Written and directed by Tyler Perry Production Notes

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Darryl Foulds

Joey Aleck

Steve Sherlock

Billy Sherrill


Burton Kuchera

Best Boy Electric

Tom Kolafa


John Williams

Mark Wagner

Trevor Carabin

Terry Calhoun

Genny Operator

Gil "Wolfman" Jamault

Art Director

Eric Norlin

Set Decorator

Tedd Kuchera


Rose Goronzy

Lead Dresser

Brant Lindros


Al Holmes

Guy Miller

On Set Dresser

Behjet Benam

Head Greensman

Greg Coombs

Prop Master

Pat O'Brien

Assistant Props

Lynda Chapple

Construction Coordinator

Steve Wright

Scenic Carpenter

Edwin De Boer

Costume Supervisor

Sylvie Gendron

Truck Costumer

Debra Torpe

Set Costumer

Charon Hume

1st Assistant Makeup

Michelle Hrescak

2nd Assistant Makeup

Lisa Strong

1st Assistant Hairstylist

Lee Novak

2nd Assistant Hairstylist

Lisa Leonard

Location Manager

Thierry Tanguy

Assistant Location Manager

Jennifer Lewis

Locations Liaison

Leslie Patterson

Transportation Coordinator

Bob Dennett

Transportation Captain

Dave Kennedy


Trent Thomas


"Red' Murphy

Mike "Browney" Morpurgo

Lori Merchant-O'Dwyer

Don Chase

Barry Chapman

Tom Barnes

Shawn Henter

Jason Lapp

Dave McDonald

Doug March

Thea Brown

Mike Porohoski

Wayne Cartwright

Geoff Williams

Lee Harris

Bill Lewis

Joe Lemesurier

Bob MacLean

Special Effects Coordinator

Rob Paller

Special Effects Assistants

Amanda Paller

Gary Heidrick

Graham Hollins

Production Coordinator

Fawn McDonald

1st Assistant Produciton Coordinator

Tara Mews

Key Office PA

Marcus Goodwin

Office PA

Eunice Choi

Second Assistant Director

Sarah Rogers

Third Assistant Director

Melissa Patton

Assistant Accountant

Dale Cornick

Accounting Clerk

Karen March

First Aid/Craft Services

Mike Thompson

Clearance Coordinator

Karen Powell

Extras Casting

Laurie Pavon-Solis


Geoff The Chef


Geoff Titcomb

2nd Chef

Berma Still

3rd Chef

Dal Watson

Additional 3rd Chef

Chris Fletcher

Security Captain

Kim Howes


Rick Nicolson

Post Production Sound and Mixing at


Supervising Sound Editor

Michael Wilhoit

Sound Designer

Scott Wolfe M.P.S.E.

Re-recording Mixers

Yuri Reese

Bill Smith

Dialogue Editors

Laura H. Atkinson

Christopher Hogan M.P.S.E.

Sound Effects Editors

Paul Aulicino

Christopher Assells M.P.S.E.

Stephen Robinson

ADR Mixer

Robert Deschaine

Foley Mixer

Nerses Gezalyan

Foley Artists

Jeffery Wilhoit

James Moriana

First Assistant Sound Editor

David Stanke

Sound Recordist

Lee Wright

ADR Recordists

Tami Treadwell

Martin Schloemer

Audio Engineering

David Young

ADR Voice Casting

Barbara Harris

ADR Cast

David Arnott

Kimberly Bailey

John Demita

Greg Finley

Jeffrey Todd Fischer

Peggy Flood

Willow Geer

Barbara Iley

Terence Mathews

David Randolph

Noreen Reardon

Lisa Wilhoit

High Definition Dailies Transfers

Technicolor Creative Services Hollywood

Dailies Colorist

Marc Wielage

Project Manager

Kim Balsillie

Post Production Services & End Titles by Modern VideoFilm, Inc.

Post Project Manager

Elona Culwell

Preview Colorist

Eric Bidinger

Preview Editor

Bryan Cantrall

Electronic Graphics

Eric Scofield

Casey Leming

Video Projection Equipment Provided by American Hi-Definition, Inc.

Digital Intermediate and Opticals by Technicolor Digital Intermediates

A Technicolor Company

Digital Film Colorist

Jeff Smithwick

Digital Intermediate Producer

Carl Moore

Digital Intermediate Conform

Mark Sahagun

Imaging Technicians

Doug Richardson

Todd Mitchell

John Herndon

Floyd Burks

Scott Osborn

Albert Vivas

Jonathan Mecenas

Digital Restoration

LaNelle Mason

Wilson Tang

Brad Sutton

John Kearns

Eric Nelson

V.P. of Production

Steve Rundell

V.P. of Operations

Tim Belcher

V.P. of Imaging

Chris Kutcka

V.P. of Color Imaging R & D

Joshua Pines


Cynthia Lemus


Brandon Torres

Ray Horta

Data Technicians

Andy Chua

Ashley Farber

George Zidd

Ron Perez

Video Technicians

Jada Budrick

Frank Figueroa

Ron Leidelmeijer

Production Technology

Mike Tosti


Paul Turang

Main title sequence designed and produced by yU+co

VFX by XY&Z Visual Effects

VFX Supervisor

Mike Uguccioni


Jamie Baxter

AVID Editing Systems provided by Electric Picture Solutions

Negative services by Negative People, Inc.

Color by


Prints by


Lab Contact

Josh Moore

Color Timer

Terry Haggar


Senior VP, Production

John Sacchi

Supervisor of Production

Curtis A. Miller

Supervisor of Production

Rosemary Lara

Executive VP, Business & Legal Affairs

Robert Melnik

Assistant to Robert Melnik

Megan Hughes

VP, Business & Legal Affairs

Charlyn Ware

Contract Administrator

Bill Jacks

Business & Legal Affairs

Amanda M. Ellis

Co-President, Theatrical Marketing

Tim Palen

Co-President, Theatrical Marketing

Sarah Greenberg

Supervisor, Assets and Unit Publicity

Yon Elvira

President of Music

Jay Faires

Assistant to Jay Faires

Lauren Rodman

Music Executive

Tricia Holloway

Music Business Affairs

Lenny Wohl

Music Licensing

Jeanne Fay

Copyrights & Administration

Diana Beas

Budget Supervisor

Chris Brown


Chris Fagot

Creative Control Music Department

Assistant Music Supervisor

Rebecca Rienks

General Manager

Stephanie Kremer

Music Assistants

Jason Mittleman

Abby Winnick

Music Consultant

Robert Thomas

Music Editor

Johnny Caruso, MPSE

Music Technical Consultant

D.L. Smith

Score Composed and Conducted by Aaron Zigman

Orchestrations by Aaron Zigman and Jerry Hey

Score Recorded by Dennis Sands

Score Recorded and Mixed by Michael Stern

Score Performed by the Hollywood Studio Symphony, Contracted by Sandy De Crescent and Peter Rotter

Music Preparation by Steve Juliani


Written by Bert Kaempfert & Milt Gabler

Performed by Michael Bublé

Published by Screen Gems-EMI Music (BMI)

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records Inc./Reprise Records

By arrangement with Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing

"Clap Your Hands"

Written by David Lindsey, Robert E. Burwell, Jr., Cliff Jones

Performed by 7 Sons of Soul

Published by The Lindsey Group (ASCAP), REB II Entertainment Inc. (BMI), Zomba Songs (BMI) o/b/o Ray Lou Publishing

Courtesy of Verity/Zomba Recording LLC


Written by Laura Isibor

Performed by Laura Izibor

Published by Zomba Enterprises Inc. (ASCAP) on behalf of itself

Courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corp.

By arrangement with Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing

"Love You Better"

Written by Dave Brown, Gasner Hughes, Tonyatta Martinez & Keith Sweat

Performed by Keith Sweat

Published by Copyright Control for Dave Brown, Zomba Enterprises Inc. (ASCAP),

on behalf of Food Stamp Muzik and Keith Sweat Publishing (ASCAP) for Keith Sweat

Keith Sweat appears courtesy of KDS Entertainment, LLC

"A Brighter Day"

Written by Hector M. Diaz, George C. Huff, Fred Jerkins, Kenyetta Jerkins & Delisha Thomas

Performed by George Huff

Published by 23,000 Music Publishing Inc. (BMI)/(SOCAN), Dayspring Music, LLC o/b/o itself and Huff Jam Music (BMI),

Ensign Music o/b/o itself and Fred Jerkins Publishing (BMI)

Courtesy of Word Entertainment

By arrangement with Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing

"Samba of Love"

Written by Jay Weigel

Performed by Steve Masakowski, guitar

Tony Dagradi, sax

Jay Weigel, bass & percussion

Published by Floating City Press (BMI)

Courtesy of Floating City Music, Inc.

"Who Am I to Say"

Written by Hope Shorter

Performed by Hope

Published by H. Shorter Publishing

Courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corp.

By arrangement with Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing

"Tell Me Why"

Written by David Anthony, Talia Coles & Mike Davilla

Performed by Talia Coles

Published by Bayou Music (BMI), Haute Couture Music (ASCAP),

Great White Hype of 81 Publishing (BMI), EastWind Entertainment

Courtesy of EastWind Entertainment

"Givin’ Up"

Written by Herbert Ross and Clyde Wilson

Performed by Jennifer Holliday

Published by Jobete Music Co., Inc. (BMI)

Courtesy of Geffen Records under license from Universal Music Enterprises

"DJ Don’t"

Written by Eddie Levert, Gerald E. Levert & Edwin “Tony” Nicholas

Performed by Gerald Levert featuring Jaheim

Published by Nayr Publishing Co. (BMI), Songs of Universal, Inc. on behalf of itself and Divided Music, Inc. (BMI)

and iBryton Music And Entertainment Ltd./Music Of EverHits (BMI) a division of EverGreen Copyrights

Courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corp.

By arrangement with Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing

“I Want You"

Written by Arthur Ross & Leon Ware

Performed by Marvin Gaye

Published by Almo Music Corp. on behalf of itself and Jobete Music Co. Inc. (ASCAP)

Courtesy of Motown Records under license from Universal Music Enterprises


Written by HR Crump and Kelly Price

Performed by Kelly Price

Published by Monsterman Music (ASCAP) & For the Write, Price (ASCAP)

Administered by The Royalty Network

Courtesy of For the Write, Price

"Better Man"

Written by Taalib Johnson, Robert Ozuna, Raphael Saadiq & Kelvin Wooten

Performed by Musiq (Soulchild)

Published by Universal Music Corp. on behalf of itself and Soul Child Music (ASCAP),

Music of Windswept (ASCAP) o/b/o itself and Jake and the Phatman Music,

Universal – Polygram Int. Publ, Inc. on behalf of Ugmoe Music & EMI Blackwood Music Inc.

Courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corp.

By arrangement with Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing

"No One Else"

Written by Amel Larrieux and Guesly Laru Larrieux

Performed by Amel Larrieux

Published by Kappika Tunes (BMI) and Topanga Twins Music (ASCAP)

Courtesy of Blisslife Records

“Dan and Melinda”

Written by Jay Weigel

Performed by Tony Dagradi, sax

Jon Cleary, piano

David Pulphus, bass

Doug Garrison, drums

Published by MY TY PE Music Publishing (BMI)

Courtesy of The Tyler Perry Company

“No One Remains At Home”

Written by Jay Weigel

Performed by Jon Cleary

Published by MY TY PE Music Publishing (BMI)

Courtesy of The Tyler Perry Company

“Color Me Blue”

Written by Jay Weigel

Performed by Tony Dagradi, sax

Bobby Campo, trumpet

Mark Braud, trumpet

Larry Sieberth, piano

David Pulphus, bass

Doug Garrison, drums

Published by MY TY PE Music Publishing (BMI)

Courtesy of The Tyler Perry Company

“You Belong to Me”

Written by Michael McDonald and Carly Simon

Performed by Anita Baker

Published by Michael McDonald d/b/a Snug Music (ASCAP) and Carly Simon d/b/a C’est Music (ASCAP)

Courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corp.

By arrangement with Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing



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