Royal museums greenwich: Biographical Details Dr Kevin Fewster, Director, Royal Museums Greenwich

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Dr Kevin Fewster, Director, Royal Museums Greenwich

Appointed as Director of the National Maritime Museum in September 2007. From January 2012 his title changed to Director, Royal Museums Greenwich (RMG), the collective name for the National Maritime Museum, the Royal Observatory Greenwich, the Queen’s House and the Cutty Sark historic ship. RMG sits within the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site and is the world’s pre-eminent and most visited maritime museum.

Before coming to the UK Kevin was Director of the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, 2000-2007. Prior to this, he was the inaugural Director of both the Australian National Maritime Museum, 1989-1999, and the South Australian Maritime Museum, 1984-1989. He is currently President of the International Congress of Maritime Museums, a position he also held from 1996-99. Other Honorary roles include Chairman of the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site Executive; board member of the Royal Greenwich Destination Management Company; member of the National Museum Directors Council and Chairman, UK Maritime Heritage Forum.

Previously, Kevin taught at the University of New South Wales, RMC Duntroon (Canberra) and Monash University (Melbourne). He holds a PhD from the University of New South Wales and a BA with Honours from Australian National University, Canberra.  Kevin was made a Member of the Order of Australia in June 2001 for service to museum administration, and to the preservation of maritime history. 

Dr Marek Kukula, Public Astronomer, Royal Observatory Greenwich

Marek completed his doctorate in Radio Astronomy at Jodrell Bank Observatory then carried out postdoctoral research into black holes and galaxy evolution at a number of institutions including the Space Telescope Science Institute, home of the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, and five years as an Advanced Fellow at the University of Edinburgh. He subsequently worked for the University of Edinburgh’s Office of Lifelong Learning as Course Organiser for Science, Archaeology and Computing, and as Project Manager for Researchers in Residence, a UK-wide scheme to train young researchers to work with secondary school pupils. As Public Astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, his role is to ensure that the Observatory's exhibitions and public programmes accurately reflect the latest research and to promote astronomy to the public and media.

Mike Sarna, Director, Programming & Exhibitions

Mike joined Royal Museums Greenwich in July 2012 taking up the lead on the development of our public offer including learning, exhibitions, digital and design. He comes from the Natural History Museum where he was the Head of Interpretation and Design. At NHM he developed a series of award winning exhibitions and managed the museum’s Design Studio. Before coming to the UK he worked for years in Chicago in exhibition and curatorial roles for a range of science and history museums, notably the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago History Museum, and Nature Museum. Mike is a Fellow of the RSA and the Clore Leadership Programme and founded the Sustainable Exhibitions Group.

Robert Edwards, Head of Science Learning & Public Engagement

Studied Applied Biology at Demontfort University in Leicester. In 1994 he moved to London working at the Science Museum as an ‘Explainer’ and remained there until 2004 working his way up the management structure. His final three years at the Science Museum were spent setting up and managing their outreach department. While continuing to work full-time he began studying at night-school for degrees in Biology and Geology at Birkbeck College and University College London graduating with first class honours in 2000. Subsequently he worked as a freelance writer, illustrator and toy designer in his spare time before joining the Museum. He has worked at the NMM for 10 years, was made the head of his own department in 2008 and promoted to the senior management team in 2009. He is currently the manager of a team of 8 astrophysicists, science communicators and educators.

Simon Daniels, Head of Development

Simon joined the Museum in August 2013.  His team is responsible for securing donations and sponsorship from individuals, trusts and foundations, statutory organisations and corporate partners, and for running the Museums membership programme which currently enjoys the support of over 12,000 members.  Prior to joining the Museum, Simon was Head of Development at the Whitechapel Gallery (2012-13) and Trusts and Foundations Manager at Historic Royal Palaces where, amongst other projects, Simon secured many of the major gifts to transform Kensington Palace in 2012.  Simon read music at the University of Edinburgh and completed an M.Phil. at Birmingham University; he remains active playing and performing life outside work.  Simon also holds an MA in Museum Studies from University College London.

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