Activities activity exercise match the words 1-13 with the appropriate definitions a-m

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ACTIVITY 1. EXERCISE 2. Match the words 1-13 with the appropriate definitions a-m.

  1. to harm

to hurt someone or damage something;

  1. to alter

to change something, usually slightly, or to cause characteristics of something to change;

  1. to exploit

to use something for advantage;

  1. harvest

the time of year when crops are cut and collected from the fields;

  1. a sparrow

a small grey-brown bird which is especially common in towns;

  1. to launch

to begin something such as a plan or introduce something new such as a product;

  1. exhaustion

the state of having no food for a long period often causing death

  1. extinct

no longer existing;

  1. starvation

to eat or drink especially a lot of something;

  1. to swarm

when insects come together in a large group;

  1. yield

an amount of something positive such as food or profit, that is produced or supplied;

  1. to consume

to use something for advantage;

  1. to curb

to control or limit something that is not wanted;

ACTIVITY 2. EXERCISE 3. (T2) Listen to the tape and fill in the blanks with appropriate words and phrases.

Chinese farmers were not (a)____________________with the little harvest they gathered in 1958. Calculation showed that (b )______ kg of grain was eaten by each sparrow. Under the influence of sparrow grain seed eating habit a Chinese leader Mao Zedong ordered the (c )_______________ of sparrows. The whole (d)________________________ killed hundreds of millions of sparrows. Ways of (e)_________________ included breaking eggs, killing chicks as well as shooting sparrows down from the sky. On December 13, sparrows were terrorized by children, workers, farmers holding their pots and pans ( f ) ________________ birds’ landing. Result of these efforts was a nearly (g)_______________ of sparrows in China. Sparrows were replaced with another type of crop eater, a large type of grasshopper population (h )______________ . In 1960, it became known that sparrows ate also (i)_______________ which made Mao Zedong order to stop Great Sparrow War.

ACTIVITY 3. EXERCISE 4. Read the statements and put them in order they come in the record. Listen again and check.

On hearing that information Chinese leader Mao Zedong ordered the extermination of sparrows.

_ The overflow of insects, plus the added effects of widespread deforestation and misuse of poisons were a significant contributor to the Great Chinese Famine (19581961) in which an estimated 30 million people died of starvation.

_ Humanity did a lot of mistakes in past but they should serve us as a good lesson.

_Nests were torn down, eggs were broken, chicks killed, and sparrows were shot down from the sky.

_On the advice of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mao declared full-stop to the Great Sparrow Campaign.

_ Consequently, agricultural yields that year were disastrously low.

_ But the story to be told today, we hope, will be a lesson for what can happen when changes are made to an ecosystem.

_They swarmed the countryside as there were no sparrows in sight.

_ They reasoned that sparrows ate grain seeds.

_ By 8 pm of that night, it was estimated that a total of 194,432 sparrows were killed.

ACTIVITY 4. EXERCISE 7. Read the text and fill in the blanks with the appropriate verbs in passive from the box.

deplete, bring, destroy, call, release, emit, use, consider, produce

The Hole in the Ozone Layer

Since existing of humanity they tried to make their life much easier, happier, so they invented cars, air-conditioners, fire extinguishers and many others. As a result the ozone layer destroy . Ozone itself is a useful protective layer high above our heads. Scientific evidence indicates that the damage of the ozone in the stratosphere high above the planet’s surface deplete as the result of the widespread use of chemicals. The stratospheric ozone consider by manufactured chemicals, containing chlorine and/or bromine. These chemicals use «ozone-depleting substances» (ODS) which under normal conditions are chemically harmless. Stratosphere is about 15-50 kilometers above the Earth surface. What’s more, ODS have a long lifetime in our atmosphere - up to several centuries. This means most of the O D S emit over the last 80 years and they are still making their way to the stratosphere, where they will add to the ozone destruction. For example, large amounts of gas called C FC s produce in the twentieth century for use in everyday appliances like fridges, aerosol spray cans, and fire extinguishers. One type of ODS is Halons. They release in specialized fire extinguishers. Halons can destroy up to 10 times as much ozone as CFCs can. For this reason, halons call to be the most serious ozone-depleting group of chemicals. Ozone layer holds harmful ultraviolet radiation which bring by the Sun ultraviolet radiation. It can damage cells of living, affect the growth of plants. The worst is the generation of “greenhouse”, or “global warming”.
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