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Max Higbee Center Newsletter



Upcoming Events

Thursday, June 2nd

Young Adult Self-Advocacy


Dan Godwin Community Center

2602 McLeod Road

Contact Jessika: 715-0170, ext 304

Friday, June 3rd

Downtown Art Walk at MHC


Saturday, June 4th

Sensory Friendly Film: Angry Birds

Barkley Village Stadium

3005 Cinema Place

Contact: 527-1320

June 10th & June 11th

Anything Goes—The Musical

Bellingham Theatre Guild


Friday, June 17th

Fairhaven Summer Solstice Artwalk


Saturday, June 25th

Fairhaven Outdoor Cinema


Fairhaven Village Green

July 5th-August 17th

FACES Northwest

Contact Karlene

389-2151 or


* * * * Updates * * **

Summer Break! MHC CLOSED June 13th-17th

Max Higbee Center will not be holding day programs during the week of June 13th through June 17th. Weekend Program will still be open on June 17th & 18th during regular times. Please cancel buses for that week and enjoy some rest and relaxation before summer kicks into gear!


After the summer break, we will have new program times. Beginning June 20th, CAP will start at 1:30pm and end and its regular time, 5:30pm. Daytime and 365 will begin at 10am and end at 1:30pm.

Program Phone Numbers

For questions regarding 365 Fitness, Daytime, and CAP, please contact Rachel at 360-333-4285

For question regarding Weekend Program, please contact Taylor at 360-201-9053


Member of the Month:

Donna Estomo

This month we would like to recognize an avid Weekend Program attendee and all around wonderful human being, Donna Estomo! She told us she has been coming to program for about 3 years now.  Donna excels at always having a positive attitude and trying new things at the center.  Some of her favorite activities are making jewelry, pottery, and cooking at the Co-op!  Some other things we learned about Donna during our interview with her was that she enjoys listening to classical music.  Donna told us, “I like MHC because I can get out of the house and hang out with my friends.” 


Higbee Hikers

Higbee Hikers is a seasonal program offered July and August that explores our beautiful local trails. The group meets up at MHC and uses walking or bus routes to access the various trails in Whatcom County including Lake Padden Trails, the Interurban Trail, Stimpson Reserve and more. The program incorporates outdoor skills such as environmental stewardship, map reading and navigation, plant identification, healthy hiking snacks, and trail games. After a day on the trail with friends, the program ends with root beer, celebration and relaxation at Boundary Bay’s Garden. Higbee Hikers will be every Saturday in July and August from 11:30am-5:00pm and the cost is $15 a day.

Interviews with some past Higbee Hikers:

Trail name: Cowboy T-dog

Real name: Tim

Favorite hike: Artist Point

Wants to explore: Sudden Valley

“My favorite part is hiking with everybody!”
Trail name: Butterfly Lady Pink

Real name: Shae

Wants to explore: Fairhaven trails

“We walked so much!”
Trail name: Happy Duck

Real name: Jennie

Favorite hike: Lake Padden

Wants to explore: Mount Baker
Trail name: Jalapeño Hiker

Real name: Levin

Favorite hike: Whatcom Falls

Wants to explore: Chuckanuts

“I’m going to do all the hikes and have a new trail name this summer! It’s going to be Road Runner!”

New Weekend Program Manager—Taylor Arbuckle!

Taylor began at Max Higbee Center as a Recreation Leader in the fall of 2015. Her work in this community started in 2011, as a volunteer and coach for Special Olympics. Taylor is a student at Western Washington University and is majoring in Special Education with an endorsement in elementary education.  Taylor first found out about the Max Higbee Center through some of the Special Olympics Athletes that she was coaching. Her favorite thing about working at Max Higbee is being able to build relationships with the members. In her spare time, Taylor loves to explore the outdoors, spend time with her little sister, and be goofy with friends. ​We are thrilled to have Taylor as our new Program Manager and look forward to seeing some of her fresh ideas in programs!

Call for Volunteers!

Do you have a special skill or hobby that you think MHC members would love to learn about? Max Higbee Center is in search of community minded people to share their time and talents with us! Some examples include pottery, drumming, crafting, and much more! For questions or to get started volunteering, contact:

Sadie Holwegner




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