Rotary Club Concert – Song lyrics please learn!!! See Me

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Rotary Club Concert – Song lyrics

See Me

It’s the moment I’ve been waiting for,

Know the lyrics and rehearsed the score,

All I have to do is cross the floor,

And take a deep breath and drop my jaw

But my stomach feels queasy and my throat is sore

Every second lasts forever more

Heart is beating with a thunderous roar

Suddenly it’s go, I cross the floor

I’m ready to burst as my spirits soar

And I take a deep breath as I count to 4


See me, standing in the light

See me, spread my wings in flight

See me, sailing like a ship at sea

See me, standing on my own,

See me, steady as a stone

See me, singing all alone,

See me.
Can’t believe I really made it here

Thought my nerves would never disappear

Train was late, I nearly died of fear

And mum got worried so she shed a tear

And she kept on asking, have you got the right gear?
But we made it and I’m really here

After training so hard all the year,

It’s my dream that’s made me persevere,

My dream that’s always been so bright and clear

For this moment when the audience applaud and cheer.


See me x 4

Amani utupe na ustawi

As we travel down this weary road,

Amani utupe na ustawi

We need strength to carry on our load,

Amani utupe na ustawi
Grant us peace, give us courage

Amani utupe na ustawi

Grant us peace, give us courage

Amani utupe na ustawi
Road is rocky and the way is dark


Every road has a different fork

Grant us peace…

Hallelujah, Hallelujah,


Hallelujah, Hallelujah,


Grant us peace…
(shhh)Grant us peace, give us courage

Amani utupe na ustaaaaaar –wi

Amani utupe na ustawi!

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No chords in intro:

We build to make our mark.
(Click. Click, click.)
We build to build an ark.
(Click. Click, click.)
Shelters, bridges, temples, trust:
we build because we must.
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