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ESTRY) User Manual

GIS Based 2D/1D Hydrodynamic Modelling
May 2005


How to Use This Manual


Table of Contents

List of Figures

List of Tables

New Features

.tcf File Commands

.ecf File Commands

.tgc File Commands

.tbc File Commands
Command Indexes
Glossary & Notation


Contents i

How to Use This Manual i

About This Manual i

Chapters ii

Table of Contents iii

Appendices vi

List of Figures ix

List of Tables x

Glossary & Notation xiii

How to Use This Manual

This manual is designed for both hardcopy and digital usage. It was created using Microsoft Word 2000, and has not been tested in its digital mode in other platforms.

Section, table and figures references are hyperlinked (click on the Section, Table or Figure number in the text to move to the relevant page).

Similarly, and most importantly, text file commands are hyperlinked and are easily accessed through the lists at the back (see .tcf File Commands; .ecf File Commands; .tgc File Commands and .tbc File Commands). There are also command hyperlinks in the text (normally blue and underlined). Command text can be copied and pasted into the text files.

Some useful keys to navigate backwards and forwards are Alt Left / Right arrow to go backwards / forwards to the last locations. Ctrl Home returns to the front page, which contains useful hyperlinks. Also, Ctrl End provides quick access to the end pages, which contain all the hyperlinks to the text file commands.

Any constructive suggestions are very welcome (mailto:tuflow@wbmpl.com.au).

About This Manual

This manual is a User Manual for the TUFLOW.exe (and ESTRY.exe) hydrodynamic computational engines. These engines are driven through a DOS Window and rely on third party software to provide the interface to the user. These software are typically a text editor (eg. UltraEdit), GIS platform (eg. MapInfo), 3D surface modelling software (eg. Vertical Mapper) and result viewing (eg. SMS). Please refer to the user documentation or help for the third party software you have chosen to use in addition to this manual.


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