25.00 $25.00  $25.00 

Order codes




Customer support

Location Tracking and Maps


SaaS Hosted Integration (Cast Iron/IBM)**

Web Services

ADP Connector **

Canned Alerts

Standard, Out-of-the-Box Reports

Custom Alerts

Scheduled Reports

Confi gurable Reports

Store and Forward

Geofencing  and Work Zones


Supervisor Timecards

Mobile Timecards

Mobile Forms

JobPix (Photo Capture)

Odometer Capture

Barcode Scanning

Job Tracking

Job Dispatch

Job Confi guration

Workfl ow Automation

Mileage Tracking

Messaging (offi ce to mobile worker)

Trip Start/End

Xora is the global leader in GPS enterprise mobile applications for location, time and job tracking for use on mobile devices and in vehicles. 

©2011 Xora, Inc. All rights reserved. email: phone.1.866.MAP.XORA.

1. Easy Ordering

2. Fast Setup

3. Knowledgeable Support

AT&T submits order to Phoenix ordering system

Customer is contacted by training team to 

schedule training

Xora customer support available 24/7

AT&T sends order information to Xora through form 

on Xora Partner site or by emailing details to

Customers with 25 or more units receive introductory 

call from their dedicated Customer Support Account 

Representative to schedule training & plan 


Customers with 25 or more units receive ongoing 

support throughout their implementation from their 

Customer Support Account Representative

Customer installs phone software 

(<5 minutes per phone)

For best results, customer should train mobile 

employees on how to use GPS TimeTrack on their 

phones, then monitor usage to ensure employees 

are using the product properly

Customer (web portal administrator) takes online GPS 

TimeTrack courses

Technical Requirements

Web Portal:

•  High-speed Internet connection

•  Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, Firefox 2 or 

higher (Google Chrome, Safari, Bing not supported)

•  A screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher 


Mobile Devices:

•  GPS TimeTrack supported device 

(visit for current list)

•  Extended-life battery (recommended)

•  Vehicle power charger (recommended)

•  TimeTrack is an “always-on” application. 

Multi-tasking on devices further decreases bat-

tery life. For best performance, we recommend 

extended life batteries and vehicle chargers in 

order to ensure that GPS TimeTrack-enabled 

devices maintain battery power


When in coverage area devices will display 3G 

and signal bars on the right of the screen.

GPS Fast Facts

•  Accurate GPS data collection requires a clear 

line of site to the sky. For this reason, devices 

do not always provide location information 

when indoors. When a worker is traveling, it’s 

best to keep the mobile device near the dash-

board where line of sight is more direct. 

•  GPS reception is more likely to fail when a 

mobile device’s battery is low. 

•  GPS TimeTrack doesn’t collect GPS when the 

device is switched off.

•  GPS is accurate to within 100 meters 95% of 

the time and works pretty much the same way 

regardless of which GPS vendor, application, 

or phone you choose


Phone: 650.314.6460 

(press 1 and then enter support pin)


Web: Log into to your GPS TimeTrack account and 

click the Help and Support tab

Best Practices

Mobile devices require similar maintenance to 

the computers most of us use every day. While 

GPS TimeTrack is a low-maintenance application, 

it does occasionally require some attention. To 

keep your application running properly:

•  Upgrade the application on your mobile 

devices when prompted to do so. Mobile 

users occasionally must download the latest 

version of GPS TimeTrack in order to take 

advantage of new product features and 


•  Power-cycle mobile devices daily or weekly. 

This keeps your devices operating at peak 


•  Make sure device batteries maintain a good 


•  Make sure workers interact with phones every 


•  Log in to web portal every morning for a few 

weeks (not a set it and forget it product)

Technical Information

Data Collection: 

•  Device Power Settings — located in the set-

tings tab — allows web users to change the 

frequency at which GPS points are collected 

from devices and sent to the web portal. The 

more frequently GPS points are collected and 

sent, the shorter the battery life of the device

•  GPS TimeTrack will be prompted to restart on 

any phone that has not communicated with 

the GPS TimeTrack server for more than 65 

minutes (normal business hours only) as long 

as SMS is not blocked

Data Storage:

•  GPS points are stored for 30 days, and

time cards and job data is stored for 90 days

•  To archive, schedule reports every 30 days 

and save locally


•  Form fi eld size is 256 characters/fi eld 

(1,400 total per form)

•  Each GPS TimeTrack account may utilize 

up to 10 forms

Upon activation, the customer will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to download TimeTrack, log-in IDs and passwords 

to the Web Portal, and links and phone numbers for more help, should the customer require additional assistance.

Cheat Sheet

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