SəRBƏst iŞ Tələbə: Səma Abdinova Müəllim: Mehriban Hüseynova Fakultə: Təhsil 2

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2. Səma Abdinova, 120A. Etiquette in different countries



Tələbə: Səma Abdinova
Müəllim: Mehriban Hüseynova
Fakultə: Təhsil 2
İxtisas:Xarici dili müəllimliyi (ingilis dili üzrə)
Qrup: 120A
Fənn: Dil bacarıqları
Mövzu: Etiquette in different countries

Etiquette in different countries
Travelling around the world and learning about different cultures, traditions and customs can make a holiday all the more enjoyable, but only if you don’t suffer an embarrassing faux pas. Understanding a little about international etiquette can avoid awkward moments and – more importantly – help you immerse yourself in the local culture to get the best from your travels.
No matter where you travel, it’s good to know some of the cultural norms that can catch travellers by surprise. Did you know, for example, that French manners dictate that both hands should be kept on the table while at a dinner table, with wrists resting on the edge? Place your arms on your lap, and you could inadvertently offend fellow diners. Some international etiquette is practical, while other forms of etiquette are a little on the quirky side. While manners are a crucial part of any travel experience, demonstrating respect for other people’s religious beliefs is important, too. For example, if visiting a Hindu place of worship, it’s gracious to remove your shoes before going inside. Dressing appropriately is courteous as well, so cover shoulders, remove a hat, and wear a long skirt or trousers if that’s what is required when visiting a church, temple, or mosque – or even walking along the streets in some countries. You won’t have to worry too much about knowing international etiquette if you’re travelling on one of our escorted tours with an experienced Tour Manager on hand. They will advise you on local customs and practices, so you can concentrate on enjoying your holiday. Some local knowledge is useful, however, so here are some etiquette tips for worldwide travellers.

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