The one who comes in peace

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Imhotep, which means “the one who comes in peace”, has created medicine, pyramids and also made other accomplishments in his life. In my point of view the biggest accomplishment he’s ever made was the time he had to help the Pharaoh’s Great Royal Wife when she was in labor with her baby, Prince Djoser. Luckily he saved the Pharaoh’s wife but Imhotep’s wife was in labor as well. Since Imhotep was not with his wife at that time, she died. After her death, Imhotep had promised he would build a great building over her grave, which he did, the first pyramid at Sakkara. While some still believe Imhotep is a mythological figure, I see him as a historical and legendary person.
I would judge this leader as a great man for finding medicine, helping cure diseases, building pyramids and for just making life a little easier with his advice. History should judge this leader as a man who has helped people then and now by the use of his medicine or remedies that doctors still utilize today.

Yüklə 74 Kb.

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