Ali and Fatma

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Present simple readings

Ali and Fatma

He is from Ankara, Turkey. He speaks Turkish but he learns English at school. He walks to school with Fatma every day. Ali was born in Ankara, but Fatma was born in Eskisehir. Family of Ali lives in Ankara. Ali`s father is a worker and his mother is a housewife. Fatma`s mother lives in Ankara but her father lives and works in Germany. Fatma`s father is a worker in Germany and her mother is a tailor. She works in a clothing factory. Ali and Fatma like to walk together. On Fridays and Saturdays Ali and Fatma speak only English to improve their English.

housewife-evdar xanim(hausvayf)

clothing factory-paltar fabriki(klozing fəktri)
improve-inkisaf etdirmek(impruv)
saturday-6ci gun

Cowboy Randal
Randal is a cowboy. He lives on a farm. He has a horse named Benny. Randal loves Benny. He rides his horse every week. Sometimes they walk slowly, and sometimes they run fast. They always have a good time.
Benny is Randal’s horse. She is light brown. Her tail is dark brown. She is three years old. She lives in the stable by the house.
Benny waits for her owner every morning. She enjoys their time together. Often, Randal gives her apples. After long rides, Randal always washes and brushes Benny. He usually brushes her tail. Then he gives her food and fresh water. Benny loves Randal.


ride horse-ata minmek(rid hors)
walk-gezmek/ slowly-yavas(valk/slovli)
light brown-aciq qehveyi(layt braun)
wait for-gozlemek(veyit for)

Alice is a singer. She loves to sing. She is in a band. She sings in the band. She is the lead singer. Sometimes she plays the piano.
Tom is Alice’s boyfriend. He is also in the band. He stands next to Alice. He plays the electric guitar. Sometimes Tom sings with Alice.
Shaun is Tom and Alice’s friend. He is also in the band. He stands next to Tom. He plays bass guitar. Shaun does not sing. He does not like to sing.
The band practises three times a week. They mostly perform at cafes. Sometimes they sing at weddings. They are a very good band.


lead singer-bas mugenni(lid sinqır)
play the piano-piyanoda ifa etmek
stand to next to -yaninda dayanmaq(nekst)
practice-mesq etmek(prəktis)
3 times in a week-heftede 3 defe

Kemal lives in a big city and works as a salesman. He wakes up at 7 a.m and he drinks his morning coffee at 7.15 a.m. He usually has breakfast at home but sometimes, if he’s late, he also has breakfast in the cafe. He usually leaves his house at 8 a.m.
Usually he goes to work by car. Sometimes he takes a bus or train to work.He lives in a very big city, there is often traffic, that is why, he uses public transportation .He hates traffic and wait.If there isn't traffic, he can go to work in 20 minutes.
When he gets to work he calls clients. He gives them information about items.
He earns money from(dan²) every sale.
His work finishes at 5pm. He is always tired after(sonra) work. Then(sonra) he goes home. At home he cooks food for himself. He eats and starts to rest. He goes to bed at around at

salesman-satici kisi/saleswoman-satici qadin

that is why-buna gore de(zət is vay)
public transportation-ictimai neqliyyat(pablık transporteyşin /tion-şın kimi oxunacaq)
call-zeng etmek(kal)
earn money-pul qazanmaq(örn mani)

Every Saturday Daniel and his family go to the beach. They live near the beach, but once a week the family goes to the beach by car. Daniel’s father drives for hours until(qeder) they arrive.
Daniel’s parents love the beach. Daniel and his sister and brother love there. But it is a problem to go to the beach every week. Daniel’s father gets tired , because he drives many hours.
The family gets tired from sitting in the car for many hours. Daniel’s mother says: “It’s fun at the beach, but it takes too much time to get there and back!” Daniel and his sister and brother are very sad. They want to go to the beach, but it is a problem. They try to go to the pool, but it is not the same thing. One day Daniel’s parents come to talk with the kids. They say: “We have a problem going to the beach every week, but we love the beach, and you love the beach, and the dog loves the beach.
So we have a solution.We need to live near the beach!” Daniel and his sister and brother are very happy! Now they live near the beach. They go to the beach every day.


once in a week-heftede bir defe(vans in a vik)
get tired-yorulmaq(get tayırd)
need-ehtiyaci olmaq(nid)

Today is a special day. Erica is very excited.
She runs home and she wants to see her uncle. She spoke with him on the phone a week ago. He returns from Australia, and he brings a special surprise for(üçün) Erica!
Erica is very happy. She thinks about the surprise that he brings. “Maybe he brings a surfboard? That is fun! I can learn how to surf!” “Maybe he brings Australian nuts? Oh, I can eat nuts all day!” “Or maybe he brings a kangaroo? That is not good. I don’t have a place in my room for a kangaroo…”Erica finally arrives home. Her parents are there, and her uncle is there! She is very happy to see him.
They hug. She jumps up and down. “Uncle, uncle,” she calls, “what special surprise do you have for me from Australia?” “Well,” her uncle smiles and answers, “I have for you an Australian aunt!”


return-geri qayitmaq(ritörn)
surfboard-sörf aleti(sörfbord)
jump up and down-hoppanib dusmek(camp ap ənd dovn)

Bob lives in a small flat in London. In the mornings, he wakes up and has a shower. Then he makes breakfast. He usually has a typical English breakfast with eggs and bacon. After that, he goes to work.
He works in an office in the center of London. He sits in front of the computer all day and writes emails. He doesn’t like his job very much, but he likes earning money. At 12 o’clock he goes to lunch and has a sandwich. After lunch, he comes back to work and writes more emails. At 5 o’clock he leaves work.
He sometimes sees his girlfriend in the evenings. She lives on the opposite side of London, so he takes the Underground.
On weekends, he doesn’t have to work. He usually goes out for a bit of coffee with his friends on Friday night. On Saturday he goes shopping. On Sunday he goes to his grandmother’s house for tea.
On Monday he gets up early and goes back to work.


center of london-londonun merkezi

Robert Hughes lives in Atlanta, Georgia. He lives with his wife, Patricia. They live with their two children, Sam and Lana. Robert loves his family.
Robert works as a police officer in Atlanta. He likes his job. He is a good police officer. Robert is a police officer because he likes to help people.
Robert protects the citizens of Atlanta. He solves crimes and catches criminals. He keeps the citizens safe.
Sometimes he visits the schools. He talks to students. The students like Robert. Officer Robert Hughes is a hero in Atlanta.


protect-mudafie etmek(protekt)
solve crime-cinayetleri hell etmek/tapmaq(solv craym)
catch criminal- cinayetkari tutmaq(kəç kriminal)
keep -saxlamaq(kip)
keep citizen safe- vetendaslari (kip sitizen seyf) tehlukesizlikde saxlamaq/ vetendaslari qorumaq
visit-ziyaret etmek

Tom’s Job

Tom works at a bank. He is the manager. He starts work every day at 8:00 am. He finishes work every day at 6:00 pm. He lives very close to the bank. He walks to work every day. His brother and sister also work at the bank. But, they do not live close to the bank. They drive cars to work. They start work at 9:00 am. In the bank, Tom is the boss. He helps all the workers and tells them what to do. He likes his job. He is also very good at his job. Many customers like Tom, and they say hello to him when they come to the bank. Tom likes to talk to the customers and make them feel happy. Tom really likes his job.
1.She wants to buy a house. She wants a big house. She wants 4 rooms, she wants a big yard, because she likes yards, she wants to live in Baku, she likes Baku. She wants to buy a house from Iceri sheher. Iceri sheher is the centre of Baku. Iceri sheher is very popular. She works in Icheri sheher. That is why she wants to buy a house from Iceri sheher. She needs a lot of money.

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