Uk. A a B an c the d what time is it now? A it is ten past ten

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1. He lives in ... UK.
A) a B) an C) the D) -
2. - What time is it now?
- ... .

A) It is ten past ten B) It is ten
C) It is ten to eleven D) It is twenty to eleven

3. Please give ... your paper.

A) mine B) me C) my D) myself

4. New York is a much ... city than Moscow.

A) big B) biggest C) the biggest D) bigger

5. It is the ... game we have ever played.

A) hardest B) harder C) hard D) most hardest
6. The nurse ... at "Caldoc" hospital.
A) works B) work C) have worked D) are working
7. She ... French since she arrived in Canada.
A) has been studying B) had been studying
C) studied D) studies
8. Constant exercise makes ... better.
A) feeling you B) you feel
C) you to feel D) you feeling

9. The exam is just after two weeks. You ... prepare better.

A) had better B) must not C) would better D) should not

10. School holidays begin ... December 25th.

A) at B) on C) in D) of

11. Nodira has been very busy these days, ... ?

A) hasn't she B) has she C) doesn't she D) does she

12. Murodjon came ... 11 o'clock ... Sunday.

A) at / on B) on / on C) at / in D) in / on

13. "Children have to finish the test now", said the Director.

The Director said that children ... finish the test ... .
A) had to / now
B) did have to / yesterday
C) had to / then
D) have to / now

14. If I ... faster, I would have met Jack at the hall.

A) went B) had gone C) go D) would go

15. She definitely ... the exam if she studies hard enough.

A) will pass B) would pass C) passed D) would be pass

16. From the marked areas 1, 2, 3 and 4, identify the one that is wrong.

Luckily, (1) the referee was (2) able to handle (3) the match quite good (4).
A) 4 B) 2 C) 3 D) 1

17. Car-free days are organized all over the world to ... people to try riding bikes or going on foot.

A) apply B) stop C) supply D) encourage

18. The ... of Kazakhstan is around 18 million people.

A) population B) area C) landmass D) official
19. After the Kokoral dam was built, the northern part of the Aral Sea has partially ... . Water level has risen, allowing people to restart their fishing businesses.
A) depleted B) recovered
C) dried D) vanished
20. I wish you ... last year.

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