Coronavirus Disease 2019 (covid-19) Healthcare Preparedness Table Top Exercise

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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Healthcare Preparedness Table Top Exercise

COVID-19 Response Objectives

Overall objectives:

  • Minimize morbidity and mortality from outbreak
  • Preserve social function and minimize social disruption
  • Response objectives:

  • Surveillance
  • Uniform infection and exposure control measures
  • Healthcare guidance
  • Public information
  • Hospital surge support
  • Fatality management

Pandemic Severity

Pandemic Severity Assessment Framework


To provide an opportunity to evaluate current response concepts, plans and capabilities in response to an outbreak of a novel viral disease.

Exercise Objectives
  • Improve preparedness for a response to a patient infected with novel coronavirus (COVID-19) presenting at a healthcare facility.
  • Evaluate the hospital’s capability to safely identify and effectively isolate a symptomatic patient at the facility.
  • Assess the notification and communications processes internally with rostered staff and externally between local, regional, state public health, emergency medical services, other healthcare delivery partners, and media.

Exercise Objectives
  • Assess just-in-time training for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) donning/doffing and availability.
  • Discuss the capabilities and capacities to sustain a prolonged medical surge novel virus outbreak event for both adult and pediatric patients.
  • Assess planning for special considerations (surge capacity, diagnostic radiological imaging, laboratory services, waste management and decedent management).

Planning Considerations
  • Timely recognition and isolation
  • Personal protective equipment use
  • Protection of healthcare workers, patients, and visitors
  • Proper reporting to the Tennessee Department of Health
  • Information management both internal and external
  • Surveillance, contact tracing, and movement monitoring
  • Maintaining normal hospital operations
  • Laboratory services coordination
  • Environmental and waste management
  • Patient transportation

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