Town of carlisle for the year ending

Inspector of Plumbing, Gas Piping and Appliances

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Inspector of Plumbing,

Gas Piping and Appliances

James Powderly

Wiring Inspector

Vincent Chant

Inspector of Animals

Lawrence Sorli

Deborah A. Toher
Dog Officer

Robert A. Dennison

Field Driver

Deborah A. Toher

Keeper of Town Flags

Thomas Ratcliffe

Fence Viewer

Lawrence O. Sorli

Keeper of Town Clock

Robert J. Koning, Jr.

Board of Registrars
Elizabeth Bishop Term Expires 2014

Sally Zielinski Term Expires 2013

Cynthia Schweppe Term Expires 2012

Celebrations Committee
Scott Evans Term Expires 2012

Douglas A. G. Stevenson Term Expires 2012

Barbara Culkins Term Expires 2012

Dale Ryder Term Expires 2012

Alan Cameron Term Expires 2012

Father Thomas P. Donohoe (Ex-Officio)

Conservation Commission
Peter Burn, Chairman Term Expires 2012

Kelly J. Guarino Term Expires 2014

J. Thomas Brownrigg Term Expires 2014

Luke Ascolillo Term Expires 2013

Jenifer Bush Term Expires 2013

Debra Kimbrell-Anderson Term Expires 2012

Council on Aging
Elizabeth Bishop, Chair Term Expires 2012

Verna Gilbert Term Expires 2014

Joanne Willens Term Expires 2014

Lillian DeBenedictis Term Expires 2014

Marje Stickler (alternate) Term Expires 2014

Sandra McIlhenny (alternate) Term Expires 2014

Edward Read, Jr. (alternate) Term Expires 2014

Tom Dunkers Term Expires 2013

Jean Sain Term Expires 2013

Jim Elgin Term Expires 2013

Elizabeth Acquaviva Term Expires 2013

Nadine Bishop (alternate) Term Expires 2013

Natalie Ives (alternate) Term Expires 2013

Helen Taylor Term Expires 2012

Abha Singhal Term Expires 2012

Phyllis Goff Term Expires 2012

Finance Committee
Jerome Lerman, Chairman Term Expires 2012

David Model Term Expires 2014

Kevin Perkins Term Expires 2014

David Guarino Term Expires 2013

Michael Bishop Term Expires 2012

Barbara Bjornson Term Expires 2012

David Verrill Term Expires 2012

Historical Commission
Nathan Brown, Chairman (Plan. Board Rep.) Term Expires 2013

Ken Grady Term Expires 2014

Annette Lee (alternate) Term Expires 2014

Neal Emmer Term Expires 2013

Geoffrey Freeman Term Expires 2013

Duncan Grant (alternate) Term Expires 2013

Jack O’Connor Term Expires 2012

Long-Term Capital

Requirements Committee
Donald Rober, Chairman Term Expires 2013

Thornton Ash Term Expires 2012

Jack Kablotsky (School Committee Rep.) Term Expires 2012

Dave Guarino (Finance Committee Rep.) Term Expires 2012

Tom Lane (Planning Board Rep.) Term Expires 2012

Minuteman Regional Vocational

High School Representative

Mariellen Perugini (resigned 10/25/11)

Donald Rober Term Expires 2012
Personnel Board
Diane Makovsky, Chair Term Expires 2013

JoAnn F. Driscoll Term Expires 2013 Sandra Savage Term Expires 2013

Mark Hersey Term Expires 2013
Recreation Commission

Rick Amodei, Chairman Term Expires 2012

Kevin T. Smith Term Expires 2014

Noreen Ma Term Expires 2013

Mark F. Spears Term Expires 2012 David Moreau Term Expires 2012

School Building Committee
Edward (Lee) Storrs, Chairman Term Expires 2012

Robert Pauplis Term Expires 2012

Don Rober Term Expires 2012

Ingo Szegvari Term Expires 2012 William Risso Term Expires 2012 Douglas Stevenson Term Expires 2012

Larry Barton Term Expires 2012

Janne Corneil Term Expires 2012

Joyce Mehaffey Term Expires 2012

Timothy Goddard Term Expires 2012

William Fink Term Expires 2012

Robert Wiggins Term Expires 2012

Linda Vanaria Term Expires 2012
Trails Committee
Henry Cox, Chairman Term Expires 2012

George Fardy Term Expires 2014 Berton Willard Term Expires 2014

Kevin C. Smith Term Expires 2013

Stephen P. Tobin Term Expires 2013

Louise Hara Term Expires 2013

Marc Lamere Term Expires 2012

Veteran’s Agent
Kenneth L. Buffum Term Expires 2012

Youth Commission
Pliny Jewel, Chairman Term Expires 2012

Phil Lotane, co-chairman Term Expires 2012

Dawn Hatch Term Expires 2014

Nicole Pinard Term Expires 2013

Thomas Radcliffe Term Expires 2013

Ray Jimenez Term Expires 2012

Zoning Board of Appeals
Kevin T. Smith, Chairman Term Expires 2014

Emmanuel Crespo, (alternate) Term Expires 2014

Lisa Davis Lewis (alternate) Term Expires 2013

Martin Galligan, (alternate) Term Expires 2012

Edward G. Rolfe Term Expires 2012

Audit Committee
Simon Platt Term Expires 2012

Debra Belanger Term Expires 2013

Cable Advisory Committee
William R. Tice, Jr. Term Expires 2012

Justin Romeo Term Expires 2012

Michael Tattersall Term Expires 2012

Carlisle Affordable

Housing Trust
John D. Williams Term Expires 2012

Timothy F. Hult Term Expires 2012

Peter Scavongelli Term Expires 2012

Douglas A. G. Stevenson Term Expires 2012

John Gorecki Term Expires 2012

James G. Bohn Term Expires 2012

Greg D. Peterson Term Expires 2012

Community Preservation Committee

Julia Lavely Term Expires 2012

Luke Ascolillo Term Expires 2012 Steven Pearlman Term Expires 2012 Jeffrey P. Johnson Term Expires 2012 Ken Grady Term Expires 2012

John Williams Term Expires 2012

Mark Spears Term Expires 2012

Conservation Restriction

Advisory Committee
John Keating, Chair Term Expires 2012

Jenifer Bush Term Expires 2012

Wayne Davis Term Expires 2012

Ken Harte Term Expires 2012

Marc Lamere Term Expires 2012

Elisabeth Carpenter Term Expires 2012

Carolyn Kiely Term Expires 2012

Cultural Council
Patricia Koenitzer, Chair Term Expires 2013

Kathy Coughlin-Horvath Term Expires 2013

Lura Taylor Term Expires 2012

Roslyn Taylor Term Expires 2012

Abigail Carr Term Expires 2012

Susan Bacher Term Expires 2013

Energy Task Force
Dan Cook, Chairman Term Expires 2012

John Luther Term Expires 2012

Steve Hinton Term Expires 2012

Basu Sarkar Term Expires 2012

Helen Young Term Expires 2012

Andrew Barlow Term Expires 2012

Robert Clarke Term Expires 2012
Highland Building

Stabilization Committee
Peter Scavongelli, Chairman Term Expires 2012

Nathan Brown Term Expires 2012

Alan Carpenito Term Expires 2012

John Ballantine Term Expires 2012

Robert Hilton Term Expires 2012

William Fink Term Expires 2012

Mary Storrs Term Expires 2012
Household Recycling


Robert Peary, Chairman Term Expires 2012

Daniel Scholten Term Expires 2012

Robert Wallhagen Term Expires 2012

Launa Zimmaro Term Expires 2012

Amy Jolly Term Expires 2012

Gary Davis
Land Stewardship


Debby Geltner, Chair Term Expires 2012

Timothy Donohue, Co-Chair Term Expires 2012

Elisabeth Carpenter Term Expires 2012

Dwight DeMay Term Expires 2012

Lynn Knight Term Expires 2012

Elizabeth Loutrel Term Expires 2012

Warren Lyman Term Expires 2012

Scholarship Advisory


Diane Powers, Chair Term Expires 2014

Michael Fitzgerald Term Expires 2014

Sally Coulter Term Expires 2014

Senior Tax Advisory


Larry Barton Term Expires 2012

Melissa Stamp Term Expires 2012

Debra Siriani Term Expires 2012

Angela Smith Term Expires 2012

Nadine Bishop Term Expires 2012

Barbara Culkins Term Expires 2012



John C. Fisher Chief of Police

Leo T. Crowe Lieutenant

Thomas Whelan Sergeant

Scott Barnes Sergeant

Andrew Booth Inspector

Richard C. Tornquist Patrol Officer

Stephen M. Mack Patrol Officer

Paul Smith Patrol Officer

Ronald Holsinger Patrol Officer

Steven F. Otto

Mark A. Schofield

Royce Taylor IV

Debra Saponaro

William Burgess

William Ahern

Richard Hodgson

Michael Bordenca

Jeffrey Melisi

Christian Seminatore

John C. Fisher

Leo T. Crowe

Scott Barnes
Business Telephone: 978-369-1442

Fire Prevention Office: 978-287-0072
Fire Chief - David R. Flannery, EMT

Deputy Fire Chief - Jonathan C. White, EMT

Captain - J.J. Supple, EMT

Lieutenant - Robert J. Koning, Jr.

Lieutenant - Robert E. Trainor, Jr., EMT

John J. Bakewell, EMT

Thomas J. Bishop, EMT

Lloyd A. Burke

Robert E. Dennison

George D.P. Middleton, EMT

David P. Moseley –EMS Coordinator

Burt L. Rubenstein, EMT

Frank W. Sargent, EMT

Bryan B. Sorrows, EMT

Kevin D. Stacey

Douglas A.G. Stevenson

Matthew T. Svatek, EMT


John C. Bernardin

Kevin T. Brown

John G. D’Auria EMT

Charles W. Farrow

William J. Ho, EMT

Paul D. Martin, EMT (leave of absence 4/11/11)

Erik D. Moseley, EMT

Peter W. Nash, EMT

David A. Newman, EMT

Richard W. Sibley (leave of absence 8/24/11- returned 12/14/11)

Mark D. Snay, EMT (appointed 6/22/11)

Kevin G. Walker (resigned 5/18/11)


Michael Taplin – Dispatch Manager

Jack Greenhow

Kirk Bishop

Sandra Vecchio

Ronald Sawyer

The duties of the Town Clerk are directed by 73 Chapters and 451 Statutes of Massachusetts General Law (MGL). In addition, the wishes of the Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, and Finance Committee are followed whenever possible, so long as they do not run counter to MGL. The Town Clerk interacts with all of Carlisle’s town boards and committees as well as several state agencies on a regular basis. The Elections Division of the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, the Ethics Department of the Attorney General’s Office, and the Vital Records Division of the Department of Public Health are the groups we are in contact with most frequently. The Town Clerk is also the Chief Election Officer for the town of Carlisle and a member of the Board of Registrars of Voters. In Carlisle, the Town Clerk’s position is elected and in my opinion, this is valuable since it allows the residents of Carlisle to have a direct influence on who is handling the day to day activities of this office. I am extremely proud and grateful to have served the town in this position since 2003.

In addition to running all state and town elections, maintaining voter registrations, nomination papers, petitions and campaign finance reporting, the Town Clerk's office is responsible for dog licensing, maintaining vital records (birth, marriage, death), business certificates, raffle permits, administering the oath of office to all elected and appointed officials, filings for the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals, annual town census, collection of fines (dog, and marijuana violations), preparing and maintaining copies of Cemetery Deeds and Interment records for the Green Cemetery, as well as keeping historical records of interments in the old Town Cemetery. The Town Clerk also manages the setup and operation of Town Meetings including the accurate check-in of voters, arranging for sound technicians and recordings of the meetings, scheduling and training tellers and other staff, taking minutes and providing certifications of all decisions made at Town Meetings.

Another responsibility includes implementing the Open Meeting Law and the Ethics Law requirements that went into effect in 2010. Every municipal employee and official must receive a summary of the Ethics Law annually and provide the clerk with documentation that he/she has received the summary. Every other year municipal employees and officials must take an online educational training and provide a certificate of completion to the Town Clerk. All of this paper work is retained for a minimum of six years.

Volunteers are also an integral part of the office. Election Wardens Kerri Piette and Rochelle Landon assist with running the Town and State Elections and have done a superb job of recruiting a large staff of volunteers who work tirelessly during our elections and often stay on into the evenings to count the hand marked paper ballots. Their organization and dedication are superior and everyone’s willingness to participate in the elections process makes it possible for the Town of Carlisle to meet the rigorous state requirements surrounding elections. Many of these same volunteers as well as a few extras, also help at Town Meetings, checking in voters, assisting them with handouts and directions, working as tellers when hand counts of votes are required and cleaning up the auditorium, cafeteria and lobby after Town Meeting has ended.

In addition, my senior tax workers, Vallabh Sarma, Al Powers, Sandy Savage and Ed Fields put in very long hours assisting me in the Town Clerk’s Office. They spent countless hours opening the new Town Census envelopes and sorting the materials so we can process the information most efficiently. With close to 1900 forms being sent out, this was a huge task and their industrious efforts are greatly appreciated. Other tasks range from completing Dog Tag certificates, organizing and filing a wide variety of papers from ethics tests to open meeting law confirmations, assembling voter check-in and check-out books and various assignments. Their willingness to help and thoroughness of tasks is truly remarkable.

Irene Blake, my former assistant who retired last year has come back to help in the office on a volunteer basis out of the goodness of her heart. She has filled in when we have attended conferences and trainings and at other times when we were extremely busy. It is always gratifying to have people who are willing to help the town despite their own busy schedules.

Finally, Cynthia Schweppe, Liz Bishop, and Sally Zielinski, the other three members of the Board of Registrars, have also put in many hours of valuable service confirming voters’ names on absentee ballots and petitions as well as providing support during elections, town meetings, census time and just about any other task asked of them.

The level of volunteer support in this office is amazing and I am incredibly appreciative for all the help I receive. With the lean budgets we are all working under, it would simply not be possible to complete the tasks required without this significant level of volunteer support and hopefully the volunteers are enjoying a level of satisfaction knowing how important their help is to this town. I am so very proud to have this tremendous group of workers and I extend my heartfelt thanks each and every person who has helped me over the years.


Place of Place of

Date Marriage Names Residence

May 27, 2011 Waltham David Irwin Maynard, MA

Mandy Lane Maynard, MA

May 28, 2011 Carlisle Matthew R. Aeschliman Carlisle, MA

Kathleen S. Bond Carlisle, MA

May 28, 2011 Bolton Benjamin Gould Winooski, VT

Margaret Frye Winooski, VT

May 28, 2011 Carlisle Stephanie Christine Nagle Baltimore, MD

Christopher David Emmens Baltimore, MD

June 4, 2011 Carlisle Thida Prete Carlisle,

Tony Ly Waltham

June 18, 2011 Newton Phoebe Winslow Booth Chicago, IL

Spencer Pillsbury DePree Chicago, IL

June 25, 2011 Carlisle Gary Koepke Carlisle, MA

Alison Madeleine Storry Carlisle, MA

July 9, 2011 Lincoln Elisabeth Barrie Brandt Las Vegas, NV

Jason Michael Trainor Las Vegas, NV

July 16, 2011 Boston Edward Jason Olebe New York, NY

Swati Mahesh Ganmukhi New York, NY

August 6, 2011 Chelmsford Sara Rodenas Martinez Worcester,MA

Brian Casey Billerica, MA

August 13, 2011 Boston Daniel Baillie Opperthauser Brooklyn, NY

Marianne Rita Palasek Brooklyn, NY

August 20, 2011 Carlisle Albert Edward Kennedy III Carlisle, MA

Elena Maria Quintiliani Worcester, MA

August 21, 2011 Carlisle Susan Mary Goehring Bethel, VT

Timothy James Bailey Astoria, NY

September 4, 2011 Rockport Joanna Natalia Bajsa Carlisle, MA

Michael James Hirschel Carlisle, MA

October 15, 2011 Wellesley Mary Elizabeth Quirk Brooklyn, NY

Sydney Archibald Vincent Wolfe Brooklyn, NY

November 12, 2011 Carlisle David R. LePere Carlisle, MA Thomas H. Woodward Carlisle, MA

There were 23 births recorded in 2011. In accordance with Chapter 431 of the Acts of 1991, the disclosure of names of children and their dates of birth is now prohibited


Date of Death Name Age
January 20, 2011 Leo Francis Collins 79

January 28, 2011 David Joel Rosenstein 74

April 8, 2011 Walter A. Jones, Jr. 63

June 8, 2011 Vicki Greenwood 56

June 15, 2011 Gerald Reade McCully 82

June 25, 2011 Gizella Erny 91

August 12, 2011 Mary Thompson 92

August 15, 2011 John Francis Sefton 72

September 21, 2011 Prescott Behn 83

October 31, 2011 Robert J. Gladstone 70

Name Age Date of Death Date of Interment
William Eli Morgan, IV 29 February 2, 2011 April 2, 2011

Lauretta E. Crombie 86 January 30, 2011 April 8, 2011

Victoria Perry 42 March 29, 2011 April 8, 2011

Max Cauthen Adams 78 December 21, 2010 April 16, 2011

Barbara F. Humes 87 January 24, 2011 April 16, 2011

Matthew N. Kenney 29 April 28, 2011 May 6, 2011

Gladys Delores Pannell 93 January 19, 2011 June 18, 2011

Gerald R. McCully 82 June 15, 2011 June 20, 2011

Santina O. Hack 100 June 18, 2011 June 25, 2011

Douglas MacNevin Surgenor 93 August 6, 2011 Aug. 29, 2011

Robert Henry Hack 97 September 4, 2011 Sept. 6, 2011

Frances H. Lapham 84 September 11, 2011 Sept. 25, 2011

Prescott Behn 83 September 21, 2011 Oct. 1, 2011

Paul Kimball Swanson 83 September 3, 2011 Oct. 15, 2011

Arie Anderson 97 September 25, 2011 Oct. 17, 2011

Charles L. Shackleford 69 November 3, 2011 Nov. 19, 2011

Mildred Swanson 82 November 29, 2011 Dec. 2, 2011
Number Type Unit Cost Total

16 F-1 Resident Fishing $28.50 $456.00

2 F-2 Fishing (Minor) $12.50 $25.00

6 F-3 Resident Fishing (65-69) $17.25 $103.50

7 F-4 Resident Fishing (age 70+) -0- -0-

1 F-6 Non-Resident Fishing $38.50 $38.50

1 T-1 Trapping $36.50 $36.00

3 S-1 Sporting $46.00 $138.00

1 S-2 Sporting (65-69) $26.00 $26.00

5 S-3 Sporting (age 70+) -0- -0-

5 Resident Primitive Firearms Stamp $5.10 $25.50

9 Resident Archery Stamp $5.10 $45.90

3 Resident Waterfowl Stamp $5.00 $15.00

52 Wildlife Conservation Stamp $5.00 $260.00

Number Type Unit Cost Total Cost

669 Neutered/Spayed $10.00 $6,690.00

47 Male/Female $15.00 $705.00

6 Kennels – 4 dogs or fewer $35.00 $210.00

3 Kennels – 5 to 10 dogs $75.00 $225.00

2 Kennels – over 10 dogs $100.00 $200.00

10 Fines $20.00 $200.00



Middlesex, ss
To either of the Constables of the Town of Carlisle in the County of Middlesex:
IN THE NAME OF the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you are hereby directed to notify and warn the inhabitants of said Town, qualified to vote in elections and town affairs, to meet at the Corey Building at 150 Church Street in said Carlisle on Monday, the Eleventh of April next, at seven o’clock in the evening, the thereafter continuing from day to day until completed, then and there to act on the following articles:
ARTICLE 1 - Rescission of Community Preservation Act: To see if the Town will vote to rescind the acceptance by the Town of the Community Preservation Act, Sections 3 to 7 of Chapter 44B of Massachusetts General Laws, as set forth below and further to place such rescission if approved by the Town Meeting on the ballot for acceptance by the voters of the Town at the next qualifying Town or State election, or take any other action relative thereto. (BOARD OF SELECTMEN)
ARTICLE 2 – Increase CPA Surcharge: To see if the Town will vote to amend the vote taken under Article 1 of the Special Town Meeting held on April 10, 2001, to increase from two percent (2%) to three percent (3%) the surcharge authorized thereunder, as provided in M.G.L. c.44B, §§3 and 16(a), or take any action relative thereto. (BOARD OF SELECTMEN) on behalf of Citizens)
And you are directed to serve this warrant by posting a true and attested copy thereof at the Town Hall and at the Post Office in said Town of Carlisle at least fourteen days prior to the time of holding said meeting.
THEREOF FAIL NOT and make return of the warrant, with you doings thereon, to the Town Clerk, at the time and place of holding the meeting aforesaid.
Given under our hands this 22nd day of March in the Year of Our Lord 2011.

John D. Williams

Douglas A. G. Stevenson

William R. Tice, Jr.

Peter Scavongelli

John Gorecki

A True Copy

Attest: Lt Leo T. Crowe, Constable

PURSUANT TO THE WITHIN WARRANT, I have notified and warned the inhabitants of the Town of Carlisle by posting up attested copies of the same at the United States Post Office, the Gleason Library and the Town Bulletin Board in said town at least fourteen (14) days before the date of the meeting, as within directed.
Lt. Leo T. Crowe, Constable of Carlisle
Date Posted: March 23, 2011

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