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What means of word formation are used to form a new word?

What means of word formation are used to form a new word?

  • plumber
  • carpenter

  • 3. gardener
    4. locksmith
    5. real estate agent
    6. electrician
  • painter
  • housekeeper
  • janitor
  • delivery boy
  • doorman
  • shop worker
  • foreman

What means of word formation are used to form a new word?
1. pharmacist
2. mechanic
3. barber
4. travel agent
5. repairperson 6. tailor
7. greengrocer
8. baker
9. optician
10. hairdresser
11. florist
12. jeweler
13 butcher
• all the lights have suddenly gone out? • your house is on fire? • your hair is getting too long? • your pet cat is unwell? • your car has broken down? • you have lost your way in a foreign city? • you want to register in a hotel? • a filling has come out of your tooth? 
I would contact …
• A good judge should be…. • To my mind a good teacher
should be… • An engineer should be…

some facts about professions

All professions and occupations are divided into 5 types according to the character of work: man-man, man-machines, man-symbols, man-object of art and man-nature.
Social pulls say that the most popular reasons of choosing this or that occupation are: prestigiousness, high salary, interesting work, good working conditions, availability of training. The last place takes the advice of parents or friends.

Why did you choose this kind of professions ?



I think, I can work in the man-man sphere, because I like (prefer, would like, fond of) looking after little children.

Test yourself

Test yourself

Psychologists say that a preferable child’s toy shows his abilities and future profession. Is it true?

If a child prefers to play with puzzles, cubes he is a future mathematician, a programmer, a system administrator or an architect.

If he usually plays with soldiers, he is a future leader.

If he usually plays with cars, he won’t be a leader, he will choose a profession of a worker.

If a child prefers to play with soft toys, it means he has humanitarian abilities. He will become a journalist, social worker or he will study languages.

If his favorite toy is a dinosaurs, he will be good at biology, chemistry or physics.

If a boy often plays with dolls, it is better to consult a psychologist.

If a girl likes to play with “boys’ toys” such as cars, she is very emotional and impulsive.

Mark the boxes from 1 (most important) to 4 (least important). Make sentences and write down them

Why are you learning English? Put a cross (x) in the boxes that best describe your reasons. Make sentences and write down them

  • I want to read books, magazines and newspapers in English. 
  • It is a subject in my curriculum. 
  • It will help me find job. 
  • I want to travel abroad. 
  • I want to study abroad. 
  • I often need to speak with foreigners. 
  • I would like to watch films and TV programs in English.

Which school subjects are the most important in your future profession?

  • Mathematics,
  • History,
  • Physics ,
  • Chemistry,
  • Information Technology,
  • Russian, 
  • Literature.


  • 1.What are you going to do after finishing secondary school?
  • What faculty are you going to study?
  • Which school subjects are the most important for you?
  • Why do you choose this kind of profession?
  • Which skills ARE the most important for you in your future profession?
  • Some facts about profession.
  • Give some examples of profession.
  • English language and YOUR profession.
  • What psychologists say about your favorite toys in childhood.
  • How to be well prepared for your future profession.

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