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Expand Parallax

Using a layering of images that animate at varying speeds as a user scrolls, the Expand Parallax unit creates an illusion of depth within the ad experience. The Parallax unit is currently available only within the Fantasy GameTracker pages on CBSSports.com. Due to the complexity of this ad unit, all Parallax creative must be built in-house.


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Expand Parallax Example (Collapsed 970w x 90h)

screen shot 2014-08-14 at 3.55.36 pm.png
Expand Parallax Example (Expanded 970w x 250h)

screen shot 2014-08-14 at 3.55.58 pm.png




Base Unit: 970w x 90h pixels

Expanded Unit: 970w x 250h pixels

File Format


Maximum File Size


Expand Button

There should be a visible Expand button. This Expand button can expand on user click only and will expand the content down. Must have a close button in the upper right-hand corner of the expanded unit

Close Button

Must contain a Close button in the upper right hand corner of the user initiated expanded panel. Close button is user-initiated by click.

Linking URL

An active URL must be provided and cannot exceed 128 characters.

Third-party Tracking

Optional: A 1x1 pixel GIF may be provided to allow third-party tracking.


All creative must function uniformly on both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems as well as the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari for Mac OS X.

Submission Instructions

CBS Interactive Design Team must build creative.

Files Needed

Background Image

980w x 1100h PNG

Left Image/Logo

270w x 238h; up to 400w x 238h PNG

Call To Action (CTA)

182w x 58h PNG, present in collapsed state

Right Image/Logo

314w x 250h PNG

Parallax Layer 1

980w x 2000h PNG,

Parallax Layer 2 (optional)

980w x 2000h PNG


Due to the complexity of this unit, a kick-off meeting with the CBS Interactive creative designer CBS Interactive Account Coordinator, and CBS Interactive Rich Media contact is required 15 business days prior to launch.

If the submitted creative does not conform to the above specifications, it will not be placed online and may result in a delayed launch date.


Questions about this opportunity

Please contact your CBS Interactive representative.

Technical questions about your creative

E-Mail AdSpecQuestions@cbsinteractive.com.

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