Marketing: Concepts

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Services Marketing: Concepts, Strategies, and Cases, 4e by Hoffman and Bateson highlights sustainability, global and technological service issues.

Sustainability and Services in Action

  1. The Origins and the Growth of “Green”

  2. The Triple Bottom Line

  3. Airline Industry Practices

  4. The Top 10 Motivators for Consumers to Recycle

  5. LEED Ratings: Process Standards in Green Technology

  6. The Cost of Going Green

  7. Starbuck’s Subtle Promotion about Its Environmental Mission

  8. Colleges and Universities on the Cutting-edge of Creating Green Servicescapes

  9. Florida’s Green Lodging Program

  10. How Complicated Can It Be to Throw Garbage Away?

  11. TerraPass: Enhancing Satisfaction with Social Conscience

  12. Certified ‘Green’: Enhancing Perceptions of Service Quality

  13. TreeHugger Has Issues with Delta Sky: The Green Issue

  14. Being “Green” Increases Loyalty in Banking

  15. Developing a “Green” Culture: Sustainable Business Practices for Hotels

Global Services in Action

  1. Sweden’s ICEHOTEL: One Very Cool Experience!


  3. Ski Dubai

  4. Consumer Tipping Behavior: To Tip or Not to Tip—That Is the Question

  5. DHL GlobalMail: International Post Made Easy

  6. Ethnic Pricing…Is This Ethical?

  7. Personal Selling Approaches around the World

  8. An Extraordinary Servicescape in the Caribbean: The Katitche Point Great House

  9. Dell Offshore Tech Support: Lost in Translation

  10. Customer Service Expectations Vary among Cultures

  11. Benchmarking Customer Satisfaction throughout the World

  12. American versus European Expectations and Perceptions of Airline Service Quality

  13. Service Failures and Recovery Strategies: A Chinese Perspective

  14. Singapore Airlines Experiences Rare Backlash from Customers

  15. International Considerations for Service Cultures

E-Services in Action

  1. Trip advisor: A Traveler’s Best Friend

  2. Game, Set,

  3. Social Networking: The New Face of Personal Sources of Information

  4. Self-check-out: Why Consumers Might Stay Away?

  5. Verizon Enterprise Solutions Group: Teaming Up with Health Care

  6. Turbocharged Software Sets Airline Pricing 75,000 Times a Day!

  7. The Growth of Personal Communications via Social Media

  8.’s Servicescape: “61, Getting a Bit Heavy, Aren’t We?”

  9. Where Employees Go Online to Sound Off!

  10. Mastering the Self-check-out Lane at the Grocery Store

  11. Enhancing Online Customer Satisfaction

  12. The Seven Dimensions of E-Qual

  13. Who Done It? Customer Attributions for Online Service Failures

  14. I Heart Zappos

  15. Zappos’ Core Values that Drive Its Service Culture

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