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Importing Tool Information from 

One Existing Sakai Course Site to Another 


When you copy tool information from an existing Sakai course to another, not all the content and 

options are transferred. A good way to verify that students in the new course will be able to 

view all the appropriate files is to 

add someone

 as a student to the new course who does 

not have access to the old course (You may have to 

remove that person

 from the old course.) 

Have that student access the tools in the new course to check for errors. For anyone who has 

access to both courses, such as the instructor, any problems might not be obvious. 

Note that only those with instructor access can import tools from an existing Sakai course. To 

copy a course managed by another instructor, ask that instructor to 

add you

 to his or her course 

with instructor access. 

If you need help copying information from one course to another, feel free to contact the IT Help 

Center. You can schedule an appointment by calling 831-6000 or send questions to

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