Ultrasonic-Assisted Wound Debridement (uaw)

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Thorough and selective.

Ultrasonic-Assisted Wound 

Debridement (UAW).




Chronic wounds

  Leg ulcers

  Diabetic foot

  Pressure ulcers 


Acute wounds

  Infected wounds

  Accident wounds


  Post-oP wounds

For chronic and acute wounds: 

effective removal of biofilms and 

non-viable tissue.

UAW is a modern procedure for wound debride-

ment and the cleansing of wounds. The targeted 

use of physical effects enables debridement that, 

while convincingly effective, does not damage 

healthy tissue. This makes its use particularly attrac-

tive, for instance, for wound areas that are difficult to 

reach. If fibrin tissue or biofilms form anew in chro-

nic wounds, these can be regularly and completely 

removed with UAW during the course of periodic 

wound  cleansing.  Thorough  biofilm  detachment 

makes the procedure highly attractive for use in sep-

tic surgery in such areas as the treatment of infected 

wounds or the preparation of split-skin grafts. 

  Quick and safe handling

 Effective removal of biofilms and devitalised tissue


  Preservation of healthy tissue

  Can be used by doctors and nurses

  Cost-effective thanks to completely reprocessable handpieces

UAW convinces through:

Indicated for a large number of wounds, such as:

Wound prior to UAW ²

Wound after UAW ²

Case example: 

Impressive results.


  Herberger K, Franzke N, Blome C, Kirsten N, Augustin M.: Efficacy, tolerability and patient benefit of ultrasound-assisted  

  wound treatment versus surgical debridement: a randomized clinical study, Dermatology. 2011;222(3):244-9.

²  Source: Comprehensive Wound Center (CWC), University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf 

 Compact generator specifically for 

  wound debridement

  Integrated irrigation pump

  Simple, safe operation

  Presetting of power parameters

  25 kHz working frequency

  Lightweight and ergonomically shaped

  Can be sterilely reprocessed

  three different sonotrodes for the 

  debridement of a range of wounds

Precise, reliable technology from Söring: 

for wound debridement.

Sonoca 185:

 Practical and compact.

UAW handpieces:

 Versatility for a range of wounds.

Spatula sonotrode:  

Used for wounds in difficult-to-reach intermediate 

spaces, such as between the toes

Double-ball sonotrode:  

Debridement of wound pockets

Hoof sonotrode: 

Ideal for wound surfaces

Ultrasonic-Assisted Wound Debridement – 

use of the cavitation effect for debridement and 

the cleansing of wounds.

Ultrasonic-Assisted Wound Debridement (UAW) 

uses the effects of cavitation to selectively debride 

wounds. Cavitation is caused by the vibrations of 

the UAW handpiece at an ultrasonic frequency of 

25 kHz in an irrigation solution (see figure). The vib-

rations of the UAW handpiece are generated by the 

use of an ultrasonic generator and piezo electronics 

in the UAW handpiece. The required irrigation solu-

tion is guided directly through the UAW handpiece.

Cavitation effects occur beneath the sonotrode of 

the UAW handpiece. Devitalised tissue, foreign bo-

dies  and  biofilm  structures  are  removed  by  these 

cavitation effects. They do not, however, have any 

negative impact on healthy tissue which therefore 

remains intact. This means thorough debridement 

is possible without damage to healthy structures, 

which is particularly important for residue-free remo-

val of biofilms, during initial debridement and during 

the course of wound cleansing.

During UAW, the sonotrode vibrates back 

and forth 25,000 times a second.

When the sonotrode moves back, vacuum 

bubbles arise in the irrigation solution (cavitation 


When the sonotrode moves forward again, the bub-

bles implode and generate a strong current which 

removes devitalised tissue and biofilms from the 

wound ground.

© 2013 by Söring

Quick, effective, thorough – UAW, in simple terms:

Ultrasonic-Assisted Wound Debridement – 

impressive in its application.

"In our clinic, UAW is a standardised debridement 

procedure that we have used successfully for many 

years. We achieve excellent results, especially on 

patients with slow-healing, stagnating wounds."

Anke Bültemann, wound expert at AK Hamburg

"We only started using UAW a few months ago 

in Australia. We were amazed at how quickly the 

wounds are cleansed. the tremendous results are 

immediately apparent. We would not want to miss 

UAW during our daily work."

Gillian Butcher, representative for the team of 

nurses and podiatrists at Monash Health, 



„As a microbiologist, I conduct research on the re-

scission and destruction of biofilms. These hamper

the healing of wounds and are, therefore, an impor-

tant clinical issue. I have achieved very promising re-

sults in the detachement of biofilms using ultrasonic


Dr. Holger Rohde, microbiologist at UKE Hamburg

"Wound cleansing with UAW prior to split-skin graf-

ting brings significant advantages in my opinion: The

time period up to grafting is shortened and, in many 

cases, I am able to observe strong stimulation of the 

granulation tissue formation, which has resulted in 

the faster and better growing of mesh grafts."

Dr. med. Nils Haustedt, Schön Clinic Hamburg 


"The outstanding results are immediately visible."

For detailed ordering information, please contact your account manager.

Product overview (brief information)


Article no. 

Sonoca 185 



Article no. 

UAW handpiece, double-ball 


UAW handpiece, hoof 


UAW handpiece, spatula 


UAW handpiece, double-ball, long 



Article no. 

SI trolley 


Instrument cable 


Foot switch, single 


Disposable tube set, single packed 


Disposable tube set, double packed 


UAW handpiece,


SI trolley

Sonoca 185

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