Ron clark story

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I saw this movie when it broad casted in one channel on TV. I didn't know what to expect but, as a fan of friends that I am, i chose to look at it even though i missed the beginning.

The movie is about Ron Clark casted by Matthew Perry who took on a class in Brooklyn NY. In the beginning the kids had a pretty hard time accepting Mr. Clark and did all kind of annoying things just to break him, but after a while they accepted him one by one and they all started to love him instead of hating, and they also learned how to like school and like to learn something by pleasure. At first not only kids but also their parents were apathetic about their children's education. But after Ron Clark motivated them and encouraged kids that they were able to study well and learn anything, parents also got proud of their children and trusted in Clark's words. In the end of the movie pupils were the best class at school. What's more they showed best exam results in the state.

I have plans to be a future teacher one day, and I can just say that this movie made me want to be a teacher even more, to see the joy in the kids' eyes when they respect how you teach them in all kind of different ways just makes me happy.

I really recommend this movie, it's fun, it's sad and it's just overall a great movie.

Yüklə 8,22 Kb.

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