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Decision dated _________ Minutes
in the assembly of the Chair of Languages
approved by the head of the Chair:
Ph.D. I. Z.Aliyeva__________

  1. Abstract topics will be prepared with students’ own handwriting or electronic variant (15-20 pages) Illustration will be assessed with 5 points. Learners will present their topics with slides ( minimum 10 slides) and presentation will be assessed with 10 points. Students’ presenting skills will also be taken into account. Totally, topics will be assessed with 15 points.

  2. Each topic should have title page, plan, introduction, main body, conclusion and reference.

  3. In the introduction part some information about the topic will be given. Main body is the most important part. Learners will give detailed information about their topics . In the conclusion part they will summarize the points and will express their own thoughts after the research of the theme. Reference part will be at the end.


  1. Money

  2. Schools in the UK

  3. Finance

  4. Insurance and risks

  5. Useful websites

  6. Internet

  7. My favorite places

  8. Innovation of e-mail

  9. Interesting films

  10. Languages of the world

  11. Health

  12. Dishes

  13. Life in the future

  14. Counterfeiting

  15. International monetary fund

  16. Taxes

  17. Free time

  18. City living

Yüklə 31,59 Kb.

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