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(Recommended minimum contents for IPO websites).  The Digital Transformation Task Force 

proposed to take on this work, which requires modifying Task No. 62. 

113.  The CWS approved the proposed modification of Task No. 62, the description of 

which now reads: "Review WIPO Standards: ST.6, ST.8, ST.10, ST.11, ST.15, ST.17, 

ST.18, ST.63 and ST.81, and WIPO Handbook Part 6, in view of electronic publication of 

IP documentation; and propose revisions of those Standards and materials if needed." 

Agenda Item 7 (g):  Report by the Legal Status Task Force (Task No. 47) 

114.  Discussions were based on document CWS/8/19. 

115.  The CWS noted the content of the document, in particular the progress report on Task 

No. 47 by the International Bureau as the leader of Legal Status Task Force.  The Task Force 

intends to continue making targeted adjustments to events in the legal status standards where 

needed, as new issues with IPO mappings and implementations are brought to the Task Force's 


116.  During the session, one delegation proposed adding a clause to the description of Task 

No. 47 reflecting the floor proposal to study merging legal status standards.  Several 

delegations supported this proposal.  

117.  The CWS approved the revision of Task No. 47, the description of which now 

reads: "Ensure the necessary revisions and updates of WIPO Standards ST.27, ST.87, 

and ST.61; prepare supporting materials to assist the use of those Standards in IP 

community; analyze the potential of merging the three standards ST.27, ST.87, and 


page 13 



ST.61; and support the XML4IP Task Force to develop XML components for legal status 

event data." 

118.  The CWS requested the Legal Status Task Force to present a proposal for use of 

reserved characters in WIPO ST.27 at the next session of the CWS. 

Agenda Item 7 (h):  Report by the Trademark Standardization Task Force (Task No.60) 

119.  Discussions were based on document CWS/8/20. 

120.  The CWS noted the content of the document, in particular the progress report on Task 

No. 60 by the International Bureau as the leader of the Trademark Standardization Task Force.  

The Task Force reported on discussions between Task Force Members and the Madrid Working 

Group about issues with INID code 551 for collective, certification, and guarantee marks.  The 

Task Force has not yet reached agreement on what course of action to recommend to the CWS 

for INID code 551 of WIPO Standard ST.60. 

121.  The CWS requested the Task Force to present a recommendation on whether to 

maintain or split INID code 551 for collective, certification, and guarantee marks in WIPO 

Standard ST.60 at the next session of the CWS. 

Agenda Item 7 (i):  Report by the PAPI Task Force (Task No. 52) 

122.  Discussions were based on document CWS/8/21. 

123.  The CWS noted the content of the document, in particular the progress report on Task 

No. 52 by the International Bureau as the leader of the PAPI Task Force.  A revised 

questionnaire was proposed for Part 2 of the survey on public access to patent information 


124.  One delegation proposed adding a new question on whether IPOs  are planning to 

discontinue their Offical Gazette in favor of online publication services.  The International 

Bureau suggested changing the word "planning" to "considering", since planning suggests that 

a definite decision has already been taken.  The delegation supported this change.  The revised 

question reads as follows: 

“Q32. Is your Office / Organization considering to discontinue the official gazettes, and 

instead make related publication data available only via public online services? 


▢ YES, discontinuation of the official gazettes is scheduled or already implemented 

▢ YES, discussions and consideration to discontinue the official gazettes are 


▢ NO, we do not have any plans to discontinue the official gazettes.” 


125.  The CWS approved the questionnaire for Part 2 of the survey, as presented in the 

Annex to document CWS/8/21, with the new question proposed above.  The CWS 

requested the Secretariat to issue a circular inviting IPOs to take part in the survey. 

Agenda Item 8 (a):  Report by the International Bureau on the provision of technical advice and 

assistance for capacity building to industrial property offices in connection with the mandate of 

the CWS 

126.  Discussions were based on document CWS/8/22. 

127.  The CWS noted the content of the document, in particular the 2019 activities of the 

International Bureau, related to providing technical advice and assistance for capacity building 

to IPOs, regarding dissemination of IP standards information. 


page 14 



128.  The CWS also noted that document CWS/8/22 serves as a basis of the relevant report 

presented to the WIPO General Assembly in 2021, as requested at its 40th session in October 

2011 (see paragraph 190 of document WO/GA/40/19). 

Agenda Item 8 (b):  Report on the Annual Technical Reports (ATRs) 

129.  The CWS noted the content of document CWS/8/INF/4, in particular the 2019 activities of 

responding IPOs.  At the seventh session, the CWS requested a proposal to improve ATRs, 

considering the complexity of the questionnaires, the duplication of other WIPO questionnaires, 

and the availability of this information on IPO websites.  The International Bueau did not have 

an opportunity this year to discuss improvements to the ATR process using the ATR channel. 

130.  The CWS noted that the International Bureau intends to present a proposal to improve 

ATRs at its ninth session. 

Agenda Item 8 (c):  Update of WIPO Sequence tool development 

131.  Discussions were based on document CWS/8/INF/5. 

132.  The CWS noted the content of the document, in particular the progress of developing 

WIPO Sequence software tools, which will be used by applicants and Offices around the world 

to author and verify WIPO ST.26-compliant sequence listings.  Version 1.0 of the tools was 

launched on November 4, 2020 on the WIPO website at


Agenda Item 8 (d):  Update of Authority File Web Portal 

133.  Discussions were based on document CWS/8/INF/6. 

134.  The CWS noted the content of the document, in particular the current status of the 

Authority File Web Portal on WIPO website.  Twenty-one Offices currently provide authority file 

data-sets to the International Bureau and a further ten Offices have indicated they will be 

providing this information in the near future.   




[Annex I follows] 









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