What is SeaPort-e? The Virtual syscom’s Enterprise solution to acquire professional, engineering, and support services

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What is SeaPort-e?

  • The Virtual SYSCOM’s Enterprise solution to acquire professional, engineering, and support services

  • Multiple Award Contract (MAC) vehicles awarded to 150 prime contractors, each competing for individual task orders

  • Nationwide contracts, in which requirements are competed in one of seven geographic zones based upon principal place of performance

  • Scope of work includes all service requirements of the Navy

  • Including Award Terms, the period of performance of the MAC is 15 years

  • On-line SeaPort Portal enables electronic requirement determination, solicitation, source selection, and task order administration, anywhere in world



  • Common acquisition processes and policy across the Navy

  • Leverage buying power

  • Rolling Admissions provisions provides opportunity for renewal

  • Centralized program administration, decentralized execution

  • Strong small business participation

  • Ability to easily set competitions aside for small businesses

  • Electronic review of requirements by Small Business Specialists

  • Electronic, real time reporting and Business Intelligence

Seaport e Advantages The Big Three

  • Cost Savings on services

  • Real-time insight into spend

  • Process efficiency

SeaPort Process

How does SeaPort work?

Current Spend

  • 149 primes, 68% are Small Businesses

  • 135 Task Orders Awarded as of 7 Mar 2005

  • 49 of 149 primes have been awarded TOs

  • Total Potential Value $1.1B, $133M Obligated

  • 134 TOs In pipeline, Average cycle time 54 days

  • Small Biz: 33% TOs, 38% $Potential, 28% $Obl

Rolling Admissions

  • The Virtual SYSCOM, USMC, SSP, and MSC will be included as new ordering offices in next Rolling Admissions competition

  • Contract contains a provision to allow new contractors to become Primes through the issuance of a new solicitation, substantially the same as the original

  • Use by the Virtual SYSCOM will be mandatory for Engineering, Program Management, and Financial services, and encouraged for other areas

  • Outreach efforts/Industry Briefs are currently underway

Rolling Admission Schedule

  • Dec 2004 Draft RFP issued

  • 1 Mar 2005 RFP issued

  • 1 Apr 2005 Proposals Due

  • Apr 2005 Evaluation

  • May 2005 Awards

NAVSUP Activities by Zone

  • Northeast Zone

    • FISC Norfolk Det Philadelphia
  • National Capital Zone

    • FISC Norfolk Det Washington
  • Mid-Atlantic Zone

    • FISC Norfolk

NAVAIR Activities by Zone

SPAWAR Activities by Zone

  • 1-Northeast Zone SPAWAR System Center Det Philadelphia

  • 2-National Capitol Zone SPAWAR Space Field Activity

  • 3-Mid-Atlantic Zone SPAWAR System Center Charleston SPAWAR System Center  Norfolk Office

  • 4-Gulf Coast Zone SPAWAR System Center Charleston - Pensacola Office SPAWAR Information Technology Center

  • 6-Southwest Zone SPAWAR System Command SPAWAR System Center San Diego SPAWAR Systems Activity Pacific

SSP Activities by Zone

  • 2 - National Capitol Zone SSP Headquarters

  • 4 - Gulf Coast Zone Strategic Weapons Facility, Atlantic

  • 7 - Northwest

    • Strategic Weapons Facility, Pacific


  • Constant contact with industry and Government

    • e-pco@seaport.navy.mil or www.seaport.navy.mil
    • Brief to Secretary Young – Very Supportive of the AS
  • Industry outreach events

    • NAVAIR industry day 350+ attended Dec 2004
    • SPAWAR industry days 400+ attended Jan 2005
    • NAVSEA industry days 400+ attended Dec-Jan
    • Additional events at local sites
  • 1102 outreach

    • SPAWAR, FISC San Diego, SSP
  • All significant events posted in portal and on FBO

  • Press coverage

    • Local papers, NAVSEA publications, “doing business with” web sites, especially SADBU outreach portals

Training and Registration

  • Jan 2005 VSC Data Call

    • # of users
    • Training locations and dates desired
    • Help desk times
    • # of actions
  • Registering users en masse initially

    • Registration process normally virtual one at a time
  • Assessing speed and capability of portal

    • Will expand as needed
  • Assessing training requirements and laying out options

Portal Overview

  • Created in 2001 for SeaPort and enhanced in 2004 for SeaPort-e

  • Managed by Aquilent

  • Role based permissions - Must register and be approved prior to use

  • Two components:

    • Government Portal
      • Develop requirements, evaluation proposals, and administer Task Orders
    • Industry Portal
      • Identify opportunities, offer proposals, and task order administration

Portal Visits

BASE PERIOD – 5 Years (See Section H Special Provisions)

Award Term Provisions


Page Limitations

Depth and Breadth (Not to exceed 10 pages)

Table A (example) Page 1

Table A (example) Page 2

Management Approach (Not to exceed 5 pages)

Subcontracting, Large Business Only (Not to exceed 10 pages)

Past Performance (No separate submission required)

Price/Cost (Not to exceed 21 pages)


Factors To Be Considered For Award

Evaluation Process

Cost/Price Evaluation

Post Award – Task Order Procedures

Fair Opportunity Procedures

(Cont) Fair Opportunity Procedures

(Cont) Fair Opportunity Procedures


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