Fill in the blanks with proper modal verbs When Susan was five, she

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  1. When Susan was five, she _________ read and write.

  2. I _________ get up early today. Because it is Sunday.

  3. Birds _________ fly but lions _________.

  4. This bag is too heavy for you. _________ I help you?

  5. I _________ wear school uniform at my school.

  6. You _________ smoke here. It is forbidden.

  7. _________ you turn on the lights, please?

  8. I _________ help my mother with the housework. She is tired.

  9. If you go to bed late, you _________ be late for the school.

  10. You _________ do your homework if you want to go out.

  11. _________ you help me with the cleaning?

  12. I _________ drive to work last year but now I _________ as I moved to a new apartment.

  13. _________ we go out tonight?

  14. She _________ walk because she has broken her leg.

  15. Rose _________ obey the rules but she didn’t.

  16. You _________ pay the taxes regularly otherwise

you _________ be punished.

  1. You _________ park here. You _________ find a parkland.

  2. She _________ win the match because she was ill.

  3. We _________ buy tickets for the concert. Susan has already bought them.

  4. My father is very talented. He _________ paint very well.

  5. It is hot outside. You _________ wear you jacket.

  6. It is raining heavily. You _________ take your umbrella.

  7. You _________ use your mobile phone at the cinema.

  8. My mother _________ go to the dentist. She has a terrible toothache.

  9. _________ I borrow your camera tonight?

  10. You _________ touch it. It is too hot.

27) You _________ be careful while


28) When I was a young man,

I _________ run fast.

29) _________ elephants jump?

No, they _________.

30) You _________ pick up these

flowers. Otherwise, my mother

_________ get angry with you.

CAN: ability in the present, asking


COULD: ability in the

past, polite requests,

asking permission politely

MUST: internal obligation

MUSTN’T: prohibition

HAVE TO:external obligation

HAD TO: obligation in

the past



no necessity

WOULD: polite or formal


WILL: offers, opinions, hopes, warnings, fears, suggestions, promises

SHALL: questions, offers with I and WE

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