Of medical and pedagogical faculty worker program on the subject of «internal diseases» for VII

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Note: Due to the fact that a small amount of subject Endocrinology hours intermediate control is not performed.

Intermediate survey is carried out once per cycle. The resulting intermediate survey score is multiplied by a factor of 0.2. The maximum score based on factors of 20 points.

55% of the maximum rating score intermediate survey is 11 points.

The final control
The final control (IR) is carried out on completion of training in the discipline. By IR admitted students who have successfully completed a training course for general practitioners and have a positive evaluation (more than 55 points) in the current studies, the CDS and the PC.
Maximum rating score of the final survey - 100

55% of the maximum rating score of the final survey - 55

Type IR defined by the Academic Council of the Institute and will take place in 2 stages:

The first phase of 6-7 training courses for GPs in internal medicine will be held by the method of "OSCE" (it stands 50% points IR) and 6 courses on the subject of endocrinology (due to the fact that the test is not conducted exam allocated 100% score IR and the collected points are multiplied by a factor of 0.5) in the unit of rural health units at the department. A student who receives less than 55% of the maximum score "OSCE", not solved the problem of the patient or fail to meet the basic stages of practical skills (even if the collected total score is equal to or greater than 55 points) receives a failing grade and not be allowed to further stages of Osca. In accordance with established procedure in the future students are allowed to retake the exam. When compiling a challenging task, examination of patients and performing skills will be based on a list of zababolevany presented in note 12 of the order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 23 March 2009, as well as the qualifying characteristics of GPs.

On the subject of endocrinology for 4th year students will be held at the clinic in the form drawn up in accordance with the curriculum of problem tasks, skills and analysis of laboratory and instrumental studies.

The second stage will be held in the form of test examination, and it also stands out 50% of the maximum score IR. A student who receives less than 55% of the maximum score test examination is inconclusive certification and was the dean's office to resolve once given the opportunity to retake the exam. A positive result of both phases of the IR test scores are summed and displayed OSSE and their total score. The total score of the final control on the subject of internal medicine multiplied by a factor of 0.3. Thus, the maximum score is 30 final control points.

Students 4 and 6 on the subject Endocrinology course due to the fact that the PC is not carried IR score is multiplied by 0.5.

Table number 5

Criteria for assessment of the final survey conducted by the method of "OSCE".

The maximum score is - 100.

Assimilation in% and scores


The quality of response

level of training



Excellent "5"

To collate, assess, analyze, apply, understand, know

4 degree: degree

High clinical thinking, mastery of practical skills and theoretical knowledge



Very good "5"

Analyze, apply, understand, know

Grade 3: degree of knowledge and skills



Good "4"

Applies understands knows

Grade 3: degree of knowledge and skills



Full satisfactory "3"

Understands, knows

Grade 2: stepensposobnosti to learn



Satisfactorily completed the minimum requirements "3"


1 degree: the degree of representation



Not satisfactory, more work is needed "2"

knows bad

0 degree: weak representation



Is not satisfactory, further work is necessary to constantly "1"

does not know

0-degree - degree of absolute lack of representation

The IR method OSSE will be based on the provisions of the «OSCE», adopted by the general meeting of the department and approved by the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of the Tashkent Medical Academy. When his assessment based on position for the OSCE and the table above number 5.

At the end of the cycle points TC, PC and IC are summed and based on their overall assessment of the amount shown on the subject.

Indicators of progress on the subject are as follows (the amount of current, intermediate and final control):

86-100% - excellent - the top score - 86 - 100

71-85,9% -good - the top score - 71 - 85.9

55-70,9% - satisfactory - the top score - 55 - 70.9

less than 55% - unsatisfactory - the top score of less than - 55.
If a student has received at least 55 points on OSKE it is NOT permissible in the test exam.

Ranking of the student on the subject

Rating of the student in the subject is determined by the following formula:

Rf =

where: V- total load on the subject (in hours);

- The level of achievement of the object (in points).

A passing score on the TC, PC and IR is 55 or higher.

The total score of the student on the subject is the arithmetic sum of the TC, PC and IR.

Dates of control

Intermediate and final control are conducted in accordance calendar and thematic plan approved by the education department of the schedule of the final control. Students do not receive a passing grade or did not participate in the interim or final control are given the opportunity and time to retake the exam.

Student missed workshops or interim, final control due to illness according to the order of the dean of faculty provided two week period after the start of training for castings

A student who at the current, interim or final control has not received a passing grade is considered academic debtors on the subject.

Academic debtors after the end of the semester is available for 1 month castings. If within this period the student will not be able to master the subject on the recommendation of the dean of the faculty and the Rector's order will be deducted from the ranks of students.

If the student does not agree with the assessment that since the announcement of during the day has the right to apply to the Dean of the Faculty. In such cases, on the recommendation of the dean of the Rector's order is made the appeal committee consisting of 3 persons.

Appeals Commission after reading a statement of the student on the same day to give its opinion.

To assess students' knowledge in accordance with the requirements in the approved time should be monitored dean of the faculty, head of the department, the education department and the department of internal inspection and monitoring.



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