Jlus implementation Committee Meeting Community Planning Division Lakeside Friday, January 11, 2013

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JLUS Implementation Committee Meeting

Community Planning Division


Friday, January 11, 2013

9:00 -11:00 AM
Members Present: Chairman Howard Stone, Vice-Chair Dorothy Bailey, Julie Woepke, Redell Duke, Fred Harley, Nell Johnson, Marc Shaener, Lt. Col. Don Treanor and Sarah Cavitt, Col. Rosenmerkel (rep. for Col. Urtso), James R. Estepp, and Betty Horton-Hodge, Mike Graziano
Members Excused: Thomas Aylward, Wanda Plumer, Sarah Hoyt for Thomas V. Mike Miller, David Iannucci
Public Present: Michael Amann, Michael Amann Jr., Tom Haller, George Tate, and Paul Holland
Staff Present: Ray Dubicki, Ivy Lewis, John Wooden, Cynthia Fenton, Jonathan Williams, and Nicole Fuller

Agenda Item

Discussion/Agreed-Upon Actions

Welcome / Administration

The meeting began at 9:05 a.m.

The Chair welcomed the committee and reviewed the meeting notes from December 14, 2012. A committee member indicated they were present although it was not indicated in the meeting notes. The notes were corrected and approved.
Staff presented the reference maps for the ILUC height, noise and safety areas to the Committee members and asked for any feedback including how best to notify the public of how to publicize them.


Review of Proposed Schedule &

Introduction of Proposed Legislative outline

MIOZ Goals

Staff reviewed the timeline of the MIOZ and the goal of getting the legislation through without an extension (by December 6, 2013). Staff directed the committee to a PowerPoint presentation to review the proposed timeline for the MIOZ for 2013.

MIOZ Timeline

  • Education Outreach (including background; what does the base do and how will residents/business/property owners be affected if at all?): January-May

  • Drafting of legislation: January- June

-- First Committee draft by March 8, 2013 JLUS meeting

-- Committee draft complete by June 14, 2013 JLUS meeting: ready to submit to Council

  • Comments & Revisions: March-September

  • Outreach: May-November

  • Legislation: July-December

--Transmittal to Council action July 9, 2013

--PZED between September/October 2013 (If stuck in PZED, extension will be required)

  • Public Hearing/Adoption—November 2013 ( last Council session) if extension is not required

The Committee suggested staff brief the Council prior to PZED (in early June) to prep them for PZED.

The Committee/staff needs to approach the congressional delegation. The committee representative for Congresswoman Edwards suggested this occur after March. Staff will draft a letter from the Chairman to the delegation next week as a “heads-up” and contact the legislative staff to brief them first. It was suggested that JBA and DOD also be there when the delegation is briefed. The JBA Wing Commander affirmed this meets their objective to show that they are working with us on policy and acquisition.
Staff directed the committee to a PowerPoint presentation explaining the legislative model for the MIOZ. The model will depend upon the focus of the regulations--staff is recommending a new section be added to the zoning ordinance which was later affirmed by some committee members. Staff presented some of the issues what will need to be addressed.
The Chairman reminded staff that the County Attorney needs to be involved since the changes will apply to numerous sections in the zoning ordinance and County Code.
Staff reviewed the JLUS and MIOZ recommendations.
The Chair suggested adopting the JLUS goals by reference; the Committee may want to include other goals.
A Committee member pointed out that the last two recommendations may not be consistent regarding “Allow existing uses to remain” and “Retail and additional residential development are not encouraged in APZ1.” It was suggested new language could be added (If not in conflict with…” to preclude conflicts in the goals. Staff will clarify the goals.
There was discussion and general agreement in the committee regarding the inclusion of economic development strategies in the MIOZ. The costs will need to be determined. JBA indicated they want compatible, vibrant development.

Public Participation

Forestville Plaza (purchased on Aug. 30th 2012) property owner handed out a brochure on the improvements to the site and a letter from H& R Retail regarding the challenges of leasing property due to the uncertainty lessees will be able to remain. He suggested expanding the education approach to include businesses and including public input as part of the process.
A legal representative suggested establishing a process or mechanism unique to the MIOZ, similar to an MUTC, that would not be onerous and that could address unique situations without a lengthy process.

Information Sharing

A committee member indicated there is a potential for OEA grant assistance to develop a strategy to aid in the acquisition process for clear zone properties. Funds might be available for staff to work with property owners on a plan for acquisition (not directly for acquisition).

Staff will work with Mr. Holland to do a scope of work. Staff will check with Transportation to verify status of current OEA grant to ensure there are no conflicts.

A committee member indicated that on Monday, January 14th the new charter school on JBA opened.
A committee member indicated the Collective Improvement Group meets on Fridays at Glenarden Baptist Church.
Staff asked for Committee members to email any comments on the goals by the next meeting.


10:25 a.m.

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