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seminar 8. Language history , seminar 8. Language history , 5.-PEDAGOGIK-KREATIVLIK-MO-IYATI, ezozspo, Fizika fanini bosqichli o’qitish xususiyatlari, Fizika fanini bosqichli o’qitish xususiyatlari, Fizika fanini bosqichli o’qitish xususiyatlari, Fizika fanini bosqichli o’qitish xususiyatlari, gidrodinamik o\'xshashlik, Milliy iqtisodiyot va uning makroiqtisodiy o, Bufer eritmalar, 6d47fbd8c47c758f79652f71ad5326ded48d79d0


Student: Qo`ziboyev Khusniddin


Being apparent from its name itself, standardized test is a kind of test which has the same grading system, question-types, especially is given to the group of students or schoolchildren in the same format, including tests, quizzes, a kind of performance, at the same time in order to grade those test-takers in rank order according to their test-results which are revealed after a few days from the tests or at the end of them by test-monitors. Additionally, they can be taken during a lesson or after some set lessons so as to check their competence in a theme or to back up their gained knowledge.


As there are some types of evidence depending of the language-testing and assessment, first it will be right to start with, content-related evidence. So, it is a types of extent to which an assessment tasks provide a relevant and representative sample of the domain of outcomes that a teacher intends to measure. When it comes to construct-related evidence, it also means the extent to which an assessment measures the construct, such as reading ability, intelligence, anxiety and so on that the test purports to measure. For example, it analyzes mental processes needed, compares scores of set groups. Unlike two of them, the criterion-related evidence is area to which a test`s score correlate with some valued performance apart from the test


From my humble opinion, there are many types of traditional assessments depending on the skills of a language. However, here I make a beeline for some suggestions for new alternatives instead of those ones. Well, as human character is different, his or her realm in which he or she excel can`t be identical which means someone prefer writing to speaking or vice versa. So it seems to be high time for education-providers to review the assessment system in order to incorporate up-to-date ones, such online discussion with foreign guests, online master classes by well-experienced teachers or students also, some kind of quizzes for whose high results students get prized with certificates or financial incentives, free-topic online chats in zoom or such apps, which all can act as most of the primary assessment styles for tutors when needed, thus making students attentive and satisfied with it.
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