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Lyapunov Exponents in a Chaotic Physical System And q-Statistics

Disorder motion is defined as chaos and specially in physical literature chaos is characterized by “sensitive dependence on initial conditions”. If the non-linear differential equations of a disorder dynamic system are known, the role of the initial conditions for the chaotic behaviors of the dynamical system can be easily found by chaos theory (logistic map). On the other hand, the chaotic time series analysis methods are used to get information about the chaotic dynamics systems which have experimentally evaluated periodical feedback signals.

In this thesis; it was reanalyzed the time series evolutions of the spontaneous pneumocardiografic records obtained from 3 rats. We recalculated embedding parameters of the signals and reconsidered the strange attractors in their phase space. Lyapunov exponents of the system were examined to possibility of similar physical system in harmony with q-statistics.

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