Concept The 8th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns Call for Contributions

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8th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns
(27 - 29 April 2016, Basque Country)

Call for Contributions for the Innovation Market


The 8th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns Call for Contributions is now open for the Innovation Market section of the programme, which is set to take place on Thursday 28 April 2016 from 11.30 - 12.30. The call is open to the following types of organisations related to sustainable urban development:

  • Local, national and regional governments

  • Non-governmental organisations

  • Scientific/research organisations

  • Other stakeholders

NB: Businesses interested in taking part may approach the Conference Secretariat for a sponsorship package.

Deadline and selection

The deadline for the submission of proposals is 28 February 2016. Please send your completed form (pages 3 and 4) to:

Contributions will be selected by 15 March 2016 based on how closely they correspond to the objectives of the conference. Examples of the types of contributions we are looking for include:

  • good practice examples related to:

  • sustainable urban development

  • stakeholder and citizen engagement

  • community empowerment

  • transformations towards sustainability

  • social innovation

  • smart technologies

  • sustainable and innovation public procurement

  • initiatives, projects, guidance, and tools designed to enable sustainable practices

  • sharing ideas on upcoming tenders and calls for projects

This is your arena to promote your work, offer advice, seek input and directly engage with representatives from the sustainable urban development community.

Please note that all presentations and material must be provided in English, and as space is limited not all applicants can be offered a spot.

The Innovation Market formats

The Innovation Market allows for local government practitioners, EU projects, and policy makers to showcase their work. The Innovation Market will see various presentation formats, which applicants can choose from:

  • Round table dialogue: In-depth discussion in a small group of 6 people at a (standing) table. The contributor will have two 25 minute slots at this table. Each slot will include a 10 minute presentation by the contributor, followed by 15 minutes of questions and discussion. Please note that the presentations should be presented in English and contributors will be required to bring their own laptop should they wish to give a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Speed presentation: Present your work during a moderated presentation session. Your presentation will hold up to 20 slides, each containing an image. Each slide will be shown and presented on for 15 seconds.

  • Poster presentation: Provide a poster portrait (A0 - 84,1 x 118,9 cm) on your project/ work. In addition to the possibility of presenting on the posters during the innovation market, posters will be displayed during the breaks throughout the conference, close to the coffee break area. The poster will be printed by the conference secretariat and will follow a template that includes the title, abstract, introduction to the issue, activities, results and conclusions on relevance for other cities in Europe. Links to more information and the funding programme will also be provided.

Please contact us at you require more information.

8th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns
(27 - 29 April 2016, Basque Country)

Call for Contributions for the Innovation Market Form

Please provide the following information on your proposed contribution to the Innovation Market.

Mr  Ms  Title (Prof./Dr.)      

First name       Last name      

Organisation (in English)*       

Job title/Function (in English) *      

City         Country      

Phone          E-mail         

Title contribution

Suggested title of your contribution:



Please provide a summary of what you would like to present at the Innovation Market. (max. 300 words; additional documents can be uploaded at the end of this form).



Please indicate the format you prefer (NB In case of selection, the organisers may contact you to change the format):

 Round table dialogue

 Speed presentation

 Poster presentation

Professional background

Please provide a short summary (max. 150 characters).


Supporting documents

We invite you to provide 1 - 3 supporting documents such as your CV, previous presentations, leaflet, project documentation, etc. Please specify which files you are including. (max. three files accepted).

  1.       2.       3.      

Please return by email to:

The deadline for contributions is 28 February 2016.
 I am / the person proposed is willing to act as a contributor on the understanding that the contributor, apart from exceptional cases, shall pay the conference fee and will not be reimbursed for travel or accommodation costs. If selected, I agree to send a summary of my contribution to be included in the programme. I am aware that this Call does not release me from the obligation to register for the conference.

      Signature (type your name in electronic format):      


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