U. S. Army Awards of the Silver Star

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U.S. Army
Awards of the Silver Star


Conspicuous Gallantry
in Action During



30th Infantry Division

Silver Star Medals Awarded
30th Infantry Division - WWII
The following list is that of the many unrecognized heroes of the 30th Infantry Division who have been awarded the Silver Star Medal.

This list was taken from the appendix of “The Workhorse of the Western Front”, and is NOT infallible. It is the only known existing list of these very special awards. Some awards were not made until after the publication of this book, and do not appear herein.

In the event that the reader is a Silver Star Medal recipient, and your name is not listed here, please send me the Company and Regiment in which you served, and earned your award, your date of award, and the General Order Number, by which this award was authorized If the GO# is not shown, please send that to the Editor.

If you find any errors in spelling or omissions in this list, please advise the Editor.

Name Rank Unit OLC Date of Action GO# - 30th Div.
Aas, Ernest J. Capt 743rd TkBn

Abbes, Henry C. 1st Lt 117-K 66/1944

Abbot, Glenn L. S/Sgt 120-A 115/1944

Ackerman, Robert F. T/Sgt 117

Adams, Arlon L. Pfc 119-F

Adams, Harold D. Sgt 743rd TkBn-C 69/44, 75/44, 207/4, 209/45

Adcock, Maurice E. S/Sgt 119

Adkins, Curtis Pvt 105 Engr. 25/1944

Adkins, Edwin Pfc 105 Engr.

Adkinson, Theodore B. 2nd Lt 743rd TkBn.-C 79/1945

Adlesic, Edward M. S/Sgt 119 209/1945

Adoro, John Pfc 119-E 192/1945

Ahrlich, Herman W. Sgt 105 Engr.-B 32/1944

Aitkin, Robert A. S/Sgt 117 66/1944

Albani, Giovanni Cpl. 823rd TD Bn 153/1945

Albano, Edward A. 1st Lt. 105 Engr. 217/1945

Aleo, Vincent J. Pfc 117-G

Alex, Jerome H. S/Sgt 120

Alexander, Franzel E. T/5 117-Hq. 159/1945

Alexander, Merrill S. Capt. 230 FA-C 131/1945

Algard, Franklin T. Pfc 119

Allen Jr., Andrew W. 1st Lt. 117-K 112/1944

Allen, John F. Sgt. 744 TkBn

Allen, Lester Pfc 120

Alligretti, Frank J. Sgt. 743rd TkBn-B

Allison, John A. Maj. 105 Engr.-Hq. 143/1945

Altergott, Jacob Sgt. 743rd TkBn-C

Ammons, Benjamin T. Lt.Col 117-2BnHq, w/OLC 105/1944

Anderson, Melvin R. S/Sgt 119-A 207/1945

Anderson, Roy L. T/4 105 Engr 32/1944

Anderson, William M. Pfc 119

Andrew, Arthur T. Pvt. 117 100/1944

Andrew, Tom E.H. 1st Lt. 120-F 115/1944

Andrews, Edward E. Sgt. 120 166/1945

Annis, Alfred L. Pfc. 120 152/1945

Armstrong, Leon T/Sgt. 117-F 74/1944

Armstrong, Mason H. Pfc. 119-F

Arn, Edward C. 1stLt. 119-F 106/1944 - 197/1945

Arnold, Richard C. 2nd Lt 230 FA-C

Ashby, Joseph C. S/Sgt. 119

Ashworth, William A. Pfc. 119-C

Askew, Clair F. 2nd Lt. 119-H 78/1944

Attas, Nissin Pvt. 230 FA-C

Attebery Jr., Harry R. Sgt. 230 FA-C 186/1945

Aucoin, Roland P. Pfc. 117-Hq, 100/1944

Auer, George A. Pfc. 117-3BnHq 105/1944 159/1945

Austermiller, Lendell A. Sgt. 119 171/1945

Austin, Kenneth F. 2nd Lt 119-F

Avery, Herbert L. 2nd Lt. 117

Avery, Willie L. T/5 105 Engr.

Ayers, Edwin W. 2nd Lt. 197 FA 72/1944

Ayers, Lawrence H. S/Sgt. 120-A

Aykens, Jay F. S/Sgt. 119

Babcock, Donald D. T/Sgt. 120-1BnHq 161/1945

Babin, Richard E. Cpl. 30 Recon Trp. 78/1944

Backham, William H. Cpl 740 TkBn

Bacon, Harold A. Pfc. 119

Bagford, Frederick R. 1st Lt. 117-D

Bahr, Burnice T/Sgt. 120-C 143/1945

Bailey, Clarence P. T/5 120 95/1944

Baird, James R. 2nd Lt. 105 Engr.-B 30/1944

Baird, Silas L. S/Sgt. 120-A

Bajcar, Matthew Cpl. 120 189/1945

Baker, Elwood E. S/Sgt. 117-3BnHq

Baker, George D. 1st Lt. 119

Baker, Russell A. Col. 119-Hq 147/1945 214/1945

Balestero, Pilar Pfc. 120

Ball, Prentice W. Pfc. 117-A

Ballentine, John J. 1st Lt. 118 FA-A w/OLC

Banzhoff, Alvy G. Sgt. 120

Barber, Robert Pvt. 30 Div.Arty.-Hq 37/1944

Barbieri, Salvatore E. Sgt. 117

Barenkamp, William P. 1st Lt. 120-2BnHq, w/OLC

Baril, Joseph L. S/Sgt. 120 68/1944

Barker, James L. Pfc. 119-I

Barker, Thelbert J. 1st Lt. 119-1 BnHq

Barnard, Carl N. Pfc. 119

Barnes, John T. Pfc. 117-A

Barnett, Charles M. 2nd Lt. 120-B

Barthelme, Gene A. 1st Lt. 230 FA-C

Bartz, Charles A. 1st Lt. 230 FA-C

Bates, Guy C. S/Sgt. 119-F

Battistini, Anthony Pfc. 120 100/1944

Baum, John J. Cpl. 823 TD 69/1944

Bayhylle, Batiste L. T/Sgt. 120

Beamon, Jerry H. T/Sgt. 120-M

Beard, Louis K. S/Sgt. 105 Engr. 130/1944

Beatty, Jack R. S/Sgt. 119

Beaudette, Leon C. S/Sgt. 119 194/1945

Beaudoin, Edward F. S/Sgt. 119

Beaulieu, Horace Sgt. 117 159/1945

Beaulieu, Leo M. S/Sgt. 117 100/1944

Beaulieu, Rene W. Sgt. 119-F

Beayon, Chester E. Sgt. 117-D 112/1944

Beben, Theodore W. Pfc. 120 209/1945

Beck, George N. S/Sgt. 119-K

Bednarczyk, Joseph J. S/Sgt 117-AT

Beebe, Blain H. T/5 823rd TD 69/1944

Belka, Thomas P. Pfc. 119-E

Bell, Charles N. Pfc 120 209/1945

Bell, Ernest W. Capt. 120-2BnHq. 30/1944

Bell, James M. Pfc. 119-B

Belowski Jr., Adam J. T/5 120-B 127/1944

Beneke, Charles M. S/Sgt. 120 166/1945

Bennerr, Brian H. S/Sgt. 119

Benso, Esterino A. Pfc. 30 Recon Trp. 124/1945

Bentis, James Pfc 119-3BnHq. 128/1944

Berek, William F. Sgt. 120 40/1945

Bernard, Wesley M. Pfc. 120

Berry, James D. Capt. 740 TkBn

Berry, Joseph J. Pvt. 119 194/1945

Bertelsen, Neal M. Sgt. 119-E 126/1944

Bertulis, Simon J. 2nd Lt. 120 45/1944

Bettes, Roy A. S/Sgt. 117-K 105/1944

Bianchi, Sante T/5 118 FA-Hq. 72/1944

Biddle, Herman S. Pfc. 119-M

Biertz, Kermit W. S/Sgt 743 TkBn-Hq. 147/1945

Billa, Barney J. T/Sgt. 119

Biller, Richard W. S/Sgt. 119-D 171/1945

Bingham, John W. Pfc 117-3BnHq.

Birks, Hammond D. Col. 120-Hq. 16/1944

Birt, Timothy L. Sgt. 117-B 66/1944

Bishop, Roy V. Pfc. 120

Bivins, Thomas E. 2nd Lt. 117 120/1944

Bixler, Raymond T/5 197 FA 131/1945

Black, Morris L. T/5 117 97/1944

Blaha, Edward J. Sgt. 120 166/45

Blaida, Henry Sgt. 120

Blake, Willis N. T/4 230 FA-Hq. 131/45

Blanchette, Jean M. Pfc. 743 TkBn.-Hq.

Blankenship, Leonard C. Pvt. 119

Blatchford, Richard M. T/Sgt. 117-B 55/44

Blegan, Gordon O. Pfc. 30 Div. Hq. 39/44

Blessant, Martin Pfc. 120-G 40/45

Blohm, Jack Maj. 30 Div.Arty Hq. 131/44

Blovsky, Frank Cpl. 119

Blunkall, Wallace H. Cpl. 119

Bock, Paul B. Pfc. 119-A

Bodeen, Evar E. T/Sgt. 120

Boehm, Bennie R. 1st Lt. 117-G 129/44

Bofamy, Orman J. Pvt. 117 128/45

Bogart, Verne W. Pfc. 120 143/45

Bogue, William A. T/Sgt. 117-K

Boland Jr., James 1st Lt. 197 FA

Bollengier, Alfred E. Pfc. 120 166/45

Bolvin, Gerard H. Pfc. 119

Bonds, Harvey J. Pfc. 120

Bonnanzio, Pasquale Pvt. 119-2BnHq. 60/44

Bons, Ferdinand 1st Lt. 119-A

Booth, Gilchrist Pvt. 743rd TkBn.-B 79/45

Booz, George Pfc. 119-G

Boozer, James R. 1st Lt. 120 196/45

Bordone, Anthony S. T/5 105 Engr.

Borton, Don A. 1st Lt. 117-B

Borus, Mile Pfc. 119

Bosco, Joseph A. Pfc. 119-G 89/44

Bosler, Wayne L. S/Sgt. 120-M 161/45

Bosofsky, Sidney T/5 119L 207/45

Bossert, Bernard Pfc. 197 FA 131/45

Boswell, Frank J. S/Sgt. 197 FA 131/45

Bosworth, Wally O. Pvt. 119

Boulard, Leo J. Pvt. 197 FA 131/44

Boutin, John D. Pfc. 120-F w/OLC

Bouvres, Harry W. Sgt. 120

Bowers, Earl C. 1st Lt. 119-C 60/44

Bowers, Walter M. 1st lt. 120-M 166/45

Bowersox, Harry O. S/Sgt. 120

Bowling, Thomas C. Pvt. 117 165/45

Boyd, John A. T/Sgt. 119-L 89/44

Boyd, Lewis M. T/Sgt. 30 Div.Arty. 37/44

Boyer, John V. Sgt. 105 Engr.-A

Boyle, Virgil C. Pfc. 120-B 166/45

Bradford, William S. Lt. Col. 120-1-BnHq. 20/44

Bradley, Ralph H. Capt. 230 FA 186/45

Bramson, Harry Pfc. 120-B 185/45

Brand, Henry F. S/Sgt. 117

Bratten, Joe H. S/Sgt. 105 Engr.-B 117/44

Brausch, Leo H. 1st Lt. 117 177/45

Brazeau, William J. S/Sgt. 119 195/45

Brazil, Raymond P. 1st Lt. 120 25/44

Breed, Albert C. Cpl. 823 TD 153/45

Breeding, Donald W. S/Sgt. 117-A

Brennen, Thomas J. T/5 120

Breyer, Samuel A. Pfc. 119-D

Bright, John H. Pfc. 117-3BnHq,

Brink, Jerome H. Pfc. 120-CN 161/45

Brinkmeyer, Robert W. 1st Lt. 117-H

Broadway, Marvin Pfc. 197 FA

Broderick, John H. T/5 120

Brooks, Carl F. T/5 120 166/45

Broussard, Edward C. Capt. 120-M 86/44

Brown Jr., Herbert W. 1st Lt. 119-I

Brown Jr., Joseph E. Capt. 120 196/45

Brown, Courtney P. Lt. Col. 119-Hq 89/44

Brown, Frank R. 2nd Lt. 120 161/45

Brown, Fred A. Pfc. 117

Brown, Gordon W. Capt. 105 Engr.-B 25/44

Brown, Harold V. T/Sgt. 119 158/45

Brown, John K. Cpl. 113 FA 61/44

Brown, Ray T/Sgt. 120 166/45

Brown, Robert T. Pvt. 119 192/45

Brown, Rufus O. Sgt. 117 55/44

Bruce, Ralph Pfc. 105 Engr. 25/44

Bruchu, Russell A. Cpl. 531 AAA 69/44

Bryant, John T. 1st Lt. 30 Div. Hq. 84/44

Bryson, Arthur T. S/Sgt. 119-F 38/44

Buchanan, Twyman Pfc. 823 TD 163/45

Buck,Taylor S. 1st Lt. 118 FA

Buckley, Frederick J. Pvt. 120 86/44

Bullock, Johnnie N. Pfc. 117 142/45

Bumgarner, Joe T. T/Sgt. 120-I 161/45

Buntyn, James W. T/5 120 181/45

Buracker, Richard S. S/Sgt. 117 128/45

Burgess, James E. S/Sgt. 117 100/44

Burke, Robert C. 1st Lt. 118 FA-C w/OLC

Burkeen, Dempsey Pfc. 120

Burkett, Jerome E. S/Sgt. 117 97/44

Burkhardt, Robert H. Pfc. 119 205/45

Burney, Harold Sgt. 230 FA-Hq. w/OLC 131/45

Burr, Thomas J. Pfc. 119 152/45

Burton, Charles S. 1st Lt. 105 Engr.-B w/2OLC 117/44

Bushnell, J. L. Sgt. 230 FA 72/44

Butcher, Herman D. Pfc. 120

Butcher, Robert O. Sgt. 30 Recon. Trp. 78/44

Butler, Harmon W. Sgt. 119-D

Byrn, Delmont K. Capt. 120-H

Byrns, Edgar F. Pvt. 120-2BnHq. 104/44

Cade, Billy V. 1st Lt. 105 Engr. 217/45

Cadwallader, William W. Sgt. 120

Calabrese, Francesco 2nd Lt. 120

Caldwell, Robert V. Sgt. 119 207/45

Call, Harry M. Sgt. 117-A 129/44

Camp, Elbert L. Lt. Col. 30 Sig. Co. 217/45

Campbell, Arthur E. S/Sgt. 823 TD 102/44

Campbell, Austin B. Pfc. 120 143/45

Cantey, James W. Lt. Col. 120-1BnHq. w/2OLC 30/44

Cappy, Alfred Sgt. 119-L

Carbonneau, Lester A. S/Sgt. 120-B

Carder, Hobert Pfc. 119 158/45

Cardinale, Antonio S/Sgt. 120-B

Cardosi, Mario D. S/Sgt. 119

Carleton, John R. Pfc. 120 40/45

Carlew, Raymond Sgt. 105 Engr. 217/45

Caroccia, Nicholas Pfc. 119-E 126/44

Carpenter, Emmit J. Pfc. 105 Engr.

Carr, Ralph E. Pvt. 120

Carson, Harley E. S/Sgt, 119-B

Carvalho, Frank C. T/5 230 FA-C 118/44

Carver, Emmet W. Pfc. 120

Carver, Louis D. S/Sgt. 117 55/44

Case, James B. S/Sgt. 119-C

Cashion, Clifton W. Pfc. 120 186/45

Casimiro, Andrew E. Pfc. 117 142/45

Casselbury, Robert E. Pvt. 117-C 55/44

Castaneda, Gilbert S. Pfc. 117-G 142/45

Cataline, John P. S/Sgt. 117 129/44

Cavill, Edward Pfc. 119-E 128/44

Chabaud, Russell A. Capt. 119-G 89/44

Chamberlin, Edward F. Pfc. 119-L 189/45

Chaney, Collier F. Sgt. 119

Chapin, Robert W. S/Sgt. 119-C 74/44

Chapman, Charles P. Pfc. 117

Chardwick, Wayne M. Pfc. 119

Charleston, Warren H. 1st Lt. 120-B 196/45

Chavana, Estanislao C. Pfc. 823 TD-C

Chavez, Jesus Pfc. 119-E 171/45

Cheshir, J. L. T/5 118 FA

Chikla, Joseph J. T/5 230 FA-A

Chittwood, Raymond H. Pvt. 120 100/44

Christiansen, Louis N. Pfc. 120

Christy, Paul P. 1st Lt. 120 166/45

Christy, Ralph L. 1st Lt. 120-3BnHq. 186/45

Chunderlik, Frank J. 1st Sgt. 119 171/45

Churns, Chester J. 1st Lt. 120-CN w/OLC 161/45 185/45

Cirullo, Michael F. T/Sgt. 117-D 129/44

Cizek, Edward F. Pfc. 117

Clark, George H. Sgt. 120-B 128/45

Clark, Harold T. Pfc. 119 194/45

Clark, James L. Pvt. 105 Med 59/44

Clark, James M. S/Sgt. 117-G

Clark, Preston C. 2nd Lt. 113 FA-A

Clark, Robert C. Pvt. 823 TD 69/44

Clements, Raymond L. Pfc. 823 TD-C

Clifford, Harold A. 2nd Lt. 197 FA 123/44

Cline Jr., Robert L. 1st Lt. 117-Hq. 159/45

Cloud, William D. S/Sgt. 120-B

Clutts, Hobart R. 1st Lt. 105 Engr. 217/45

Cochran, Albert Pfc. 120

Cody, John F. Pfc. 117-Med 55/44

Cofer, Leland E. Capt. 105 Engr.-C

Cofer, Wayne H. 2nd Lt. 230 FA 107/44

Coil Sammie J. T/5 743 TkBn.-Hq,

Coin, James R. Pfc. 119-3BnHq.

Cokely, William L. 1st Lt. 117 120/44

Coleman, Carlos A. Sgt. 120 122/44

Collacchio, Horace A. Pfc. 119

Collins, Calvin C. Pfc. 119

Collins, Richard D. Pfc. 119-L

Colvin, Donald W. 1st Lt. 120-E

Colwell, Charles S. Pfc. 30 Recon Trp. 124/45

Commander, Louis F. Sgt. 117

Conger, Alwyn D. 2nd Lt. 113 FA-C w/OLC 131/45 187/45

Conly, George D. Sgt. 119 171/45

Conti, Louis S. Cpl. 119-1BnHq.

Conti, Vincent J. Sgt. 105 Engr. 103/44

Conway, Donald J. 1stLt. 119-M

Cook, Eugene 1st Lt. 119-G w/OLC 189/45 195/45

Cook, S. T. C. T/4 743 TkBn.-A

Coon, Kenneth R. S/Sgt. 120-Svc.

Coons, Robert N. Pvt. 30 Div.Hq. 84/44

Cooper, Fred H. S/Sgt. 120-K

Cooper, Leroy C. 2nd Lt. 120

Cooper, Robert W. T/4 117 w/OLC 88/44 112/44

Cooper, Stanley W. 1st Lt. 117-D 55/44

Cooperstein, Nathan Pfc. 119 171/45

Cope, Edward H. 1st Lt. 117-I

Copper, Dale S. T/4 743 TkBn-B 147/45

Coral, Anthony J. Pfc. 120

Corbin, Hildrie Pfc. 743 TkBn. 147/45

Cordle, Francis M. T/Sgt. 119-A 126/44

Corn, John L. S/Sgt. 230 FA-B 61/44

Cornelius, Kenneth C. Capt. 30 Recon.Trp. 73/44

Cornwell, Joseph D. Capt. 119-Med. 89/44

Cortese, Anthony M. Pvt. 117

Cosmano, Lewis D. Pfc. 117 78/44

Costello, Henry J. Sgt. 230 FA-Hq.

Counseller, Robert E. 2nd Lt. 120-C 161/45

Covington, Curvin M. Pfc. 119-3BnHq. 195/45

Cowan, Cecil V. Pfc. 117 128/45

Cox Jr., Grover C. 2nd Lt. 120 w/OLC 143/45

Cox, Francis L. Pfc. 119

Cox, William C. Lt.Col. 119 67/44

Crabtree, Harold D. T/4 120

Crabtree, William H. S/Sgt. 119-CN

Craft, Melvin L. Pfc. 120

Crago, John A. Capt. 118 FA 123/44

Craig, James E. T/Sgt. 117-3BnHq.

Cravens, Chauncey G. 1st Lt. 117-F 55/44

Craver, Louis D. S/Sgt. 117

Crawford, Henry V. 2nd Lt. 197 FA 50/44

Creighton, Claude L. T/Sgt. 117-E 55/44

Crepeau, Charles P. 1st Lt. 120-1BnHq.

Crissinger, Bruce A. Capt. 823 TD-A 116/44

Cronin, Ernest Sgt. 119-L 171/45

Crowe, Miles E. S/Sgt. 120 122/44

Crowe, Osborn M. Cpl. 197 FA

Crumbine, Amos S. Sgt. 120

Cullhane, R. Jerald Maj. 117-2BnHq.

Culp, Wayne R. Capt. 117-K 88/44

Curran, Patrick F. Pfc. 119 207/45

Currey, Francis S. T/Sgt. 120-K 12/21/44 69/45

Curtis, John P. Pfc. 117 189/45

Curtis, Robert E. 1st Lt. 120-H

Curtis, Watt C. T/3 117-Med 2/45

Cushman, Robert P. 1st Lt. 117-B 129/44

Cyrus, Maultis M. S/Sgt. 113 FA-B 131/45

Czarnecki Walter J. 2nd Lt. 531 AAA-Med 61/44

D’Ambrosio, Ralph M. S/Sgt. 120 68/44

D’Amico, John D. Capt. 120-A 97/45; 119/45

Dakin, Albert Capt. 197 w/OLC 72/44

Dalton, Oscar D. Capt. 119-G 171/45

Damato, Frank R. T/5 230 FA-C 72/44

Damore, Albert H. Pvt. 120-B

Dan, Merrill D. 2nd Lt. 120-CN 189/45

Daniel, Ralph C. 1st Lt. 117-A 169/45

Darnell, Lloyd N. Cpl. 117-1BnHq. 120/44

Darwent, Charles E. 1st Lt. 117-A

Darwin, Donald D. Pvt. 120-1BnHq.

Daugherty, Louis A. 1st Lt. 119-C

Dauterive, Raymond J. Pvt. 823 TD 69/44

Davidson, Mansel J. T/Sgt. 117-D 129/44

Davis, Cecil L. Sgt. 743 TkBn 147/45

Davis, Charles H. 1st Sgt. 119 195/45

Davis, Charles R. Sgt. 120-M 161/45

Davis, John W. 1st Lt. 120 209/45

Davis, Marcus T. S/Sgt. 119-L 96/44

Davis, Quentin Pfc. 117-K

Davis, Richard C. Sgt. 120 100/44

Davis, Richard E. Cpl. 743 TkBn.-C 79/45

Dawson, Herbert W. Pfc. 119-G 194/45

Dawson, Raymond W . Pvt. 117 66/44

Deadman, Howard E. T/Sgt. 120-G 165/45

Deans, Herbert H. Pfc. 117

Dearman, Lloyd Sgt. 120

Dechiaro, Sebastian A. Pfc. 119-C

DeChristopher, Louis Pfc. 118 FA

Delbene, Francis J. Capt. 119 106/44

Delbrook, Richard Pvt. 119-1BnHq.

Delcemascolo, Philip Pfc. 117

Dell, Edward J. S/Sgt. 120

Denaro, Simon A. Pfc. 120-B

Denius, Franklin W. Pfc. 230 FA-C 30/44

Denny, David W. Pfc. 117 88/44

Derr, Cecil O. Cpl. 823 TD-B 69/44

DeSoto, Jesse Sgt. 120

Dettmer, Stanley Lt Col. 823 TD-Hq. 77/44

DeWeerd, James A. Capt. 120 86/44

Dewey, Helmer H. 1st Lt. 120 45/44

Diaz, Jesse F. Pfc. 823 TD-C

Dickey, Lawrence W. Pfc. 119-B

Didelot, Melvin T. Pfc. 120

DiDonato Jr., Anthony Pfc. 119 205/45

Diego, Dominic C. Pfc. 117 128/44

DiMarco, John M. 1st Lt. 105 Engr-A.

Dimas, Mike E. 1st Sgt. 119-1BnHq. 67/44

Disalvo, Joseph J. Pvt. 120 189/45

DiVitto, Lorenzo E. Pfc. 117

Dixon, Amos H. S/Sgt. 117

Doane, John J. Sgt. 743 TkBn.

Doherty, Joseph F. Cpl. 113 FA 131/45

Dolan, Albert J. Pfc. 119

Donogoe,Gilbert D. Pfc. 119

Dorfman, Charles Pfc 119-2BnHq. 60/44

Doucette, Armand S/Sgt. 117 97/44

Douglass, John P. Pfc. 743 TkBn

Dow, Leon W. Sgt. 119 195/45

Doyle, John F. 1st Lt. 117

Drake, Luther W. Pfc. 230 FA-Med

Draper, John E. T/5 230 FA-C

Dreier, Alvin V. T/4 230 FA-A

Druckenmiller, William W. Capt. 117-3BnHq. w/OLC 66/44

Ducley, Ray E. Sgt. 823 TD

Dudek, Mike A. Cpl. 230 FA-A

Duffy, John F. Pvt. 120-1BnHq.

Duhamel, Leo S/Sgt. 120

Duke, Ray M. Sgt. 823 TD-C

Duncan, William D. Lt. Col. 743 TkBn.-Hq.

Duncan, William P. Pfc. 119-L 207/45

Dunn, Carrol H. Lt. Col. 105 Engr.-Hq. 60/44

Dunn, James P. S/Sgt. 117 128/44

Dunnam, Robert G. Pvt. 823 TD-B 69/44

Durham, Edmund M. T/5 823 TD-C 69/44

Dust, Harry L. Pfc. 120-A

Duval, Cecil S/Sgt. 119-3BnHq. 209/45

Duval, George E. Pfc. 105 Med-C

Early, Hiram E. S/Sgt. 117-C

Easlick, David K. Capt. 117-D 66/44

Eble, Charles H. Pfc. 120 178/45

Ebner, Joseph H. Sgt. 197 FA 131/45

Edelhouser, Ernest E. T/5 118 FA Hq. 131/45

Edgerly, Aaron J. Pfc. 119 158/45

Edwards, Johnnie A. S/Sgt. 119-I 185/45

Edwards, Ray F. Pfc. 230 FA-B

Edwards, Thomas G. (O?) Capt. 117-I 88/44

Eisenberg, Isidore Sgt. 120-I 128/44

Eitenmiller, George A . Pfc. 230 FA-Hq.

Elinski, Joseph C. 1st Lt. 117 97/44

Ellis, Ted E. M/Sgt. 30 Div.Arty-Hq. 37/44

Emanuel, Ralph M. S/Sgt. 120-M 40/45

Emmert, Francis A. S/Sgt. 120

Engel, Ivor L. Pfc. 117 55/44

Erickson, Laverson D. Pfc. 120

Erickson, Mervin L. S/Sgt. 119-K

Eriksen, Alf Pfc. 117-AT 66/44

Erlund, Othell J. 1st Lt. 117

Ernhout, Howard S. Sgt. 119

Esquivel, Michael A. 1st Lt. 120-Hq. 209/45

Estabrooks, Francis B. Pfc. 119

Estervig, Nels B. S/Sgt. 119 -L

Estrada, Robert Pfc. 117-A

Etter, Joel B. Sgt. 119

Evans, Charles D. S/Sgt. 120-C 25/44

Evans, Clinton H. Sgt. 197 FA

Evans, David W. T/Sgt. 120

Evans, Leland M. Capt. 743 TkBn.

Everard, Wilfred A. Pfc. 119-E

Ewan, Roy A. Pfc. 120 189/45

Factor, Arthur Pfc. 119 181/45

Fanatico, Dominick S. Sgt. 120-K 40/45

Faris, John L. Capt. 119-G 158/45

Farmer, Kenneth M. T/Sgt. 117-E w /OLC 55/44

Fassmann, James W. S/Sgt. 119-C

Faulkner, Shelby H. Cpl. 120 100/44

Fauteaux, Roland J. S/Sgt. 119 194/45

Favorite, Roy A. Pvt. 117-Med 55/44

Fay, Earl A. 1st Lt. 119-H w/OLC 126/44

Fazio, Natale R. Cpl. 118 FA-C 59/44

Felion, Thomas R. Cpl. 197 FA 37/44

Fell, Donald R. Capt. 119-A

Feller, Marvin A. Pfc. 117

Ferrara, Adolph Sgt. 119

Ferrier, Phillip K. Capt. 119 217/45

Fielding, Fred Sgt. 105 Engr. 30/44

Fink, Marion E. Sgt. 117 2/45

Fisher, Toy T. T/Sgt. 117-C 159/45

Fitzgibbons, Clifton 1st Lt. 743 TkBn.

Flanner, Raymond L. 1st Lt. 30 Recon. Trp. 78/44

Flannigan, Joseph M. 2nd Lt. 531 AAA-Med.

Fleischmann, Arthur W. Sgt. 120-F 166/45

Fleishman, David E. Pvt. 120 143/45

Fleming, William H. Pfc. 119-1BnHq, 171/45

Fletcher, Willard F. T/5 118 FA

Flint, Earl L. Pvt. 105 Engr 103/44

Flores, John E. S/Sgt. 120-G

Floyd, Silas E. Pfc. 119 224/45

Flye, William P. S/Sgt. 113 FA-A

Fogli, Thomas W. T/Sgt. 120-A w/OLC 115/44

Fontenot, Joseph D. Cpl. 823 TkBn.-B 102/44

Foote, Theodore V. 1st Lt. 117-A 112/44

Foresman, David L. 1st Lt. 119-I 171/45

Fowler, James B. Cpl. 120 40/45

Fox, Warren L. Capt. 119-E 100/44

Frankland, Robert E. Lt.Col. 117-1BnHq. 55/44 - 88/44

Franklin, Edwin J. 1st Lt. 120-Hq. 143/45

Yüklə 120,5 Kb.

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