Morgellons from Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology (full length video) – YouTube

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From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology (FULL LENGTH VIDEO) – YouTube --------

CDC calls Morgellons’ nanoworms a delusion, protects DARPA


Strange HAARP Lights – Rainbow Clouds over Colorado Springs – Sep 16, 2011


November 7th & 14th, 2013

Mama Bear Jessica Fischer shares her research on How We are All Infected by Chemtrail Fallout Fibers and Blood!

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Be sure to read the documented research notes (below) provided by Jessica and check back next week for REMEDIES to COMBAT CHEMTRAIL FALLOUT which will be first released in the REMNANT RAMBLINGS NEWSLETTER.


Researched and Documented By Jessica Fischer (October, 2013)

Part 1 ~ Notes for November 7, 2013 Remedy Radio Live

It is with a solemn and humble heart that I bring this report to our Hebrew mishpacha, and to any who will listen.  It is my understanding that virtually every single one of us – anyone who lives in a nation that sprays chemtrails[1] over their populace, is now infected with tiny fibers containing foreign blood cells, DNA and nano-technology.  Together, these artificially engineered mechanisms have the capability to deconstruct our bodies at the cellular level and rebuild us according to the will of our adversary, haSatan.

Please read and consider the information that I have assembled below.  My hope is to encourage others to join this investigation so that we can come together as an informed family to understand the times we are in, and the actions we must take. As a disclaimer, I am neither a scientist, nor a theologian.  I am a stay-at-home mother bear, who searches for truth and who is strengthened to stand up against evil in order to protect my cub and to proclaim that as for me and my house, we will serve YaHuWaH and none other.  


Morgellons Disease is a new and little-understood condition that is most commonly identified by red, oozy lesions of the skin.  These sores contain self-replicating fibers, which poke out of the lesions and are able to resist extraction.  Sufferers of this disease can be driven to suicide because of the sensation of fibers moving and growing underneath their skin.  Patients also commonly report the belief that the fibers are alive, acting in unison, and even communicating with them.

Morgellons is a condition so vile and apocryphal, that the CDC refuses to recognize it as a true physical illness.  Despite the existence of physical manifestations, the CDC’s official position is that Morgellons patients are suffering from a psychiatric condition known as “delusional parasitosis” (a mental disorder that causes you to believe that you have bugs or parasites living beneath your skin).

Since learning about chemtrails and Morgellons years ago, I have taken precautions to limit our outside exposure when the chemtrails are visible in the sky.  I tried to take some comfort in the fact that I was at least aware of this danger AND taking what steps I could to minimize the chances of my son and I ever becoming sick. 

Recently, I watched a video, which claimed that we all have the Morgellons fibers in our bodies.  As soon as I heard this, my heart sank and I knew it had to be true.  Of course we all have the fibers, how could we not?  Anyone who lives within reach of the aerosol spray is being covered in these fibers nearly every day.  They penetrate our skin and hair.  We also breathe them in, and ingest them in our food and water.   These fibers blow into our homes every time we open the door.  They come in on our pets and on our clothing, and they infiltrate every space of our lives.

“There is the notion among most people that there are “Morgellons disease”/Chemtrail illness sufferers and the rest of the world.  In other words, unless they are presenting sores, they are unaffected.  Due to the scientific research of Clifford Carnicom, we know this is false.  Mr. Carnicom did many blood tests until he could statistically “push” it out to include every living human on the planet. In other words, EVERYONE he tested had the “fibers” in their blood in varying degrees. He tested enough for the statistical evaluation to be correct.”  — Gwen Scott, N.D. , Morgellons Syndrome/Chemtrail Illness Protocol.


Those who acknowledge Morgellons Disease within the medical community currently rely on the presence of lesions to diagnose the illness.  However, as Clifford Carnicom points out, it is not the presence of LESIONS that should define the illness, but the presence of the FIBERS in the body.  Sofia Smallstorm furthers this notion in her must-see video presentation, “From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life:  The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology” (  In this discussion, Smallstorm proposes that those who are labeled “Morgellons patients” (because of their lesions) may actually just be the few of us whose bodies are responding APPROPRIATELY, by REJECTING the fibrous invaders; whereas the rest of us are all acting as benign hosts to the fibers and allowing them to carry out their malevolent purposes in our bodies. 

My four-year-old son and I both have Morgellons fibers in our bodies. 

Please do as we have done, and conduct these simple at-home tests to see for yourself what is happening to us all:

 1.     Buy the $10 handheld microscope from Radio Shack and examine your skin – arms, fingers, anything.  It may take a while to zero-in on the fibers, but you will see them sticking straight out of your skin.  The fibers will likely be blue, red, black or clear.  WE SHOULD NOT HAVE FIBERS STICKING OUT OF OUR SKIN – THIS IS NOT NORMAL, PEOPLE!  

 2.     After brushing your teeth and rinsing your mouth to ensure that no food particles remain, swish either organic grape juice or red wine in your mouth for 1 minute.  Then spit it onto a white plate or bowl.  You will see little globs of matter.  Upon closer inspection (a microscope helps), you will find that these are fibers.  WE SHOULD NOT HAVE FIBERS COMING OUT OF OUR GUMS – THIS IS NOT NORMAL, PEOPLE!



The FBI has apparently tested Morgellons fibers to see if they match any known fiber in their extensive database.  No matches were found.  Thankfully, many independent researchers have continued to investigate these fibers so we can try to understand what they are, where they are coming from, and what purposes they may serve.  (Sadly, some of these researchers were victims of Morgellons themselves, and have since passed away.)  In short, what has been discovered is that the Morgellons fibers are a super breed of mixed species and advanced technology.  They are a combination of biological and synthetic substances, infused with microscopic machines, known as nano-technology. Below are some the findings of the independent researchers:

  • “The results showed that the fibers were made from human serum albumin (the liquid part of human blood that contains proteins) and cytoskeletal keratin (the stuff our hair and fingernails are made from). That would be expected if these fibers were just fine body hairs or fuzz, but what was making them fluorescent?  Upon further examination, the fluorescent properties were found to come from a soluble substance that contained proteins from some very unusual organisms:

  • a protein found in cow’s milk [casein alpha S1];

  • a bacteria found in sub-tropical water and soil [chromobacterium violaceum];

  • a parasitic protozoa that causes East Coast Fever, usually transmitted through ticks [theileria prava];

  • a rod shaped bacteria that is mobile by moving its flagellum and has been studied extensively in laboratories because of its unusual metabolism [azoarcus]; and

  • a bacteria associated with fermentation that likes salinity [leuconostoc mesenteroides]


All of these organisms have had their DNA sequenced in the last decade, which is quite a coincidence.  So far, if we take the analyses of the fibers as fact, we have a trans-genetic substance that is fluorescent and contains human, bovine (cattle) and bacteria proteins, mysterious and unidentifiable fibers made of polythene that stick through the skin and cause its victims to constantly itch their wounds, and an almost indestructible tube containing a biofilm substance that prevents the skin lesions from healing.” 

  • Researchers also believe that the fibers represent “A communicable nanotechnology invasion of human tissues in the form of self-assembling, self-replicating nano-tubes, nano-wires, nano-arrays with sensors, and other nano configurations, some carrying genetically altered and spliced DNA/RNA.  These nano machines thrive in alkaline pH conditions and use the body’s bio-electric energy and other (unidentified) elements for power.  There is some evidence that these tiny machines possess their own internal batteries.  They are also believed to be able to receive specific tuned microwave, EMF and ELF signals and information.  To what end is not known.”

  • “One medical researcher I worked with told me that the fibers are nuclear envelopes that hold a payload.  In the case of Morgellons fibers that is likely to be nanotechnology materials that self replicate.  In lab testing it was determined to be HDPE or high-density polyethylene with a silicon tip.  Silicon nanotechnology has been identified in my body.” 



In addition to the fibers and a host of other highly toxic ingredients in chemtrail fallout, there is also the presence of red blood cells.  Like the fibers, these red blood cells are also showing up in our bodies.

Clifford Carnicom ( has done extensive research into the subject of chemtrails, Morgellons fibers and the presence of desiccated, or dehydrated red blood cells that are coming from the air and invading our bodies.   Working alongside a medical microscopy professional, Carnicom has made several astounding discoveries regarding this mysterious, airborne blood.

First, these hemoglobin-containing, functional red blood cells have been altered in some way as to preserve them and make them nearly indestructible.  Carnicom both boiled the blood cells in hot water and subjected them to chlorine bleach, neither of which was able to break down the cellular structure.

Secondly, Carnicom found these red blood cells to be of flawless geometric form (perfect circles), unlike any human blood.   The perfect round shape of these blood cells suggests artificial engineering.

Third, Carnicom discovered these same red blood cells coming out of the mouths of those who conduct the grape juice/red wine fiber test.  In other words, the red wine pulls both filaments AND foreign blood cells out of the mouth tissue.  After culturing these fibers and blood cells together, Carnicom noted that the red blood cells began to surround the fibers.  Furthermore, some of fibers appeared to actually CONTAIN the red blood cells inside of them, leading him to believe that the fibers may actually be PRODUCING the red blood cells.  This would be a monumental scientific achievement – because as far as we know, red blood cells can only be produced inside bone marrow.   To see photographs of these microscopic anomalies, visit

Carnicom’s discoveries regarding these blood cells have lead him to ask the following questions:

  • What is material that appears to produce blood cells doing in our bodies?

  • Is it an engineered form of blood?

  • If an engineered form of blood from an outside source is being introduced into our bodies, what is happening to our own blood?

  • Is this an override of some sort?

  • Blood is like a giant taxicab system that carries oxygen and nutrients to our cells.  If an engineered form of blood capable of carrying oxygen is in us – what else is it designed to carry?  Is this a form of technology intended to take over our circulatory system?

Finally, further studies by Carnicom lead him to believe that a Chlamydiae-like organism is linked to the Morgellons fibers, and may be responsible for the destruction of the host’s red blood cells.

Carnicom began to look at blood samples of people with NO SKIN LESIONS or anomalies — in other words, healthy, average people – NOT “Morgellon’s patients.”  He first did a red wine fiber test on each subject, which consistently showed the presence of the fibers in these healthy people’s mouths.  He then looked at a blood sample of each person, and was able to see degrading of the cell walls of the red blood cells.  For each person, the level of degradation of their blood cells corresponded directly to the amount of “anomalous chlamydiae-like structures” that could be seen within, in contact with or adjacent to the blood cells.

Chlamydiae is a bacterium that is most commonly passed by sexual contact.  However, there is also an emergent infectious disease known as nanobacterium, which is known to cause “false positive” results on Chlamydia testings.  It is very possible that the chlamydiae-like organism that is destroying our blood cells is actually nanobacteria.  Nanobacteria are the smallest known self-replicating bacteria – as small as 1/1000th the size of normal bacteria, which allows them to easily penetrate all the cells in our bodies.  When they do invade these cells, the nanobacteria cause an inflammatory response that can kill human tissue and alter our DNA.  Nanobacteria are found in vaccines – specifically those that contain the unclean ingredient, fetal bovine serum (cow blood), which is known to be contaminated with nanobacteria.



It appears that our bodies are being primed for some sort of take over via the reconstruction of our blood and DNA.  Some people believe that this trans-human agenda will be completed through the use of electro-magnetic devices, such as smart meters, televisions and cell phone towers, which are capable of delivering wireless instructions to the machines and organisms that have already been implanted within us.  The ultimate objective of the enemy is only speculation at this point, but what we can know for sure is that just as in the days of Noah, our bloodline and our DNA are once again under attack.

Should we, as YaHuWaH’s people, allow HaSatan to profane our temples and transform us according to HIS will?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!  We are the CALLED-OUT ones.  We are supposed to be a SET-APART nation unto YaHuWaH, no matter whether we are living in times of shalom, or in the Time of Jacob’s Trouble.  Though we are saved through FAITH, it is by our deliberate ACTIONS that we keep ourselves set-apart from the profane and defiled.

These deliberate actions simply involve obeying the written commands of YaHuWaH as given to us in the Scriptures.  If we do this diligently and with wisdom and understanding, then we can be protected – not only from chemtrails, but also from the multitude of other plagues that are creeping in and threatening our way of life.  We need NOT wait for special “end time instructions.”  What was given in the beginning is also for the end.

For example, keeping the Biblical instructions that prohibit the eating of unclean animals (Leviticus 11), mixing species (Leviticus 19:19), and eating blood (Deuteronomy 12:23), offers us a shield of protection against the terrible bodily damage that is being inflicted upon people by things such as vaccinations, genetically modified foods, and chemtrail fallout.  Vaccinations actually violate all three of the laws mentioned

First, they contain ingredients from UNCLEAN animals.  Second, they cause humans to be injected and thereby MIXED with other species including, both clean and unclean animals.  And third, many vaccines contain animal BLOOD, which we are not supposed to take into our bodies.  Externally, when we come into contact with blood or dead flesh, we become unclean and there are rules of protocol to remedy such.  How much more so are we unclean when blood enters the body directly into the bloodstream without the protection barriers of the skin and natural immunity antibodies Elohim created in and on us?!?

For further information on the ingredients and hazards of vaccinations, go to

In addition to protecting us against vaccinations, the Father has also warned us in His Word against eating genetically modified foods.  Eating GMO food violates His timeless prohibition against MIXING species.  Finally, we should understand that the Father would NOT have us receive chemtrail fallout into our bodies, as this also contains blood and a host of mixed species.

Some people may view the above assertions as “adding to the Torah,” because, as they might point out, the Father did not give us specific instructions regarding vaccines, genetically modified foods, and chemtrails, etc.  It is true that the Father did not instruct us specifically on every possible point.  Instead, however, He came down to us in the flesh, to teach us the difference between keeping the LETTER of His laws and keeping the SPIRIT of His laws.  I believe that in the spirit of His laws pertaining to all that is clean and unclean, we have clear instructions to do everything that we can to separate ourselves from the unclean, both spiritually and physically – even if doing so requires all of our hearts, all of our souls and all of our strength and resources.  Noah and his family were selected for salvation not only because of their spiritual cleanliness, but also because they kept themselves PHYSICALLY UNTAINTED by the demonic influences of their time.  If we are keeping His Commandments, then we will do the same.  His commands are NOT too hard for us.

YaHuWaH told us from the beginning that failing to obey His Instructions will cause us to inherit the curses of Deuteronomy 28.  I believe these curses are manifesting themselves today in the form of plagues such as autism, cancer, and now Morgellons Disease.  As children of the Creator, we have been given perfect and complete Instructions for life and for health.  Our people should not be suffering from the same plagues as the rest of the world.

In reality, this chemtrail issue is just one of many spiritual attacks that are now manifesting in the physical.  If we are paying attention to what is happening around us and striving to apply Torah to every part of our lives, then we should all be feeling “the squeeze,” as we are forced to adapt to the changes in our environment.  If your personal way of life has not been affected by events such as the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the BP oil spill, the implementation of Codex Alimentarius[2] and genetically modified foods, halal foods, chemtrails, etc., then permit me to lovingly suggest that you are allowing your temple to become unclean and defiled, and as a result, you are putting yourself at risk of receiving hideous curses and plagues.

For those who may not understand the impacts of the above world events and developments, please consider the following statement:

If we are keeping the full intent of YaHuWaH’s Torah, then:

  • None of us should be eating anything that comes out of the Pacific Ocean.

  • None of us should be eating anything that comes out of the Gulf of Mexico.

  • None of us should be eating anything that is not labeled organic or non-GMO.

  • None of us should be eating anything with the halal certification or stamp. 


  • None of us should be consenting to live under PERPETUAL nuclear fallout.

  • None of us should be consenting to live beneath chemtrail fallout.

Ultimately, it will be up to each INDIVIDUAL to decide what actions, if any, they will take regarding the chemtrails and all the other attacks that we are under.  However, as the intensity of the birth pangs continues to increase, we are going to find a greater and greater need for being in COMMUNITY with one another.  Let us begin helping each other now, by continuing this discussion and raising further issues for our consideration.

“He who does wrong, let him do more wrong.  And he who is filthy, let him be more filthy.  And he who is righteous, let him be more righteous.  And he who is set-apart, let him be more set-apart.  And see, I come quickly and My reward is with Me, to give every man according to his works.”  Revelation 22:11-12 (ISR version) 

Please research the chemtrail topic for yourself; test yourself and your family for fibers AND help get this message to haKol Yisrael (the Bride of Israel).   Shalom.



From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life:  The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology


What in the World Are They Spraying?‎



Rachem na YaHuWaH Eloheinu, al Yisrael amecha.

Have mercy please, YaHuWaH our Elohim, on Israel, your people.

!!! Check back next week for REMEDIES to COMBAT CHEMTRAIL FALLOUT in the Part 2 ~ Notes for November 7, 2013 Remedy Radio Live !!!

[1] Scientifically referred to as Stratospheric Aerosol Geo Engineering

[2] The Codex Alimentarius (Latin for “Book of Food) is a collection of internationally recognized standards, codes of practice, guidelines and other recommendations relating to foods, food production and food safety.  Its name is derived from the Codex Alimentarius Austriacus.  Wikipedia

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