Azerbaijan Republic Minstry of Public Healty Baku Medical college №1

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Azerbaijan Republic Minstry of Public Healty Baku Medical college №1


Theme: The Modern Electronic Medical İnsrtuments in Azerbaijan
Profession:Treatmet work

Group: 174 / IV S

Student: Quluzade Gulnar Zakir

Teacher: Mammadova Elmira

Baku 2021


  1. Preface

  2. Use of electronic tools in medicine

  3. Their effectiveness

  4. Advantage in their application

  5. Result

Scientific laboratories around the world now use many methods for non-contact measurement of blood sugar, including ultrasound diagnostics, monitoring of the electrical conductivity of the connective tissue, spectral analysis of images of subcutaneous areas, etc. developed. The abundance of approaches allows producers to choose their own way and gain market share. However, legislation in a number of countries hinders the

market-wide development of medical gadgets. In December last year, an Apple spokesman told Reuters that the

problem did exist: "If any gadgets are released to

Preface - Medicine is one of the areas where new technologies are constantly applied. However, it is mobile technologies that make these technologies accessible to a wide range of consumers. Here, the role of the platform can be played by various devices that can measure pulse, blood pressure, blood sugar levels and other indicators without contact. Today, many companies prefer to create a variety of applications that allow them to present their medical achievements to the mass consumer market and place them on "smart" gadgets: bracelets and watches. It is true that consumer demand for such devices and tools is still low, but a significant increase is expected in the near future. For example, GlobalData estimates that total demand for diabetes control devices could reach $ 12 billion in 2017.

control food, there is usually no legal impediment. However, when it comes to measurements for diabetics, the issue immediately comes under strict legal control. " This explains why gadgets are worn only in the most "simple" areas - fitness and education. The situation may change radically in the future, and one of the clearest proofs of this is the need for rapid analysis of American statistics. According to Reuters, there are

29 million people in the United States today out of

317.8 million who need to measure their blood sugar several times a day, sometimes up to 10 times. The total amount spent on these measurements nationwide in 2012 was $ 245 million.

Measuring blood sugar is not the only test that gadgets can successfully perform today. While some of these are accessible to ordinary consumers, most still remain the exclusive opportunity of physicians and medical facilities. We would like to introduce you to the most interesting of these tests.

AliveCor is a device used to measure heart rate and heart rate. This device has already proven its effectiveness in clinical trials. AliveCor is the perfect device for quick and accurate monitoring of heart activity and recording an electrocardiogram (ECG). This pulse meter is designed to record, store and send ECG data by a licensed physician, as well as by a certain group of specially registered patients. The gadget runs on a number of smartphones based on iOS and Android platforms and is powered by a 3-volt battery that allows you to perform 12,000 times 30- second ECG tests, not from the phone. AliveECG is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

To perform an ECG test, hold the device in the palm of your hand and place the electrodes on the fingertips of

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