Choose and defend your viewpoint. Sometimes people take time to plan their free time activities

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Choose and defend your viewpoint. Sometimes people take time to

Choose and defend your viewpoint. Sometimes people take time to plan their free time activities. Other times, people do not make any plans whatsoever for their leisure time and they do whatever sounds good at the time

ESSAY - 001

Choose and defend your viewpoint. Sometimes people take time to plan their free time activities. Other times, people do not make any plans whatsoever for their leisure time and they do whatever sounds good at the time. In your opinion, is it better to plan free time activities carefully or not to plan them at all. Support your opinion with specific examples and reasons.

There are many people who plan activities for all of their free time. Others, however, never make plans. Both planning activities and not planning anything can have the advantages. In this essay, I am going to explain the advantages of each side and why I think it is better to make plans ahead of time for leisure activities.
Planning activities can be beneficial for many reasons. Most importantly, the person knows what he will do that day. For some people that is necessary so that can relax and enjoy themselves. Every minute of their free time is planned out and they like it that way. People who like to plan do not want to be sitting at home on a Friday night without somewhere to go. One advantage to planning is that you can let others know what you are doing. If you ask a friend to go out later in the week, they have time to make sure they are not busy on that date. If you wait until the last minute to ask people to go with you, they might be busy. When you plan ahead of time, it gives you time to find someone to keep you a company as well as giving others time to clear their schedules. Another advantage to planning ahead is that you can avoid having to events occur on the same night or at least have time to make a decision about which thing to do.
People who do not schedule things could forget about important things or get into a situation where they told two different people that day would be in two different places at the same time. This could be disastrous. There are advantages to not planning ones not limited to doing one thing. For example, imagine that a person who schedules all of his time agree to go to a baseball game that he did not really want to attend. That day, another friend asked him to go to a theatrical play that hes too late to say no to the baseball game. So, he must go to it. He limited his availability, just because he had scheduled his free time early. People who do not schedule their free time in advance can be spontaneous. They can wake up one day and decide to drive to the beach for the weekend. This can make their lives more exciting. Someone who schedules all of his time cannot do this and he can become boring. A person who does not plan his free time cannot have these plans spoilt. If a person plans in advance? that he really loves to attend, he will look for it greatly. Banning? if something happens to make him cancel his plans, he will be very disappointed. Youm going to do in the future. Scheduling my free time is the best way for me to have the best time.
ESSAY - 002

Some people believe that their first impressions of a persons character or nature are accurate and truthful. And those people tend to believe their first impressions. Other people including me, disagree with that point of view for a number of reasons. In this essay, I will discuss the reasons behind both viewpoints supporting my belief that first impressions cannot always be trusted.

First impressions cannot always be trusted. Sometimes people have bad day in which they act out of character. They may be stressed out, angry, sad or just extremely tired. All of these could make a person act differently than he would normally act. For example, a person who lost his job earlier that day might decide go to a bar and drink away his sorrows. Normally this person would not do something like that. But losing the job let him to act in this way. It is easy to see how people can act differently when they are sad. Being angry is another thing that could make someone act out of character. If a women is extremely angry of something, she may act differently toward everyone around her. She might go to work but not speak to any of her co-workers just because she needs time to come down about whatever made her angry in the first place. Sometimes a person wants to make a certain first impression for one reason or another. One time that a person might want to do this for a job interview. I have eventually done it myself. In an interview that I had for a job, I wanted to make the impression that I was outgoing. I knew that the company was going to employ employees who would easily go along with and outgoing. So, at the interview I spoke to everyone, smiled a lot and spoke up when I was asked questions. Sure enough, I was hired. However, in real life Is behavior and it is not right to judge someone without getting to know that person better.
ESSAY - 004
In some peoples well-being that schools cannot and should not ignore its importance in the lives of students. If the students had to do some sort of exercise everyday it would teach them to be healthy. And that it is important to take care of their bodies. The importance of a persons learning. School is where the students go to learn and after school is over they could do activities that require physical exercise. Whatre not going to not matter what anyone says.
ESSAY - 006

Some people love the outdoors while others prefer staying inside. During your leisure time, do you like to go outdoors or spend the time indoors. Why? Support your opinion with specific reasons and examples.

Some people prefer to spend their free time outdoors, others like to spend what leisure time they have inside. This is a personal choice and either is valid. Both have different activities that one can participate in. In this essay, I will discuss some of the things that make either option appealing and argue in favor of spending free time outdoors.
The amount of time people spend outdoors or indoors in their free time has a lot do with the season and what the weather is like. I like to spend most of my free time outdoors when the weather permits. Because I like being in nature and participating in outdoors sports. When Im active which keeps me healthy. Its snowing. These include skiing, snow mobiling and sledding. I love to go downhill very fast on skis or sled. All of these sports are fun to do with friends also. Overall, my favorite part of our being outdoors in winter is the smell of the air which is cold and fresh. Winter is my favorite season because the cold air makes me wake up and feel alive. Also it is my preference to spend my free time outdoors I know there are many reasons why people like to spend what leisure time they have indoors. To many people the extreme weather of the winter and the summer are unappealing. Some do not like the heat of the summer and prefer to stay indoors. A lot of people dont like the cold weather. It is not always easy for people to adjust to these types of weather. In addition, there are certain activities that cannot be done outdoors. If you enjoy these things such as watching TV, playing video games, or playing on the computer, you probably prefer to spend your free time indoors. However, while I like doing these things, I prefer to be outdoors in the fresh air. I think being outdoors is a nice break from being indoors at school or at work. I believe most people spend their free time both indoors and outdoors. Most people like to be outdoors on a nice day and most people like spend some free time indoors doing things they can only do inside, like watching TV, or using the computer. No one can tell you which to prefer but as I have demonstrated I like being outdoors because of the benefits to my health and the pleasure I experience playing sports. I also love beautiful weather and being active.

ESSAY s special needs and the child learn at his own pace. Still, if the student is taught at home, he may not have a lot of social interaction. He may not know how to act when around other children of the same age could be isolated. Students who are home schooled only become exposed to their parents viewpoints and may become close-minded as adults or not understand other people 008

Sometimes people need to complain about poor service or a product that is broken or not working properly. There are people who would rather write a letter than speak with someone in person about their complaint. Which would you rather do? Why? Support your answer with detailed examples.

Sometimes it is necessary for people to complain about a product or a service. Some people think that it is better to complain in writing. Others prefer to complain in person. Both ways are valid and I will discuss why this is so in this essay. I will conclude with why I would rather complain if it were necessary to a company in writing rather than in person.
There are many advantages to complaining in person. If you speak directly to someone youll be able to result your problem immediately. Also, in person, you can explain your position and clear up any misunderstandings that either you or the person receiving your complaint could have. Some people get satisfaction out of complaining to alive person. They like to yell or they feel better after they have said everything. Speaking directly to someone is very personal which makes some people feel more comfortable and relax. Another bonus for some people is that they can be much more forcible in person than in a letter. And it is easier for those who feel this way to make their point and know that it was her. However, it is easy to lose your temper when yous more time to reflect on the situation and make sure that your responses not too emotional. If all of the points are set in a clear manner, the letter will definitely get your message across. In addition, some people are embarrassed or afraid to speak to someone in person. With a letter, the writer is much more anonymous and can feel more secure. If a person chooses to write a letter he can keep a copy of it, so he has the record of a complaint. However, writing letters has its disadvantages. Once the letter is set, you do not know whether the company or person you set it to read or threw it away. The company may not even care about the letter. Also, if thered like to be able to gather my thoughts clearly and know that I 009

Your university must decide whether to buy computers for student use or books for the library. As a student, you would be asked to share your opinion. Would you prefer that your university buy computers or books. Explain your choice using specific details and reasons.

The university that I attend is trying to decide whether to buy computers for the students or books for the library. They have enough money to choose only one of these two options and they want to make the right decision. Is schoolwork would benefit greatly from computers. Computers provide information instantly and the whole world is opened up to students through them. Research can be done on the Internet instead of searching through library which can take a lot of time and often the sources in the library are less current. On the Internet theres money would be better spend on computers, books are also an important resource too, for a college to have. Sometimes books are more credible than information found on the Internet because it is difficult to know where bad information came from. It is true that books are much less expensive than computers. So the school may buy many books than computers. It is good know that the materials teachers assign or write in a library for students to use. And probably, most people would prefer reading from a book to reading from a computer screen. Computer screens have been known to harm people 010

Teachers can lecture 011

Do you think that the land in your country should be kept in its natural condition or should it be used for the development of industrial and housing areas. Explain your answer with specific reasons and details.
The United States of America is a nation that is very industrial because of this, land is being developed and theres population grows, more houses are needed. By developing land, houses can be built to satisfy the growing demand. Also, as the nation grows so do the industries. New businesses are created with the advancements of technology and the development of new products. More industries mean that their needs to be more places for them to go. Businesses and factories need room to be built to expand the nationll run out of natural gas that is used for cars and other transportation. Industries and humans also create toxic waste thats current state the land already developed enough. The economy is doing well there are enough houses. Therefore, it is important to conserve the natural resources and land that we have left. If we do not we could endanger human life because we will not have the resources we need to live.
ESSAY motives of bounding with the person was related to its need for food and care. For man or woman, the relationship may have had its basis in the animals use as a hunter or protector. Yet, there are a plenty of examples where the pet had no obvious use other than to please its owner by its wagging tail or soft fur. There can be no better example of this tie than watching a young child holding a puppy or kitten. The childs worth of hospitals and in mental health facilities with people who have withdrawn from contact with others. What doctors have suspected for years is now being conformed by science. Simply petting a cat or dog lowers the blood pressure and heart rates of people. That same contact has been shown to help people with illnesses like all symage? disease to regain contact with their surroundings. It has also been shown that people who own pets live longer than who do not. The medical benefits of this relationship are still being studied. The relationship between pets and people benefits both. As it has rap recorded history and likely from the very beginning of civilization people are drawn to animals and make them their pets. Then bond that forms between them is often so strong that either master or pet will endanger themselves to protect the other. The pet benefits through the care and love its given and in turn, it repays its master love, affection, loyalty, protection, service, better health and the longer life.
ESSAY s life. Most people want to place where they live to reflect their personalities and individual life styles. City living and living in a small town represent two distinct ways of life which appeal to different types of people based on what they want out of life. Both of these modes of living has its own advantages and disadvantages. What should be explored before deciding where to live? I will consider both options in this essay and conclude the essay with why I believe a small town is the best place to live.
In a big city environment, there are always many things to do. Cities tend to be cultural centers which emphasizes the importance of variety of art, music, food, sports and other attractions. People who live in cities often prefer to be active. They like having something to do or somewhere to go all of the time. Large cities tend to attract people from all over the world because these places are hometown to many businesses and industries. Having so many different people and options gives most big cities a multi type cultural appearance. To meet the demands of all of the people living in a city many businesses and industries are usually looking for many people to work for them. Because they are large, cities can offer a variety of things to do and see but cities also have downside. Cities can often be crowded and dirty compared to more rural areas. Since the population is large in cities there is more violence, crime and drug use. A contrast to cities small towns can be nicer places to live because the pace of life is slower in these areas. It is true that there are not as many cultural sights or places to go when you live in a small town. At the same time, people who live in small towns do not feel rush or that they have to be doing something all of the time. Many people enjoy living in such places because there is a strong sense of community and everyone knows everyone else. The atmosphere is cozy and relaxed. Those who are used to being around large crowds and having great variety of things might find small town life somewhat boring. But it 015

Some people prefer to live in small towns while others choose to live in large cities. Which would you prefer to live in? Explain your reasons for choosing this place.

As cities grow larger more and more people are considering the move from small towns into the cities. Big cities offer their inhabitants many opportunities especially in the areas of career and entertainment. While small towns cannot compete with metropolises in these areas. They do offer several features that make rural living more appealing to people like me. In this essay, I will describe why I would prefer to live in a small town.
First, small towns are generally safer than larger cities. Urban areas with their masses of people crowded together faster crime. In smaller cities where are fewer businesses and everybody knows everybody there are fewer criminal opportunities and few chances of escaping without being recognized. Also, towns generally have fewer problems with gangs and drug transporters - two groups of people who frequently engage in or contribute to crime. Second, small towns are preferable to many people over the life in a big city because they tend to give residents more of a sense of community. People in a big city tend to move more often and be busy over than people in the countryside are. For this reason, residents of urban areas often dont have to fight with traffic or queues. They traditionally close businesses at five or six os people have not only more time with family and friends but also more quality time since they aren 016
Your tax money is spent every year on different things. Would you rather the government spend more of this money on making public transportation better including improving subways, busses and trains or would you prefer the government spend more money on making highways and roads safer and easier to travel on. Be sure to support your essay with clear reasons and specific examples.
Every year our tax money is used by the government on different things to improve the communities we live in. If I had a vote on this issue, I would prefer the government used more money to improve public transportation such as busses, subways and trains instead of spending more on improving roads and highways. In this essay, I will consider the various advantages of the government spending more money on public transportation. I will also discuss why someone might want the government to spend more money on making roads and highways safer and easier to travel on.
There are a number of advantages to the government spending the publict advertising it well or that it isns a waste to have public transportation and not have anyone using it. The city I live in is a good example of this, while our public transportation is convenient the stations are not always clean or safe. Government money could be used to improve the quality of bus and subway stations which would make them more inviting. People would then want to take advantage of these inexpensive, convenient means of travelling. In addition to these advantages, improvements to the public transportation system will make my city more appealing to tourists. There are many exciting things to seeing and doing in my city and a good, safe public transportation system makes visitors feel that they can go anywhere and do anything. They wont have to follow a schedule. You can just walk out of your house whenever yous involved in. Its better to be alone.
In many cases, its always more exciting to be with friends that to be alone whether you are just enjoying a conversation or going somewhere, you are more energetic that when you are alone. If something is bothering you, you can sit alone and worry about it. But friends are always there for you if you need to talk about whatt want to talk to someone about whats important to spend time alone as well as to spend time with friends. Free time should be divided equally between your friends and you. Both ways of spending time benefit your life and help you to keep happy. While I value being able to relax and spend time without anyone bothering me, I also like to get out and do things with other people.

Sometimes in life people select friends who are similar to them. Sometimes they select friends who are nothing like them. Explain the advantages of each choice. Would you rather have a friend who is similar to you or different from you?

Join the course of a persons always nice to know that there is someone you could relate to and who understands you. If a friend does something you are more likely to understand the reasons that your friend did it. Their share of understanding means that similar people will have fewer conflicts about beliefs and what they should do together. For example, both of them could be very outgoing and love going to night-clubs or perhaps they are both shy and would rather go to see a movie or go to a coffee-house. Whatever one suggests, the other is likely to agree to. Overall, a friendship with someone who is similar to you is going to run fairly smoothly.

It is also good, sometimes, to have friends who are different from you. While learning about your friendd like to be able to talk to someone who will understand me. Other times I want to be able to go out and something new. Both kinds of friends are valuable. And I think that it.? for me.

France fascinates me. There is so much to see and do that I could be there for years and not experience everything. My favourite aspect of France is the beautiful castles and cathedrals that are there. I visited France once before and I adored all of the castles that I saw such as Verse. The castles are so magnificent that I could spend hours exploring each one of them and hearing about their histories. Verse includes not only a Gorges Castle but also acquaint village behind it that Marie Ann ??? built
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