21st International Product Development Management Conference June 15-17, 2014 Limerick, Ireland Programme

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21st International Product Development Management Conference

June 15-17, 2014
Limerick, Ireland


Sunday June 15, 2014


Welcome Reception: Atrium, Foundation Building, University of Limerick

President of the University of Limerick: Professor Don Barry

Chairman of IPDMC Organising Committee: Professor Christer Karlsson

Joint Conference Chairs: Ann Ledwith and Regina McNally

Monday June 16, 2014

Conference day 1


Registration, Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick


Opening & Welcome KBG 12, Kemmy Business School

Joint Conference Chair: Regina McNally

Chairman of the Organizing Committee: Prof. Dr. Christer Karlsson

Vice President of Research University of Limerick: Dr Mary Shire

Joint Conference Chair: Ann Ledwith


Keynote addresses – Leonard Hobbs, Head of Research, Intel, Ireland

Following Moore’s Law, the innovative engine of computing – an Ireland success transforming university research into breakthrough technologies


Coffee break

Parallel Session Monday 1 (11:00 – 12.30)

Room 1: KBG 13

Room 2: KBG 14

Room 3: KBG 15

Room 4:KBG 16

Room 5:KB1 15

Room 6:KB1 16

Room 7:KB1 17

Room 8:KB1 18

Room 9:KB1 19

Track A:

Organizing PD (I)

Track B:

Service Innovation and NSD (I)

Track C: Innovation Strategies and Leadership (I)

Track D:

Radical Innovation (I)

Track E:

Marketing and Users (I)

Track L:

Innovation Management in Start-Ups and Small Firms (I)

Track G:

Creativity in PD (I)

Track F:

Managing Knowledge in PD (I)

Track I:

Networks and Alliances in PD (I)










Kraemer Katja, Angela Roth, Kathrin M. Möslein

Exploring The Diffusion Of Co-Creation Expertise In Organizations

Lynn Theodore, Carroll N., Mooney J., Helfert M., Corcoran D., Hunt G., Vanderwerff L., Morrison J., Healy P.

Towards A Framework For Defining And Categorising Business Process-As-A-Service (BPAAS)

Reinhardt Ronny

Avoiding A Babylonian Confusion – A Systematic Review On Low-Cost Innovation

Buganza Tommaso, Claudio Dell'era, Roberto Verganti, Elena Pellizzoni

Unveiling The Potentialities Provided By New Technologies: Technology Epiphanies In The Smartphone App Industry

Volker Bilgram, Johann Füller, Julia Hautz, Kurt Matzler, Katja Hutter

Machiavellianism Or Morality - Which Behaviour Pays Off In Innovation Contests?

Levillain Kevin, Blanche Segrestin, Armand Hatchuel

Can Venture Capital Foster Innovation? A Study Of The Coupling Between Innovation And Finance

Agogue Marine, Kevin Levillain, Sophie Hooge

An Analytical Framework To Evaluate Idea Generation Methodologies: The Case Of The Serious Game

Dubiel Anna, Sebastian Gloeckner, Serdar S. Durmusoglu

Global Discovery Phase Management: Antecedents And Product Innovation Outcomes

Heidenreich Sven, Benjamin Weber

How To Configure Inter-Organizational Cooperation? Investigating Effects Of Formal And Informal Cooperation Structure On Core Management Functions And Innovation Success

Perks Helen Margaret, Deborah Roberts

What Do We Really Know About Co-Creation Practices? A Review Of The Published Empirical Evidence

Varnes Claus, Eric Bentzen And John K Christiansen, Katrine Fie Hastrup, Stine Rasmussen

External Regulation And Innovativeness: A Case Study Of The Role Of Legislation And Innovation Performance

Smits Armand, Hans Berends, Isabelle Reymen, Paula Anzola, Cristina Bayona, Teresa Garcia, Michael Schubert, Flavius Sturm

Creating And Appropriating Value Through Open Innovation: A Business Model Perspective

Cabanes Benjamin, Segrestin, Weil, Le Masson

Understanding The Role Of Imaginary In The Dynamics Of Expectations: The Space Industry Case Study

Preißner Stephanie, Christina Raasch

Exploring The Functional Sources Of Disruptive Innovation

Marino Louis, Patrick M. Kreiser, Jeffrey S. Hornsby, Melanie Lorenz, K. Mark Weaver

Entrepreneurial Orientation And Strategic Alliance Portfolio Diversity: The Moderating Influence Of National Culture

Faullant Rita, Holzmann Patrick , Gängl-Ehrenwerth Christina, Schwarz Erich

Everybody Is Invited But Not All Will Come - The Influence Of Personality Dispositions On Users’ Entry Decision Of Crowdsourcing Competitions

Frank Alejandro Germán, José Luis Duarte Ribeiro

Company Profile And Knowledge Transfer Factors In New Product Development Teams Influence Factors In New Product Development

Ryan Annmarie, Debbie Harrison

Configuring Complex Networks As Source Of Innovation And Commercialisation: The Role Of Connecter Firms

Schoellhammer Sarah, Anja Orcik

The Uebermorgenwerkstatt: Co-Creating A Shared, Customizable Innovation Process For Collaborative Development Projects

Schmidt Maliin, Martin Sköld

Service-Families: A Concept For Theory-Development And Application In Professional Service Firms

Sweeney Breda, Emer Curtis

Management Control Systems And NPD: Importance Of The Business Model

Schweitzer Fiona, Christiane Rau, Ellis Van Den Hende

How Can Users Contribute To Radical Innovation?

Schnurr Benedikt, Ursula Scholl-Grissemann

Is More Always Better? How Different Mass Customization Toolkits Affect Customers’ Process Enjoyment.

Estrada Isabel

Organizational Innovation As A Collateral Benefit Of Technological Collaboration: The Impact Of Alliance Portfolio Composition

Bergendahl Magnus, Mats Magnusson, Jennie Björk

Competition As A Means To Manage Ideation - An Experimental Study On The Effects Of Competition In Ideation

Jesic Darko, Albert David, Albert Meige

Integration Of External Knowledge Within Firm’s Internal Borders: A Case Study On Presans, An Open Innovation Intermediary

Landoni Paolo, Alessandro Sala, Michele Coletti

Clusters Governance: A Model Based On The Characteristics Of The Clusters


Lunch, Red Raisins, Main Building

Parallel Session Monday 2 (13:30 – 15.00)

Room 1: KBG 13

Room 2: KBG 14

Room 3: KBG 15

Room 4:KBG 16

Room 5:

KB1 15

Room 6:KB1 16

Room 7:KB1 17

Room 8:KB1 18

Room 9:KB1 19

Track A:

Organizing PD (II)

Track J:

Managing Software and IT Innovation (I)

Track C: Innovation Strategies and Leadership (II)

Track M:

Engineering Issues (I)


Track L:

Innovation Management in Start-Ups and Small Firms (II)

Track G:

Creativity in PD (II)

Track F:

Managing Knowledge in PD (II)

Track I:

Networks and Alliances in PD (III)









Bianchi Mattia, Niklas Modig, Anders Richtner

Making Innovation Flow: Solving The Trade-Off Between Lean And Innovation

Beretta Michela, Jennie Björk; Mats Magnusson

The Role Of Facilitators In It-Enabled Ideation Systems

Christiansen John K., Marta Gasparin, Claus Varnes

How Front End Processes Are Interlocking Socio-Technical Elements In Black-Boxes

Dunne O'Higgins Fidelma, Kathryn Cormican

User Engagement In Innovation: Current Practices In A Regional MedTech Cluster

Billington Mary Genevieve, Katja Maria Hydle

Managing R&D Collaboration For New Product Development In Starts Ups And SMEs

David Albert, Sophie Hooge

What Makes An Efficient Theme For A Creativity Session?

An Exploratory Analysis From Industrial Innovation-Oriented Creativity Workshops

Karlsson Anna, Peter Törlind, Christian Johansson

Managing Rejected Ideas From Projects - A Way To Avoid Idea Cemeteries

Estrada Isabel, Dries L.M. Faems, Pedro M.M. De Faria

Co-Opetition And Product Innovation Performance: The Moderating Impact Of Internal Knowledge Sharing And Knowledge Protection Mechanisms

Cabigiosu Anna, Francesco Zirpoli, Markus Becker

R&D Integration During Mergers And Acquisitions: Balancing Planning And Improvisation

Bautzer Luiz R.

Enabling Boundary Spanning Product Configuration Traceability – How Information Infrastructures Transform Collaboration Between Disciplines

Frattini Federico, Alfredo De Massis, Annalisa Croce,Josip Kotlar

Drivers Of Innovation Investments In Family And Non-Family Firms

Gerstlberger Wolfgang, Giacomo Liotta

Implications Of Modularization For Firm Performance – Findings From European Manufacturing Companies In Scandinavia And Germany

Green William, Robert Cluley

Dealing With Dissatisfaction: Managing The Tensions Between Innovation And Creativity Within A Growing Organization.

Zhang Dan

Industrial Designers, Are You Ready For Foreign Markets? Assessing Designer Confidence And Prediction Accuracy In A Transnational Marketing Context

Laine Teemu, Rantamaa, Asta; Korhonen, Tuomas

Accounting Prototypes Supporting Product Development

Dittrich Koen, Tom Denee

Open Innovation In The Biomedical Industry. A Framework For Assessing Public-Private Research Partnerships

Lima Filipe, António Fernandes

Context Adaptive Product Management: Uncertainty And Complexity

Filip David

The Dynamics Of Innovation Vs. Standardization In Open Standards Development

Moreno-Moya María, Munuera-Alemán Jose Luis

The Impact Of Predevelopment Activities On Product Innovation Success

Schneider Martin, Jan Goepfert, Gerhard Tretow

Configurations Of Modularity Management And Their Performance Implications: Exploring Corporate Value Creation For Modular Product Architectures

Woschke Tino, Heiko Haase, Arndt Lautenschläger

Waste In Innovation Processes: A Qualitative Study In The SME Sector

Dubois, Louis-Etienne, Pascal Le Masson, Benoit Weil, Patrick Cohendet

Co-Design Org Change

Annosi Maria Carmela, Mats Magnusson, Antonella Martini, Laura Peonia

Agile Implementation And Organizational Knowledge: Is There A Problem?- An Abductive Framework

Fong Hoi Yan Anna, Yuhong Lan, Shang-Jyh Liu

Tailoring-Making Patenting Strategies To Be In-Sync With Industry Evolution


Coffee break

Parallel Session Monday 3 (15:30 – 17.00)

Room 1: KBG 13

Room 2: KBG 14

Room 3: KBG 15

Room 4:KBG 16

Room 5:KB1 15

Room 6:KB1 16

Room 7:KB1 17

Room 8:KB1 18

Room 9:KB1 19

Track A:

Organizing PD (III)

Track B:

Service Innovation and NSD (II)

Track C: Innovation Strategies and Leadership (III)

Track H:

Innovation by Design (I)

Track E:

Marketing and Users (II)

Track H:

Innovation by Design (II)

Track G:

Creativity in PD (III)

Track F:

Managing Knowledge in PD (III)

Track I:

Networks and Alliances in PD (IV)




Muireann McMahon




Albert DAVID


Candi Marina, Deborah Roberts, Tucker Marion, Gloria Barczak

Driving Customer Contributions To NPD By Connecting People

Buganza Tommaso, Elena Pellizzoni

Extracting Value From Big Data: Two-Sided Market Strategy

Kopmann Julian, Alexander Kock, Catherine Killen, Hans Georg Gemünden

The Role Of Innovation Portfolio Management In The Nexus Between Deliberate And Emergent Innovation Strategies

Micheli Pietro

Introducing And Embedding Design

Bettiga Debora, Shan Chen, Lucio Lamberti

Looking For The Co-Ceators: Exploring The Antecedents Of Customer Willingness To Participate In Co-Creation.

Cautela Cabirio, Michele Simoni

The Evolutionary Dynamics Of Product Design During The Early Phases Of A Technological Change. An Explorative Research In Italian Lighting Industry.

Andersson Hans, Mattias Johansson

The Role Of Patent Engineer - Inventor Interaction For Research And Product Development Creativity

Larbig Christine, Chris Storey

Antecedents To Customer Involvement In New Service Development – The Role Of Customer Centricity, Service Newness And Market Uncertainty

Kok Robert, Raphaël G.M. Smals Armand A.J. Smits

Explaining Dynamics Of Supplier Involvement In Complex NPD

Kohler Thomas, Daniel Stieger

Crowdsourcing Social Innovation Platforms: Collaboration Vs. Competition

Engen Marit, Jenny Karlsson, Per Skålén, Lars Fuglsang

Frontline Employees’ Role In Practice Based Service Innovation

Brem Alexander, Nivedita Agarwal, Michael Grottke

A Unified Innovation Approach To Emerging Markets: Imperatives To Play And Win The Game

Philippe Silberzahn, Fabien Mieyeville, Renaud Gaultier, Jean-Patrick Péché

How Do We Know We Train Innovators Effectively? Developing The Assessment Criteria Of A New Design Thinking MSc Program

Hietschold Nadine, Ronny Reinhardt, Sebastian Gurtner

Overcoming Consumer Resistance To Innovations – A Content Analysis Approach

Hajnassiri Sara, Christoph H. Loch, Nicholas Hm Caldwellp, John Clarkson

Search Strategies In Holistic Design Problems

Costa Claudia, Rita Coelho Vale, Luis Lages

How Innovative Are They?

Larbig Christine, Chris D. Storey

Designing Customer Involvement Initiatives In New Service Development - Towards A Taxonomy

Jean Fabien, Pascal Le Masson, Benoît Weil

Convince Me Or Commit Me? Avoid The Cognitive Trap Induced By Non-Human Actors In Early Stages Of NPD.

Jahanmir Sara F., Luis Filipe Lages

The Late-Adopter Scale: A Measure Of Late Adoption Of Technologies

Sigurdsson Kjartan, Ahmad Beltagui, Marina Candi

Socially Responsible Business Model Innovation As A Driver For Service Innovation In


Lenihan Helena, Helen McGuirk

Firms' Innovative Human Capital: A Role For Public Policy?

Richard Brookes, Victoria Little

Understanding Design-Driven Innovation: An Exemplary Case Of 'Radical Design'

Rau Christiane, Fiona Schweitzer

Technologically Reflective Individuals As Enablers Of Social Innovation

Wei Liu, James Moultrie

Investigating The Use Of Traditional Vs. New Methods Of Involving Customers In New Product Development

Öberg Åsa, Naiara Altuna, Roberto Verganti

Interpreters - A Source Of Innovations Driven By Meaning

Patricia Maher, Paul Coughlan

Affordance And Total Product Design

Pemartín María, Ana I. Rodríguez-Escudero, José Luis Munuera-Alemán

Synergistic Effects Of Interaction In New Product Development Collaboration


Conference dinner, Bunratty Folk Park (Pick up beginning at 18.00 from University of Limerick)

Tuesday June 17, 2014

Conference day 2


Keynote address, KBG 12 – “Engineering Global Development: Using Emerging Market Constraints to Drive Global Innovation”

Dr. Amos Winter, MIT

Introduction: Professor Edmond Magner, Dean Science and Engineering


Coffee break

Parallel Session Tuesday 1 (10:15 – 12.15)

Room 1: KBG 13

Room 2: KBG 14

Room 3: KBG 15

Room 5:KB1 15

Room 6:KB1 16

Room 7:KB1 17

Room 8:KB1 18

Room 9:KB1 19

Track A:

Organizing PD (IV)

Track B:

Service Innovation and NSD (III)

Track C: Innovation Strategies and Leadership (IV)

Track E:

Marketing and Users (III)

Track H:

Innovation by Design (III)

Track H:

Innovation by Design (IV)

Track A:

Organizing PD (V)

Track I:

Networks and Alliances in PD (V)





Leonard O’Sullivan



Annmarie RYAN

Smed Marie, Kenneth A. Getz, Søren Salomo

New, But Slow – Technical Newness Challenges Late Stage Development Speed

Carsten Schultz, Frank Tietze, Robert Lorenz, Kah-Hin Chai, Robert Lorenz

Organizational Design For Service Innovation Development : An Empirical Analysis Of Servitizing Firms In The German Manufacturing Industry

Birgisdóttir Birna Dröfn, Sigrún Gunnarsdóttir, Marina Candi

Leading For Creativity: An Examination Of The Relationship Between Servant Leadership And Creative Self-Efficacy

Baxter David, Keith Goffin, Marek Szwejczewski, Ursula Koners

Created, Not Captured: A Study Of Customer Needs

Morillo Rodriguez Marta, Claudio Dell'era; Roberto Verganti

The Contribution Of Visionary Projects To The Innovation Project Portfolio - Analysing The Exploration Of Technological Innovations In Design-Oriented Contexts

Zhang Dan, Anthony Di Benedetto, Eric Eisenstein

Affect, Attitude, And Meaning: Assessing The Universality Of Aesthetic Design In A Transnational Marketing Context

Dell'era Claudio, Giovanni Radaelli; Federico Frattini; Antonio Messeni Petruzzelli

The Impact Of Permanent And Temporary Newcomers On Team Performance: The Moderating Role Of Team Leadership And Organizational Reputation: A Longitudinal Analysis Of Italian Football League Teams

Backmann Julia, Martin Hoegl

Trustworthiness And Vulnerability-Based Trust In Interorganizational New Product Development Teams

Cankurtaran Pinar, Fred Langerak, Erik Jan Hultink

The Role Of Project Innovativeness And Acceleration Goal On Acceleration Strategy Choice

Story Victoria, Jamie Burton, Chris Raddats, Judy Zolkiewski

Service Innovation In Traditionally Product-Oriented Firms: Dynamic Capabilties For Innovation Success In Servitizing

Hoegl Martin, Patrick Hoffmann, Miriam Muethel, Matthias Weiss

Dual Ladders And R&D Professionals’ Self-Directed Career Management: On The Role Of Equality And Transparency

Sakellariou Evy, K. Karantinou, K. Goffin

‘Customer Insights’: How Managers Use Market Research Data To Generate Product Ideas

Geng Viktoria, Cornelius Herstatt

The Cradle-To-Cradle (C2C) Paradigm In The Context Of Innovation Management And Driving

Forces For Implementation

Uusitalo Olavi

The Impact Of Design And Innovation On Branding And Performance Of A Small Company

Tolonen Arto, Marzieh Shahmarichatqhieh, Janne Harkonen, Harri Haapasalo

Product Portfolio Management – Governance For Commercial And Technical Portfolios Over Life Cycle

Backmann Julia, Martin Hoegl, John Cordery

Soaking It Up: A Team-Level Perspective On Absorptive Capacity

Tucker Marion, Sebastian K. Fixson

Back-Loading: An Exploratory, Quantitive Investigation By NPD Phase

Raja Jawwad, Mehmet Chakkol; Mark Johnson, Keith Goffin

Identifying Buyer Priorities For Integrated Products And Services: A Stage Approach

Chrysos Paris, Philippe Lefebvre

Beyond Users And Enterprises: The Innovative Figure Of The Developer.The Case Of Web-Based Applications.

Parry Mark, Tomoko Kawakami

The Impact Of Perceived Autotelic Benefits On Purchase Intent: A Study Of Paper Books And E-Readers

. Swan K. Scott, Michael G. Luchs, M.E.H. Creusen

A Review Of Marketing Research On Product Design

And Directions For Future Research

Landoni Paolo, Claudio Dell’era, Gregorio Ferraloro, Mattia Peradotto, Helena Karlsson, Roberto Verganti

Design Contribution To The Competitive Performances Of SMEs: The Role Of Design Capabilities

Dymyd Lesya

How Technological Organizations Innovate: A Case Study Of Exploration And Exploitation In Technology – Based Firm

Murto Pekka, Oscar Person

Coupled And Uncoupled Relations: An In-Depth Case Study On The Work Of Designers In A Business Network

Christensen Irene, Christer Karlsson

Productivity Improvement Through Optimizing The Ramp-Up Process

Tanev Stoyan, Giacomo Liotta, Andrius Kleismantas

The Value Of Product-Enabled Services In Top R&D Spenders In Canada And Europe

Rosier Jan, Keith Goffin

CEO Absorptive Capacity And R&D Trust In Life Science R&D Firms

Jetter Antonie, Shabnam R. Jahromi

Analyzing Ethnographic Interviews With Fuzzy Cognitive Maps To Identify Current And Future Product Requirements: A Case Study In Personal Health Information Management.

Townsend Janell, Minu Kumar, Douglas W. Vorhies

Exploring the Role of Product-Level Design Features in Creating Consumer Affection for a Brand: An Empirical Analysis

Simonse Lianne, Helen Perks

Cross-Functional Shifts In Roadmapping: Sequence Analysis Of Roadmapping Practices At A Large Corporation

Buonansegna Erika, Søren Salomo, Carsten Schultz, Tom Stargardt

A Relational View On Partnership Efficiency In Pharmaceutical New Product Development


Lunch, Red Raisins, Main Building

Parallel Session Tuesday 2 (13.15 – 14.45)

Room 1: KBG 13

Room 2: KBG 14

Room 3: KBG 15

Room 4:KBG 16

Room 5:KB1 15

Room 6:KB1 16

Room 7:KB1 17

Room 8:KB1 18

Room 9:KB1 19

Track A:

Organizing PD (VI)

Track B:

Service Innovation and NSD (IV)

Track C: Innovation Strategies and Leadership (V)

Track D:

Radical Innovation (II)

Track E:

Marketing and Users (IV)


Track G:

Creativity in PD (IV)

Track A:

Organizing PD (VII)







Albert DAVID


Simplay Steve, Richard Anderson

The Drivers To Outsourcing And Offshoring Product Development And Design: Empirical Analysis From The Automotive Industry.

Bellini Emilio, Claudio Dell'era, Giuseppe Pinto, Roberto Verganti

Radical Innovation Of Retail Services: Enriching The Customer Experience Proposing New Meanings

Vaniala Iiro, Juho-Petteri Huhtala, Antti Sihvonen, Henrikki Tikkanen

Market Orientation And Business Performance In Dynamic Competitive Markets: The Role Of Product Innovation Aggressiveness

Story Victoria, Nathaniel Boso, John Cadogan

Examining Boundary Conditions Of Firm-Level Innovation Novelty-Sales Performance Relationship: Roles Of Social Networking Efforts Of Internationalizing Entrepreneurial Firms

Schuhmacher Monika, Sabine Kuesterm, Johanna Siegk

Reverse Innovations: What To Communicate When Launching Innovations From Emerging Markets In Developed Markets

Eling Katrin, Fred Langerak, Abbie Griffin

The Performance Effects Of Combining Rational And Intuitive Approaches In Making New Product Idea Evaluation Decisions

Uppvall Lars, Mats Engwall, Caroline Munthe

Fads And Facts In New Product Development: Mapping The Use Of Management Methods In Product Development Management

Liew Angela

The Effects Of Reinforcing And Redirecting Controls In Innovation

Masiello Barbara, Alessandra Marasco, Francesco Izzo, Umberto Amato

Exploring Clients’ Role In The Innovation Of Advertising Services: A European Survey

Kahn Kenneth, Mayoor Mohan

Exploring The Brand–Innovation Relationship: Preliminary Findings From A Multi-Study Research Program

Kierans Ian, Keith Goffin

Choosing The Right Actors For Business Model Innovation

Tandrup Thomas, Carsten Schultz, Søren Salomo

The Problem Of Internal Information Dissemination From External Collaborations In Radical NPD Projects.

Karlsson Anna, Jennie Björk

Emotions In Idea Development— Exploring The Influence Of Belief And Biases

Armen Mkrtchyan, Jayakanth Srinivasan

Enhancing Product Development Capabilities Of SMEs: A Study In A Less-Developed Country

Cormican Kathryn, Clare O'Dwyer

Critical Success Factors In New Medical Device Development: A Regulatory Perspective

Martinsuo Miia, Sannamari Lukkaroinen And Jussi Heikkilä

Customers’ New Technology Adoption Driving Supplier’s Service Innovations

Öberg Åsa, Roberto Verganti

Carving Out The Product Meaning –From Awakening To Embodying

Dennstedt Bianca, Hans Koller

Business Model Innovations In The Digital Publishing Industry

Schroll Roland, Anna Hribar, Liliane Wieder, Reinhard Grohs

An Investigation Of The Positive Effects Of Uncertainty In Preannouncements

Huizingh Eelko, Ivar Dechesne

Laughing Your Way To Innovation: Testing The Effects Of Humor On Creativity And Innovativeness

Rossi Monica, Sergio Terzi, Marco Taisch

Innovation Through Engineering And Design Best Practices: An Empirical Research

14.45 - 15.15

Coffee break

15:15 – 16.45

Meet the Editors, KBG 12: Moderated by Tom Hustad

  • Journal of Product Innovation Management: Gloria Barczak, Ed.

  • Research-Technology Management: Keith Goffin, Ed. Board

  • IEEE-TEM: Peter Love, ‘People and Organizations’ Dept. Ed.

  • Creativity & Innovation Management: Nuran Acur & Mats Magnusson

Introduction and welcome to KBS by Philip O’Regan


Closing session – KBG 12

  • Best Paper Award

  • Outlook to 2015 Conference

  • Closing

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