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Test 2 Answers (http://SocialWorkExam.com)
1.You live in hot and sunny fashionable Winter Park, Florida where most everybody drivers a BMW

and all the kids have plenty of Beanie Babies. You decide to up your rates from the standard $180

an hour to $550, as you figure, well, you're just worth it regardless of what these rich folks can pay

or not. Ethical or Not. ?

Non Ethical - creating a hardship for your personal gain in just not good form

Ethical - IF you can get the DPR to approve the rate hike

Non Ethical - you can't charge more than the going rate for therapy

Ethical, in a free economy, it's whatever the market will bear

2.Drugs that enhance a neurotransmitters effects are referred to as:




3.This individual is most likely to experience depression in the United States:
An individual with a paraphilia

An anorexic woman

A man with a specific phobia

A bulimic man
4.A newly wed couple, Amanda and Stan, come to you after Stan called really shook up. They had

been living together for about 6 months before they got married and for the last two months have

been fighting every day. Both are recovering alcoholics and Stan has hit Amanda a few times the

last month. Stan feels awful about hitting Amanda but she makes him so mad he can't control his

anger. Legally in relationship to the violence perpetrated on Amanda by Stan, what should you do?

You have no legal obligation

Help Amanda with information on domestic violence shelters

Notify the police, get Amanda out of danger

Call the spouse abuse hotline and report Stan

5.All of the following are dissociative disorders except...
dysthymic disorder

depersonalization disorder

multiple personality disorder

dissociative fugue

6.This is a division of the autonomic nervous system which controls the internal organs and is

primarily active when an individual is not in a state of arousal:

Parietal nervous system

Psychoactive nervous system

Sympathetic nervous system

Parasympathetic nervous system

7.This is a chemical which is an important part of the stress response:



8.Which research design would you suggest for research on the effects of growing older on IQ




9.In order to assess the effects of a LSD on the MMPI scores of a patient, MMPI is administered to

one patient at one-week intervals for six months during the baseline phase of the experiment and

for six months during the treatment phase. This research design is:
ABAB design

Multiple baseline design

Ex-post-facto research

Single subject research
10.Based on statistical research, upon first admission to a mental hospital, one is most likely to be

diagnosed with:

Bipolar disorders

Schizoid personality disorder


Schizophrenic reaction
11.Antidepressants are most likely to affect this neurotransmitter:




12.What is the single most significant component necessary for success in consultation?
Both parties feel they are receiving benefit from their transactions

Perceived power to create change

Expertness of the social worker

The relationship
13.Carkuff had as his core conditions that an effective social worker should exhibit:
Concreteness Respect Empathy Genuineness

Rapport, Knowledge, Influence

Power, Intimacy, Intelligence

Warmth, Knowledge, Understanding

14.If a colleague requests a consultation to discuss one of his clients with a problem that happens to

be in your area of proficiency, your ethical duties require that:

It is only important that you maintain confidentiality about the identity of the client

Your communication with the colleague does not reveal who his client is

Without actually talking to the client, you are putting yourself in jeopardy

You can not ethically talk with your colleague until you see a signed waiver signed by his client
15.This axis on the DSM-IV is used to categorize physical disorders:



16.When a homosexual client expresses a desire to consult a homosexual social worker, you, as the

present social worker and a heterosexual, might want to:

Reassure the client and continue therapy

Explore the client’s reasons

Refer the client to a homosexual social worker

Terminate the relationship
17.This is the fear of being outside of one's home:

Social phobia

House phobia


18.These are pain killers produced within the body of human beings:
Ethanol and ACTH

Enkephalins and endorphins

Dopamine and seratonin

Acetylcholine and GABA
19.One of the differences between humanistic and cognitive modes of treatment is that cognitive


Do not show unconditional positive regard

Use a client-centered approach

Tend to be more directive

Tend to focus on the past

20.Two antipsychotic drugs used for the treatment of schizophrenia are:
Prozac and wellbutrin

MAO inhibitors and lithium

Lithium and prozac

Chlorpromazine and resiprin

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