Report to Government

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Anzac Centenary Advisory Board

Report to Government

1 March 2013

© Commonwealth of Australia 2013

This work is copyright. Apart from any use as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, no part may be reproduced by any process without prior written permission from the Commonwealth. Requests and inquiries concerning reproduction and rights should be addressed to the publications section Department of Veterans’ Affairs or emailed to


Published by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Canberra, 2013

ISBN 978-1-877007-86-6


Board members vii

Foreword ix

Overview xi

Recommendations xxiii

Part One

The Anzac Centenary and Australia’s preparations 1

1Planning, concepts and progress to date 3

Importance of the Anzac Centenary 3

Work of the National Commission 4

Establishment and role of the Board 6

Board’s strategic framework 7

Consultation, participation and deliberation 10

International context to the Board’s work 11

Rabaul to Return 13

Century of Service 16

The developing Anzac Centenary program 17

Part Two

The Board’s proposals 25

2Education and research 27

Scope and importance 27

National travelling exhibition and Exhibition in a Box 29

Anzac Centenary educational scholarships and research grants 32

Anzac Interpretive Centre, Albany 34

Greater recognition of the role of women and families 34

Australian Remembrance Trail 36

Digitisation of selected First World War repatriation records 40

Greater recognition of the role of Indigenous Australians 41

Greater awareness of the contribution of Australians from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds 42

Posttraumatic stress disorder research 43

Programming, documentaries and use of technology, including social media 44


3Commemoration 47

Scope and importance 47

Special relationship with New Zealand 49

Commemorative services and events 50

Hands of Friendship 52

Calendar of domestic and international commemorative services and events 53

Protocol for senior-level attendance at Anzac Day services 54

Convoy commemorative event, Albany 55

Memorials 56

Centenary overlay on a range of events, services and activities 57

4Arts and culture 59

Scope and importance 59

Gallipoli Symphony 60

Australian War Requiem 60

Joint Australian–New Zealand War Art Exhibition 60

State and territory arts festivals 61

Anzac Centenary Artistic Director 62

5Funding and merchandising 63

Funding issues 63

Private funding 64

State and territory proposals 65

Merchandising 67

Funding and other support for self-generated local community commemorative initiatives 68

Competitions and prizes 69

6Future role of the Board 71

Future role of the Board 71

Future structure and operation of the Board 72

7Conclusion: management of delivery 73

Task of delivering the Anzac Centenary 73

Responsibilities 74

Criteria for success 75

Appendix 1 Details of ACAB 77

Appendix 2 Anzac Centenary 2014–2018 logo 88

Appendix 3 Consultation 89

Appendix 4 International events 91

Appendix 5 Rabaul to Return indicative domestic and international program, 2014–15 100

Appendix 6 Century of Service indicative domestic and international program, 2014–15 104

Bibliography 107

Board members

Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston AC AFC (Ret’d)

Former Chief of the Defence Force

Chair Anzac Centenary Advisory Board

The Hon Arch Bevis

Former Parliamentary Secretary for Defence

Professor David Horner AM

Official Historian of Australian Peacekeeping, Humanitarian and Post-Cold War Operations

Air Marshal Mark Binskin AO

Vice Chief of the Defence Force

(ex officio)

Major General Brian Howard AO MC ESM (Ret’d)

Board Member of the Royal Australian Regiment Association

Mr Luke Bowen

Executive Director, Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association

Dr Jackie Huggins AM FAHA

Adjunct Professor, Centre for Australian Indigenous History, Australian National University

Mr Ian Campbell PSM

Secretary, Department of Veterans’ Affairs

(ex officio)

The Hon Sandy Macdonald

Former Parliamentary Secretary for Defence

Professor Christine Charles

Chair of the Resources Technology Innovation Centre

Brigadier Bill Rolfe AO (Ret’d)

Former Services Member of the Repatriation Commission

Rear Admiral Ken Doolan AO RAN (Ret’d)

National President of the Returned and Services League of Australia

(ex officio)

His Honour Judge Rauf Soulio

Chair of the Australian Multicultural Council

His Excellency Major General (Rtd) Martyn Dunne

New Zealand High Commissioner to Australia

(ex officio)

Mr Peter FitzSimons AM

Journalist and author

Professor Margaret Gardner AO

Vice-Chancellor and President, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

The Late Mr James Strong AO

Former Chair of Woolworths

Mrs Kathryn Greiner AO

Chair of Bio Tech Capital

Rear Admiral Davyd Thomas AO CSC RAN

Former Deputy Chief of Navy

Mr Sandy Hollway AO

Former CEO and Board Member of the Sydney Organising Committee for the 2000 Olympic Games

Ms Deborah Thomas

Director of Media, Public Affairs and Brand Development, ACP Magazine

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