Oriental Contributions and Discoveries

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Oriental Contributions and Discoveries

  • It is well known that China is the source of many wonderful and useful inventions. There are many Chinese inventions and developments that were not known to or adopted by the European world for many decades and sometimes centuries after they were common place in China. We take a lot of things for granted in the modern world. As time progresses, it becomes easier to overlook the contributions of those who came before us. Ancient inventions from the Chinese have so greatly accelerated human progress that everything following them seems to be built on the foundation that was provided by these early inventions.
  • Ten of the most useful contributions or inventions created by the Chinese porcelain, which is a very specific kind of ceramic produced by the extreme temperatures of a kiln, the seed drill, which is used to plant seeds into the soil and cover it, the mechanical clock, and gun powder. Other significant contributions from the ancient Chinese include the compass, paper, the harness for horses, iron plows, and row planting. The Chinese invented paper money at the end of the eighth or beginning of the ninth century AD. Its original name was ‘flying money’ because it was so light and could blow out of one’s hand. The first paper money was more of a draft rather than real money.
  • A merchant could deposit his cash in the capital, receiving a paper certificate which he could then exchange for cash in the provinces. This private merchant enterprise was quickly taken over by the government in 812. The technique was then used for the forwarding of local taxes and revenues to the capital. Paper exchange certificates were also able to be used due to the invention of paper money. These were issued by government officials in the capital and were redeemable elsewhere in commodities such as salt and tea. Paper money was a great invention. Papermaking, gunpowder, printing, and the compass are four ancient inventions by Chinese people that are the most innovative and that have had a huge impact on the entire world. 
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