The graph shows how 4 university applications changed for 30 years

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The graph shows how 4 university applications changed for 30 years.

Overall it is evident that, comparison between universities, depending on choosing applicants was happened climbing to Atherton university by decreasing Lakewood university from 1980 to 2010.

The university of Lakewood and university of Atherton had been applied numbers of 4000-5000 applicants the earlier in 1980.

But we observed that University of Lakewood dramatically fell until 2010 and also had been rising steadily the University of Atherton until 1995 and accipted more than 6000 applicant also leaved behind yourself rivals.

The Collage of Lindslade had been fluctuated between 1000 and 4000 applications in this time. But University of Alstead level out until 1985 and stayed the same 1985 to 1995 however reached a peak around 6000 in 2000s years. Although this increasing, it was dropped after 5000. As a result we looked over popular universities applications number in recently years.
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