Lumberjack – grants 10,000 wood Cheese steak jimmy’s – grants 10,000 food Robin hood

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Lumberjack – grants 10,000 wood

Cheese steak jimmy’s – grants 10,000 food

Robin hood – grants 10,000 gold

Rock on – grants 10,000 stone

Ninjalui – grants 10,000 of all resources

Marco – reveals/hides maps

Polo – removes/adds fog of war

Aegis – enables instant build

Natural wonders – control wildlife

Woof woof – turns hawks into flying dogs

Torpedo[number] – kills player [number on diplomacy screen]

Wimpywimpywimpy – kills you!

Black death – kills all players

I r winner – instantly win game

Resign – instantly loses game

Those aren’t the only cheats in Age of Empires II Definitive Edition. The following cheats grant you special units to use in game (and are therefore some of our favourite!):

How do you turn this on – cobra car (a car that fires machine guns)

I love the monkey head – A fast yet useless unit (looks like a painting mannequin)

To smithereens – saboteur (a super powerful explody man)

Alpaca simulator – Alfred the Alpaca (the sassy king of Alpacas – a strong and funny unit)

Furious the monkey boy – Furious the monkey boy (a powerful gorilla unit)
Yüklə 12,97 Kb.

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