General Manager required for Aura Tullamore Leisure Centre

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General Manager required for Aura Tullamore Leisure Centre

AURA Leisure, Ireland's foremost specialist in the field of sports & leisure.

Aura focuses on quality award winning service across all operations.
Recent achievements: all sites have won prestigious awards including 02 Ability Awards, EIQA / Hygiene Awards and the NISO Overall National Award for Safety in the Service Sector.

We are currently recruiting for an experienced General Manager for our Leisure Centre in Tullamore.

This key role will involve the management of all financial, health & safety, customer service, personnel and operational issues. A proven track record in the management of leisure, retail or hotel facilities is desirable. A business qualification would also be advantageous together with experience of budgeting and sales. 

This role is very much a business and customer service based role so an understanding of financial figures and ability to deal with customers is paramount.

We are looking for people who want to make a difference and add value to a growing company.

To be considered for this role you must be legally entitled to work in Ireland. Due to the nature of this role Fluent/Native English is required. We do not require the assistance of agencies, please do not call.
Please contact Rachel on (01) 497 8988 or e-mail

Aura is an equal opportunities employer.

Yüklə 126 Kb.

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