A teacher leaves a message for a parent. What did the student forget?

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  1. A teacher leaves a message for a parent. What did the student forget?

A book

A bag

A phone

A ball

  1. A teacher leaves a message for her colleague. What subject does the student want to take?





  1. A teacher calls another teacher. Why does he call the teacher?

Organize meetings

Ask for help.

Say thank you

Discuss students.

  1. Listen to a message from a teacher to a parent about a classroom change. What is the number of the new classroom?





  1. A teacher leaves a message for her colleague. Which class is she going to teach?





  1. Listen to the head teacher talking to the school about a new school subject. What will be the new subject?

Personal expression




  1. Listen to the teacher talking to his colleague about a new timetable. What is the change?

Different start time

Losing a break

Different finish time

Getting a tea break

  1. Listen to a woman talking to her colleague about an old book. What did they like about the book?

The explanations

The questions

The stories

The pictures

  1. Listen to two students talking about their homework. What is the boy going to write?

1000 words about natural gardens.

800 words about cars

1000 words about the environment

800 words about gardens

  1. Listen to a parent talking to a teacher about her son. What is her worry?

Peter didn’t pass the test

Peter lost the football final

Peter doesn’t have many friends

Peter lost his watch

  1. Listen to a teacher talking to her students about lunch. What time is lunch?

2 pm

12 pm



  1. Listen to an announcement about a school trip. Which item is not necessary?

A sleeping bag

The right shoes

Some warm clothes

A water bottle

  1. Listen to a telephone message from a parent to a teacher about his child. What is the main purpose of the call?

To have the teacher return the call

To get advice on improving study skills

Thanking the teacher for all the hard work

Saying how much their child likes the subject

  1. Listen to the principal announcing a new teacher. What subjects can she teach?

English, maths and music

English, maths and science

English, history and science

English, history and music

  1. Listen to the conversation between the school principal and his assistant. Why have they decided to give the teacher a job?

Because he gave good instructions

Because he gave a demonstration

Because he connected well with students

Because he clearly enjoyed the class

  1. Listen to a teacher talking to the class. What is most important for the class to do?

Give in a plan of work

Give a talk on the project

Read through a book

Choose ideas to write about

  1. Listen to a teacher talk about a school trip. What is the main problem for the school trip?

Getting parent’s permission for students to go

Organizing a place to stay for the students

Giving a presentation to the students

Arranging transport for the students

  1. Listen to two teachers talking. What is the woman’s opinion?

She finds this job uninteresting

She thinks the job must be done

She thinks it’s better to teach

She likes this part of the job

  1. Listen to a teacher talking to a colleague about his plan for the school outing. What is the woman’s opinion?

She thinks the plan creates practical problems

She thinks the trip will inspire students

She thinks the trip will not be enjoyable for students

She thinks the plan disregards student’s various interests

  1. Listen to a teacher talk about teaching without paper. What is the teacher’s opinion about teaching without paper?

It’s a clever idea

It will be a good for the students

It won’t work

It’s too hard for the teachers

  1. You hear a teacher talking about a training session. What is her opinion?

The course contained new concepts

It’s important to review theories

Most students are active in class

It’s hard to get students involved

  1. You hear two parents talking. What is the woman’s opinion?

Students need to review materials

History is a very boring subject

Students need support with homework

English is an interesting subject

  1. Listen to two teachers discuss how they writing. What part of the woman’s class do students find most useful?

Seeing how other students write

Reading other student’s papers

Offering feedback to their peers

Getting feedback from their peers

  1. Listen to a student giving a presentation. What is the purpose of her presentation?

To secure student votes in the school election

To get healthier lunch options in the school

To encourage students to help people in the community

To help students get WiFi access in the school

  1. Listen to two teachers discussing their students using computers in the classroom. What is the main conversation?

Technology helps them plan more interesting lessons

Technology is useful for students to learn in the classroom

Technology may be distracting students in their learning

Technology shouldn’t be used by students in the classroom

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