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TASK: Use the words and expressions in the box to complete the conversation below.

Human: humanus, homo-sapiens, Neanderthal, paleolithic

Environment: biodiversity, flora, pollute

550mln years, change, DNK, fauna

You are probably familiar with the traditional branches of science e.g. chemistry, physics,genetic engineering: the study of the artificial manipulation of the make-up of living things molecular biology: the study of the structure and function of the organic molecules cybernetics: the study of the way information is moved and controlled by the brain or by information technology: the study of technology related to the transfer of information geopolitics: study of the way geographical factors help to explain the basis of the power of nuclear engineering: the study of the way nuclear power can be made useful astrophysics: the application of physical laws and theories to stars and galaxies The verbs in the sentences below are all usefull in scientific contexts He experimented with a number of different materials before finding the right one.

When they were combined, the two chemicals reacted violently with each other.
After analysing the problem, the physicist concluded that there was a flaw in his initial
James Watt invented the steam engine and Alexander Fleming, another Scot, discovered
After switching on the computer, insert a floppy disc into the disc drive.
Phrasal verbs to learn


Phrasal verbs

break down stop working (for a machine, etc)

give off produce sth such as heat or a smell

carry out perform an experiment,etc

narrow down reduce the number of possibilities

come off succeed

plug in connect to the electricity supply

come on develop or make progress

put through connect by phone

come up with think of (an idea, a plan, etc)

turn into change into sth different

cut off stop the supply of sth

turn off stop a machine working

find out discover information, etc

work out find the solution to a problem, etc

Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the gap in the same line. Egypt and South America

There is still no adequate (1) why, several thousand years EXPLAIN
ago, cultures in both Egypt and South America saw the (2) INTRODUCE
of pyramids. Was it coincidence? Many (3) believe that it SCIENCE
was, and state that there is no (4) at all that people from POSSIBLE
two distant continents traded information on (5) techniques. BUILD
However, some (6) theories in recent years, based on the REVOLUTION
(7) that the two cultures also share key myths, legends DISCOVER
and beliefs, suggest that the (8) of pyramids on opposite APPEAR
sides of the world was no coincidence at all. One (9) RESEARCH
working on this, Crystal Davis, said:'The (10) of finding IMPORTANT
out the truth here cannot be exaggerated. It could change our whole understanding of the history of the world.'

Find the extra word in each line
The future
We were discussing about the future in class today. Some people were wondering it whether we would have to live in space when we destroy our own planet. I explained them that the answer lies in technology because scientists are intend to develop forms of energy that will not damage the environment.The problems caused as being a result of technology will be solved by technology. I am look forward to our next discussion.
Complete the following list with the name of the specialists in the particular fields.
science scientist
information technology
civil engineering
Complete using the correct form of the words in the box.
plug • turn . carry . narrow . put . work • come . break
A lorry had .down on the motorway and we had to wait for over an hour.
I have ……it down to two computer games, but I still can't make up my mind.
I wish you would ... the TV off and go outside and get some exercise.
Scientists are trying to out ways to reduce pollution from aircraft.
Tomorrow, we will be.... ..... out an experiment to test this theory.
Who up with the idea of the ball-point pen?
I'll just you through to our research department. Please hold on.
No wonder the vacuum cleaner isn't working. You haven't it in!
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