Medical firmware the diagnostic complex for determining the changes the electrophysical reactions of the man

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Medical firmware
the diagnostic complex
for determining the changes
the electrophysical reactions of the man
Training program.
This program does not reflect all nuances of work, but it gives base knowledge.

Apparatus “VECTOR” relates down the instruments, which are called “cerebral machines”. At present science and society as a whole encountered the problem of the surplus of information. Man begins to sink in this sea of information. Only century ago to doctor for the diagnosis were required patient and experience of medical observations. Today numerous and expensive studies are necessary for this. What did help doctor to make correct diagnosis? Inexplicable feeling, called intuition. However, `at the point of contemporary science it was possible to approach very closely before the solution of the phenomenon of intuition and clairvoyance. The matter, occurs, before the electromagnetic vibrations of the very low frequency, which transfer information beside the brain of man, passing sensory organs. Of 10 million informational units is realized only one, rest are fixed before the sphere of subconsious. Information from the sphere of subconsious is extracted either spontaneously or the against the background changed states of the consciousness: hypnosis, dream, meditation, the method of psychotropic means. The entire world is deeply interconnected by means of many information signals. Therefore the procedures, which make it possible to obtain information based on the sphere of subconsciousness, are recognized after priority before the development of science and society.

The result of numerous studies before the sphere of energy-information theory was the creation of the fundamentally new equipment, capable of destroying the barrier between the conscious and the subconsious. This process (controlled to researchers) is capable to give much new information about the surrounding peace. Developments were first classified, then the curtain of secrecy was to a considerable degree taken, and on the basis of these developments was created the group of the instruments, which was called “cerebral machines” of [ilipsikhofizicheskikh] amplifiers ([metatronov]).

Basic fields of application “cerebral machines”: the prognostication of financial position and social forecasts; any search tasks in different regions; medical diagnostics. These are new possibilities also for the preventive inspections. It was possible to gather the together different directions of natural medicine and to thus accomplish a qualitative jump, to develop method not only diagnostic, but also making it possible to actively govern the state of organism.

The theoretical and experimental works, which made possible creation of a similar equipment, were begun at the end AS FAR AS [KH]1[KH] of century by the genius of electronics Of [nikoloy] Tesla. Then they were continued scientific Zh. [Lakhovskim], that studied the action of radio frequencies on animals and plants; by American researcher [R]. Reif, whom by the investigated the action of man radio- and [elektrochastot]. In 1950 [R]. [Foll] in Germany opened and developed the system of electro-testing on the acupuncture points of the human body. The method Of [follya] was the first apparatus method of the study of the energy-information state of organism. The results of a study can give idea about the presence of inflammation, dystrophia or atrophy before the appropriate organs. Another method of diagnostics of the energy-information state of man - method of [aurodiagnostiki] Of [kirliana]. With its aid the state of the electromagnetic field of man as a whole and his individual organs is determined. The method of NLS- diagnostics makes it possible to estimate the state of bioenergetics of each organ of man individually. Results are obtained in the form picture with the topography of the struck section and in the form the graph, which makes it possible to determine woven changes in the organ, which makes it possible to establish not only the type of damage (inflammation or destruction), but also to refine diagnosis. A study is carried out by the resonant amplification of the emission of the organ being investigated and removal of indices by noncontact way.

The first instruments had the manual regime of information input, i.e., before diagnostics actively participated the researcher, whose brain because of the use of low-frequency fluctuations, became more sensitive to the emissions of the organism of patient. Results were noted about the deviation of the L-shaped framework before the hand of operator on the special scale Of [fleyndera] (scale is before the diagnostic module of program). However, this method of investigation is too subjective and unsafe for the status of the health of operator. This led down the creation OF THE TRIGGER sensors, which ensure automatic information input about the health of patient beside the computer. For the first time distant effect of interaction of the objects of living and inanimate nature, i.e., the transmission of information from the man to the machine was registered before [V]. [N]. [Kravkov]'s experiences in the 20's of our century. Under Prof. [V]. [Togatov]'s management was studied the reaction of different semiconductor structures down the action of [biooperatora]. It was experimentally proven that the brain of man without the aid of wires can act on the sensor of instrument. Developers before the regime of the dialog between the telemetry equipment and the operator used the remote biological feedback, intended for the perception of the cerebral activity of operator or patient depending on the tasks of study and transformation of this information beside the sequence of pulses with the aid of the special trigger sensor. In this case beside the brain of man enters the signal about the need for [protestirovat] one or other organ or another. Signal will be given based on the screen of monitor, from the instrument, and also based on the head head sets in the form of a series of the electromagnetic vibrations, characteristic besides the healthy organ of man. Indeed each organ of man possesses its, specific, by the spectrum of electromagnetic vibrations. I.e., we seemingly pose the question: Is how the state of organ? In response to the assigned question the brain of that investigated gives the answer, which is received by sensors. Before the apparatus “VECTOR” is a digital trigger sensor, [simulirovannyy] directly before the microprocessor of computer due to software and an analog trigger sensor of research block. The purpose of this curriculum is not the detailed substantiation of the operating principles of equipment, especially as different instruments are designed differently. Before some instruments the laser for the action beyond the patient is used. This it conducts down the insignificant strengthening of resonance answer. However, there is a danger of the unfavorable consequences of this action.


Beyond the working table we find the label of program. We make on it dual cry for the sake of the left key for mouse. Program loads. On the headpiece we press tuning knob.

We select language, rate, doctor



We fall beside THE CARD INDEX.
Key is THE PRESS CONCLUSION - task to printer to unseal the conclusion, comprised independently before the window THE CONCLUSION (under the button NEW PATIENT).

Epicrisis can be composed also besides the finished blocks, existing before the data base.

Key is PRESS - the entrance beside the window OF A STUDY - the regime of the printout of the obtained results (picture and the epicrisis, comprised besides the finished blocks).
NEW PATIENT this window must be filled. [Ok].

After filling of card is opened the window INTERACTIVE ANAMNESIS.

Window serves for the collection of complaints and anamnesis (resections). On the left panel there is a diagrammatic representation of the human organism with the points of red color. The list of complaints and diagnoses, characteristic for damaging this organ, corresponds to each point. For example, to point in the region of brain correspond the complaints, characteristic for the pathology of central nervous system and a number of [neyrotroficheskikh] complaints (dryness and the peeling of the skin, the damage of hair so forth); to point in the region of [epigastriya] - complaints, characteristic for the organs of the upper division of gastrointestinal tract. In order to cause the list of complaints, it is necessary cursor to bring down the selected point and to click by the left key for mouse. The color of point will change down the green, the list of complaints will appear on the right panel. If it is necessary to note diagnosis or resection, should be harvested key THE DIAGNOSIS above the right panel. Complaints we note by marks before the small window next to it (for this to bring cursor down this window and to click by the left key for mouse). If complaints are introduced beside the program, then the operating mode is called expert, if no - intuitive. RESECTIONS ONE SHOULD NOTE COMPULSORILY. This is connected for the sake of the special features of energy-information studies. The remote organ or the part of the organ with energy-information studies will be shown either as the completely healthy (there is no organ - there is no problem), or it will be shown the state of organ against the moment of operation (because of the information “memory”).

. It occurs, that woman they do not remember, what ovary am removed. In this case resection we do not note and look both ovaries. Which is worse on the picture on the marks, that was removed (90%).

The collection of complaints is better to carry out thus: to first gather spontaneously [vyskazannyezhaloby]. then to actively gather complaints according to the diagram of head- foot. Complaints are better to write down before the introduction beside the program, to and then select significant. The part of the complaints will remain on the paper, but down them will have to be turned with the analysis of the results of a study. Besides complaints it is necessary to estimate the exterior view of patient, special feature of his behavior, to learn profession and so forth, i.e., to try to obtain as much as possible [informatsiio] of Ger. this will help subsequently to correct evaluate the results of a study. Gathered useful information must be and during a study. [APK] “OF VECTOR” works before the intuitive- logical regime as reference and information expert system. Obtained data have not hundred per-cent authenticity and require their confirmation. To be convinced besides their authenticity is possible only by comparing the information, obtained with a study with the information about the patient. Sufficient “to grasp” similarity not on all, and on some points, sometimes, it is at first glance, not very meant. But the greater it will be this similarity, the greater the confidence and to the remaining, unconfirmed information.

REFERENCE BOOK will help to obtain [astrologicheskuyu] and [fiziognomicheskuyu] prompts about the problems of patient. Although each doctor itself selects the algorithm of work. The introduction of diagnoses can give hyperdiagnostics of these states and hinder diagnostics of the associated diseases. Quantity of complaints, desirable for the correct functioning of program, especially [vegeto]- test, 3-5. One ought not to introduce beside the program many complaints - this can lead down hyperdiagnostics. It is not necessary to introduce the complexes of the complaints, which against the output predictably give the diagnoses: diabetes (increased thirst, dryness and the itch of the skin), tuberculosis (fatigue, weakness, cough, elevated temperature), bronchial asthma (fears, anxieties; shortness of breath). With the collection of complaints it is not necessary to show to patient their list, “to prompt”. We press button TO CONTINUE.
Let us be turned down the right panel. Studies are located about the principle of color isolation. Above the list of a study of base catalog (dark-blue color). This the comprehensive studies, which show several organs. They serve for the primary rapid analysis. Further, pink color isolated the organs of gastrointestinal tract, emerald - organs of respiratory system, brown - the organs of urino-genital system, further - cardiovascular system, the blood and lymph, endocrine glands, nervous system, sensors, the skin, supporting-motor apparatus, chromosomes and other

One should compose the list of experiments so that before it each organ would be represented in the form entire organ, and in the form micro-preparation. It is isolated for the sake of letters MK.

     The studies, which must be conducted, they are noted as far as marks before the window next. If it is necessary to remove a study, bring cursor down the mark and click by left key. Mark will disappear, a study will be excluded. After the composition of the list of patient it is necessary to plant before the monitor at a distance not more than one meter, to put on head sets (wire to the left), to harvest button A STUDY. Operator sits down himself at a distance not less than 0, 5 meters from the patient only in the side. Nearer to the instrument and the computer must be located patient. During a study to patient it is possible to speak about the state of his health, it is desirable about that organ, which against the given moment beyond the screen. When a study is finished, we press key THE CARD INDEX above the list of experiments. In order to stop a study, press TO STOP.

Key PREPARATION includes the production of [reprintnogo] preparation. Key Meta- correction includes the regime of Meta- correction.

When a study is finished, should be placed suppositional diagnosis and made selection and testing of medicines or [BADov]. For this it is necessary to enter beside the regime of analysis and testing through THE PRESS.

This, in the first place, the possibility of the rapid survey of pictures, which is especially important, if during a study of doctor they distracted. In order to examine pictures, it suffices to switch working line based on one line to another. Furthermore, hence it is possible to simultaneously derive beyond the screen paired organs for the comparison of their state. It should be noted that before the list of the conducted investigations studies are separated as far as different color. As far as green color are separated the studies, on pictures of which there are entropy marks from 1 to 4; by red color - on which is at least one 5, brown - on which at least one 6. i.e., the most problematic organs are separated as far as brown color, least problematic - to green.

After selecting a study for the analysis and testings, we note by its line and press ANALYSIS.
Is opened window ANALYSIS.

Here it is possible to estimate marks and to cause the text of key TEXT. Green small crosses appear against the picture. For obtaining the text bring cursor down the small cross. In order to fix it, click by the left key for mouse.

Key COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS serves for the comparative analysis.

Key META- CORRECTION is intended for the Meta- correction.

Key [VEGETO]- TEST is intended for the external [vegeto]- test (testing the preparations, not introduced beside the base of data of internal [vegeto]- test. With the aid of the external [vegeto]- test it is possible to test anything, up to the literary texts.

Key [REPRINTER] is used for preparing the bioresonance preparation.

Before by right lower angle is a window ORGAN. Before the table of window is a graph, which reflects the electromagnetic characteristics of the investigated organ.

Furthermore, before this window are keys TEST and SPECTRUM. Key TEST makes it possible to enter beside the window for THE ANALYSIS and THE TESTINGS. Key SPECTRUM is intended, in essence, for the research work.

After the pressure of key TEST before the window ORGAN (if it is necessary to test center, then before the window CENTER), is opened the window, which does not have special name. We will call its window for THE ANALYSIS and THE TESTING. Before it is produced the establishment of suppositional diagnosis, the selection of preparations and their testing, i.e., this basic window for the work.

To the left before this window there are two windows of average value. Upper is called THE LIST OF GROUPS. Before it the groups are isolated: “Organic preparations”, “biochemical homeostasis”, “pathomorphology”, “nosologic forms”, “microorganisms and helminths” - these groups are used for formulating the diagnosis; and also “allopathy”, “homeopathy”, “[Fitoterapiya]”, “[Nutritsevtiki] and [parafarmatsevtiki]” and other - these groups are used for selecting the preparations. Before the given programs augmented about the bases here can be introduced [BADy] of other firms.

     In order to place diagnosis, it is necessary before the list of groups by marks to isolate groups ORGANIC PREPARATIONS, PATHOMORPHOLOGY and NOSOLOGIC FORMS.

ORGANIC PREPARATIONS - these are the standards of healthy organs. The name of organ is written in Latin. After the name organ stands the word WALA or PETERLING. This of the name homeopathic firms, based on standard preparations of which were plotted the electromagnetic characteristics of healthy organs. These graphs are necessary for the comparison of data of patient not only for the sake of the standard of disease, but also for the sake of the standard of health.

PATHOMORPHOLOGY - is diagnoses taking into account the histological special features of the pathologically changed organs. These diagnoses do not correspond to the officially taken medical classification. They are isolated for the sake of green color.

NOSOLOGIC FORMS - this the complex diagnoses, which consider anatomical and functional changes before the organs are isolated for the sake of black color. Letter after name designates the name of catalog.

      After we noted organic preparations, pathomorphology and nosologic forms, before the window THE LIST OF STANDARDS ON THE DECREASE OF SPECTRAL SIMILARITY appears the list of standards (diagnoses). Above list stand diagnoses with the smallest coefficient of spectral similarity (КСС). Sometimes the diagnoses above of list are isolated for the sake of red color - those, whose [KSS] are less than 0, 425. These are the most probable diagnoses (authenticity 90-95%). The higher before the list is located the diagnosis, is the more probable. [KSS] is determined via the mathematical analysis of the similarity of the graphs of patient and standard processes. The greater the similarity between them, the less [KSS]. Ideally similar graphs must have a coefficient of 0, 000. [KSS] from 0, 425 to 0, 750 - 60% of authenticity.

To compare the graphs of patient and standards is possible on the table in the upper right-hand corner of window. The graphs of patient (violet and yellow) are designated by thin lines, while the graphs of standard processes dark-blue and red - by thick lines.

In order to determine the authenticity of diagnosis, the degree of the development of process and its dynamics, are conducted the determination OF [KSS] of the diagnosis before and after of fine adjustment, the entropy analysis (ЭА) of this process also before and after of fine adjustment. If you decided to introduce diagnosis beside the epicrisis, press key IN THE PRESS. It is possible to harvest key EPICRISIS for checking the presence of diagnosis. Finished epicrisis you correct at the end works.

Biochemical indices are determined before the group BIOCHEMICAL HOMEOSTASIS with the use of NLS- analysis.

Determination of microflora of organ - before the group MICROORGANISMS and HELMINTHS.

The groups are isolated for the selection and the testing: ALLOPATHY - pharmaceutical preparations; HOMEOPATHY - homeopathic medicines; [FITOTERAPIYA] - plant mono-preparations; [NUTRITSEVTIKI] AND [PARAFARMATSEVTIKI] - [BADy] of different firms.

The keys are located above THE LIST OF STANDARDS: [SORTIROVATi] FILTER. If we harvest key TO SORT, then standards will be arranged before the list before the alphabetical order. Key [FILTRispolzuetsya] for the work with the group “Of [nutritsevtiki] and [parafarmatsevtiki]” or with the groups, where are present the preparations of several firms - before the programs with the extended data bases. Key [FILTRvydelyaet] besides the list the preparations of one firm. For this it is necessary to find before the list any preparation of firm, to isolate as far as dark working line and to harvest FILTER. List from the preparations only of this firm will remain.

The selection of preparations is accomplished analogously for the sake of work with the standards. After is noted group or several groups of medicines, before the window THE LIST OF STANDARDS appears the list of preparations before the ascending order [KSS]. The less the coefficient and the higher before the list is arranged the preparation, the better it approaches to patient. However, during the selection of preparations on [KSS] it is necessary to consider that the preparations are selected relative to the existing in patient pathology, without taking into account the degree of the development of process and his dynamics, and also influence beyond the state of other organs. In order to consider these factors and to individualize the designation of preparation, it follows to use [VEGETO]- TEST. [Vegeto]- test can be external and internal.

For the beginning one should tune all those preparations, which you want to [protestirovat]. As far as this you achieve two goals: the first - after fine adjustment preparations before the initial list can be interchanged the position, in the first places the preparations of the more remote part of the list can fall; the second - since after the fine adjustment [KSS] of the tuned preparations they are separated as far as black squares, is formed “list before the list” for the [vegeto]- test.

Then we separate the [testiruemyy] preparation by working line and we press key [VEGETO] TEST. So we enter consecutively with all preparations from “the list the testing”.

To we need estimate the results of [vegeto]- test. This is done before the regime of comparative analysis. After conducting [Vegeto] of the test through the keys OUTPUT and COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS we leave in the comparative analysis.

IT IS IMPORTANT! In order to correctly carry out comparative analysis, it is necessary to find AN INITIAL study of the organ, relative to which it was carried out [vegeto] - test. This study should be noted as far as not simply working line, but it is compulsory by mark. Then it is necessary to harvest key AUTO-SEARCH. Computer will find the first study with the use [vegeto] of test. If everything is made correctly, then there will above to the left be the picture of an initial study of organ, below - picture, after testing (as after use) of preparation. Under the list appears the line, before which is written “strengthening of compensatory reactions down [Kh]%” or “weakening of compensatory reactions on X %”. Phrase “strengthening of compensatory reactions” speaks about an improvement in the state of organ after the application of the [testiruemogo] preparation with the indication of the degree of improvement before the percentages, while phrase “weakening of compensatory reactions” indicates worsening in the state of organ after the application of preparation.

In order to verify the results of testing the following preparation, it is necessary to again harvest key AUTO-SEARCH, working line will move downward, opening the following study, and so forth throughout entire list of the tested preparations.

After conducting [vegeto] - test and the determination of the most necessary preparations should be return down the window of analysis and testing, isolated each of these preparations separately by working line, harvested the key IN THE PRESS, so that the preparation would fall beside the epicrisis. Preparations will be brought in beside the epicrisis separately.

For the open [Vegeto]- test (with the tablet or by the foodstuff, which we we place beside the bioresonance camera or “container”), before the window ANALYSIS (with the large picture) we find key [VEGETO] - TEST. (Work it is possible only the case, if beside the window ANALYSIS they entered from the window CARD INDEX). Appears table [VEGETO] TEST, before it the command “to introduce the name of the [testiruemogo] preparation” we introduce name, we press [ok]., then we conduct the evaluation of results before THE COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS.

To the right before the window OF ANALYSIS and TESTING is a window with the table, before which are arranged the graphs of patient and standard. To the right of tables are located the keys, which do not have practical value for diagnostics.

Window “THE DESCRIPTION OF STANDARD” contains the description of standard - disease, microorganism, preparation. If it empty, then the description of standard was not introduced beside the data base.

Keys TO TUNE and TO TUNE EVERYTHING - make the fine adjustment of standards;

key NLS- analysis and STANDARD- OBJECT include the appropriate regimes of analysis.

When the determination of diagnosis and testing preparations is finished, we leave conversely (2 keys OUTPUT).

This work is accomplished relative to each investigated organ. New organ is selected from the list, we note by working line and we repeat entire procedure.

The preparations of general action (vitamins, antioxidants) it is possible to try to select and to [protestirovat] on a study THE HUMAN BODY. It reflects the basic nucleus of pathology and it makes it possible to select the base diagram of treatment.


When analysis and testing are finished, we shape the results of the work in the form of epicrisis and printouts of the pictures of problematic organs before the window OF A STUDY. If for the formulation of conclusion we use finished blocks from the base of data of program, it is possible to enlarge conclusion, after finishing printing the precise formulations, the dosage of preparations. We press key THE EPICRISIS above the list and it is inserted addition.

Then we shut this window. We give the task to printer at the point of the printout of pictures. 4 pictures can be printed on one sheet. We note the necessary quantity of pictures by marks. We press PRESS. We print epicrisis after correcting.

Against the beginning of the forming of epicrisis we add diagnoses, and at the end - we remove “excess” diagnoses, and we change some. It is necessary to consider that standards before the program it is considerably less than the existing diseases; therefore some problems of patient can be designated incorrectly because of the absence of necessary standard. Problem can be noted about the principle “down [bezrybe] and cancer fish”. I.e., computer based on the existing list of diagnoses selects standard, from its point of view, most being suitable, but from the point of view of doctor not correct. In similar cases possibly, evaluating entire existing information about the patient (anamnesis, marks, drawing), to establish, as problem in reality is called. But sometimes it is possible to only note that before certain tissue of certain organ are sharp or chronic changes, but to specifically name the problem on the basis of data of computer, even using clinical thinking, cannot. It is not necessary to forget, that the authenticity of this method 80-90%, i.e. before 10-20% of cases of problem they can be not discovered or named incorrectly. After finishing work, we press before the window CARD INDEX OUTPUT.
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